Low‑tax living

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When it comes to a more tax-efficient lifestyle, these are the destinations to consider

No one likes paying tax but the fact remains that hospitals still have to be built and roads still have to be paved. Quite how much tax is required to provide public services like these is a topic of hot debate for opposing political parties around the world, and can often be the deciding factor in elections as a wary population investigates the contents of their pay packets. But what if there was another way?

Some countries generate wealth from other sources, like natural resources or tourism, and tax their residents little or nothing. Here are our top picks of the places to live if you want your tax affairs to work more efficiently:



With a population of 20,000, this tiny nation between France and Spain has a tiny tax rate of 10% to match. Right in the middle of the Pyrenees, the Catalan-speaking country is a haven for skiers and those in search of a quieter way of life – but citizenship tends to take time to achieve (about a decade, in fact).  Take a look at our serviced offices in nearby Toulouse.



A side of the Middle East that very few see, Kuwait is steeped in history, harbouring ruins from Alexander the Great and conserving many hallmarks of its humble past before the discovery of oil. A seven-hour flight from London and within easy reach of Dubai, Doha and Istanbul, you’ll only need to spend a few days here to be counted as a resident and take advantage of tax-free living. Regus has two offices in Kuwait City.



With France on one side and Italy on the other, the Principality occupies a prime position on the Riviera. Nestled into the cliffs with sparkling sea views from almost every angle, flexspace in Monaco is set to stun. Livability is high and crime is low but housing is expensive – plus you’ll need at least €500,000 in the bank for citizenship. 


United Arab Emirates

Oil-rich and tax-free, the UAE boasts a stable government and a healthy expat community. As such, schools are top-notch, and dining and entertaining options are world-class. And thanks to a plethora of coworking spaces in the United Arab Emirates, including Regus Dubai, setting up here is simple.


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