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Rent ​a ​satellite ​office ​with ​no ​maintenance ​or ​set-up ​costs ​in ​over ​900 ​different ​cities across ​the ​globe.
​Our ​workspaces ​are ​supplied ​with ​everything ​you ​need ​to ​get ​started ​- high-speed ​Internet, ​office ​furniture, ​phones ​and ​utility ​bills ​- ​so ​you ​can ​get ​straight ​to work.
Why choose a Regus satellite office?
Increase ​the ​size
Add ​mork ​desks ​as ​your ​workforce ​grows.
Global ​network
Move ​to ​any ​of ​our ​worldwide ​locations ​at ​no ​additional ​cost.
Why choose a Regus satellite office?
What does a satellite office include?
Admin ​support
A ​staffed ​reception ​with ​mail ​handling ​and ​call ​answering ​is ​included.
Stay ​connected ​with ​secure ​WiFi, ​high-speed ​internet ​and ​dedicated ​phone ​lines.
Customizable ​layout
Furniture ​layout ​and ​decorations ​can ​be ​customized ​to ​suit ​your ​needs.
Who would benefit from a satellite office?
Expanding ​businesses
Test ​new ​markets ​by ​opening ​a ​small ​space ​in ​a ​another ​location.
Back-office ​operations
Use ​as ​a ​dedicated ​workspace ​for ​back-office ​and ​support ​staff.

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