What is a flexible office space and what are the benefits?

Posted on: 6th January 2023

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What is a flexible office space?

Flexible office space is a type of workspace which enables start ups, enterprises and freelancers to work in various locations and provides them with flexibility in their ways of working. Unlike traditional offices which have fixed desk positions, workers in a flexible office space are free to choose where in the office they’d like to work.

At Regus, we have plenty of different flexible office spaces to choose from. You can choose to have your own desk, known as a dedicated desk, which means that you can come back to the same desk whenever you come into the office. Or you can opt for a hot desk.

Why having a flexible workspace is important

Communication amongst wider teams

One major benefit of using a flexible workspace is enhanced communication and idea sharing. For example, if your employees have the option of hot desking, they’ll be exposed to a wider range of employees within the business. This could potentially result in collaboration amongst wider teams, new ideas forming and new opportunities to socialise and better communication among coworkers overall.


If you need to scale up, our flexible office space offers a very simple way of doing that. With us, you can simply book the space that you need through our Regus app. This flexibility is especially important for startups that are trying to grow their client base, both locally and internationally. For example, if you onboard a new client in another market, you may need to expand and recruit new employees abroad. With our network of over 3500 office locations, finding office space is easy.

A variety of different spaces

What makes flexible office spaces unique is that these workspaces offer a wide range of office types. These types range from day offices, serviced offices through to private office spaces. Individuals or companies can choose their desired office type depending on the length in which they need the office for, or if they’re looking for a longer term contract.


At Regus, we offer many opportunities for you to network with our community of business owners. You can also hold your networking events in the space. We have a calendar full of social events to help you get to know the people you are working with. Flexible working can lead to business opportunities for both parties.

Why are businesses choosing flexible office spaces

Startups, small businesses and freelancers often choose flexible office spaces because it allows them to work easily and flexibly from anywhere in the world. Flexible bookings also mean that startups can scale their businesses quickly, by providing new employees with functional and fully set up office space almost immediately.

Shared office spaces are also often far more cost-effective than buying a traditional office. There is no hefty rent for a central location. With Regus, you can easily change your office solution to meet the demands of your business.

Another benefit of flexible office spaces is that they allow employees autonomy over the way they work. Your team can book meeting rooms, sit in a different area and do what makes them feel more productive, as they are not confined to one desk.

What's included in a flexible office space

Month-to-month payment plan

At Regus, we offer flexible payment plans so that you pay only for what you need and can scale up or move locations as business needs change. You won't have to worry about office fees when you're not using the office.


When you book space with us, you will have access to our office facilities which include a kitchen, bathroom, conference room, meeting rooms, hot drinks, WiFi, copiers and printers.

On-site team

We have a dedicated on-site team of receptionists, cleaners and maintenance staff who are there to ensure you have everything that you need to ensure the smooth running of your business, without having to worry about the finer details.

Access to public transport

Our office locations are close to public transport and easily accessible for your staff. This makes commuting far easier.

Global office locations

We have over 3500 office locations all over the globe. This means that you can instantly book any of our locations according to your business needs. If you are travelling to meet a client, you can book any of our locations at the touch of the button, making it easy to connect, wherever you are.

Flexible office layout

We offer a range of office types depending on your business needs. We offer coworking spaces for growing startups and have business lounges all over the world so that freelancers can work wherever they are. If your business deals with sensitive information, then you might like to use our private office facilities. You also have the freedom to customise offices to suit your brand, including logo installation and office layout. Our offices come fully equipped to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

The Regus app

You can use the Regus app to update your changing office needs. For instance, if you need to scale up and get access to more desks, then you can book that through the app instantaneously. If you require a large conference room or meeting room for one-off events or workshops, you can also book them through our app.

The benefits of flexible office space

1. Networking opportunities

Build strong business relationships that may later turn into paying clients.

2. Business address

Having a business address adds to your professional image and improves the overall sense of a small business’s credibility.

3. Many choices to consider when it comes to membership

At Regus, we know that no two companies have the same office needs. That's why we have created a dynamic workplace for all of our customers.

4. Better productivity in a dynamic coworking space

Open-plan offices remove barriers between teams. These spaces can also change daily based on your business needs. They can accommodate more seating space and other special requests by customers needing to adapt to changes in terms of headcount, work styles and more. Being able to choose a seating arrangement on a daily basis depending on your specific needs is a great way to tailor your workspace and make it more responsive.

5. Flexibility to use office space how and when you want

With us, you can scale your plan easily. This depends on whether your business is running on a hybrid model or if your employees are required to be in the office five days a week. Scaling your plan according to your needs can reduce costs for your business.

6. Make those face-to-face meetings count

We have a variety of special meeting rooms and other conference rooms to fit your needs. Whether you're conducting a performance review, or you need the room for a client, you can choose the specific room you want to book, which will then be added to your monthly rental expenses. It is a very agile way of working, meaning that your business is constantly pivoting to meet the needs of prospects, clients and employees. Make the most of those face-to-face interactions to improve employee morale and help to boost your company culture.

7. COVID-19 and post-pandemic social distancing

Post COVID-19, we have staff to maintain the cleanliness of the office and provide customers with the option to set-up socially distanced space for their employees.

8. No long-term lease

In a traditional office lease, you would have to worry about early exit costs, paying for furniture, cleaning services and maintaining the office. When you rent an office with us, you won't have to worry about these extra costs.

9. Space shared with like-minded individuals

Be part of our business community, and receive a number of exclusive perks. For example, you'll be invited to social events and professional development workshops unique to Regus.

10. Office space to match project timelines

To suit the needs of your project, you can decide on your monthly office arrangements. For example, for the final part of your project, you may only need two people to come into the office. You can adjust your desk space using the Regus app or by speaking to one of our friendly on-site staff.

Work your way, with Regus. Get in touch today and we'll help you find the right office space for your business.

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