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Project ​offices ​give ​you ​the ​benefit ​of ​a ​full-time ​workspace ​without ​a ​long-term ​contract
Work ​from ​any ​of ​our ​locations ​for ​as ​long ​as ​your ​project ​requires.

Each ​plan ​includes high-speed ​internet, ​professional ​facilities ​and ​furniture ​at ​no ​additional ​cost.

Why choose a project office?
Flexible ​contract
Rent ​an ​office ​for ​as ​long ​as ​your ​project ​needs.
Global ​network
Offices ​available ​to ​rent ​in ​over ​3000 ​locations ​worldwide.
Why choose a project office?
What does a project office include?
Facilities ​available
Access ​to ​a ​communal ​kitchen, ​breakout ​spaces ​and ​business ​lounge.
Admin ​support
Help ​with ​general ​admin ​tasks, ​such ​as ​mail ​handling ​and ​call ​answering.
Customizable ​space
Rearrange ​the ​office ​layout ​to ​suit ​the ​demands ​of ​your ​project.
Who would benefit from a project office?
Contingent ​workforce
Use ​the ​workspace ​as ​a ​central ​base ​for ​seasonal ​or ​contract ​staff.
Use ​the ​space ​for ​as ​long ​as ​you ​need ​to ​get ​your ​idea ​off ​the ​ground.

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