Can you register a business to a virtual office

Posted on: 18th January 2024

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Can you register a business to a virtual office?

More and more people are working from home, so it’s no surprise many are looking for flexible and cost-effective ways to run their business. If this sounds like you, then acquiring and registering your business to a virtual office might just be the solution you need.


Why go virtual?

A virtual office can be used as a registered office address and boasts several advantages for company directors or business owners. Benefits include access to business lounges around the world, staffed telephone services and administrative support, and the ability to keep your work-life balance adaptable.


For those looking to expand their horizons, having virtual offices for various international business registrations can help take your business global. By having registered addresses in different territories, companies can easily comply with the legislation of that particular country. For example, an American business could hire a virtual office abroad, and use that virtual office for GST registration in that territory.


However, the most significant benefits of going virtual are access to prestigious office addresses and a virtual mailbox.


Why use a virtual mailbox for physical mail?

A virtual mailbox is the perfect solution for those working from home. It’s a dedicated business address separate from a home address, helping to give home-run businesses a more professional image. It also gives business owners an additional layer of privacy and a greater separation of home and work life.

While it may sound online-only, virtual mailboxes and virtual office addresses are physical addresses and valid postal addresses. They provide you with a real place for letters and parcels to be received, remotely. Consider them as virtual physical addresses.

These virtual mailboxes are particularly useful, as they are manned by receptionists and staff on hand to handle your mail for you. Instead of receiving mail in person, you have a whole host of remote mail options. These can include viewing your postal mail online, picking it up directly or having it sent through mail forwarding services.

These services mean you could work from anywhere in the world while still keeping on top of your physical mail.

How can you register a company at a virtual office?

You can use a virtual office for company registration by contacting us either through email or phone – or request a quote online.

We give you the option to obtain a virtual office registered business address at one of our prime locations across the globe. A virtual office gives you the benefit of having a premium address while saving yourself the expense of office space.

We have different office packages to suit your business needs – from basic address bundles to lounge/meeting room access and phone handling offers. You can change plans as the needs of your business adapt over time.

This flexibility lets you work anywhere in the world at any time while having the security of a physical location for your in-person needs.

Once your virtual office is registered, you can use the address on documents, emails, business cards, pretty much anything business-related.

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How do you display company registered offices?

To display a Company Registered Office, you need to register your office address with the relevant tax and business authorities. In the UK, you will need to ensure your registered address is on the public record at Companies House. This typically happens during company formation.

Virtual addresses are still fixed locations, and your address is publicly available to be searched alongside other limited companies. Authorities like Companies House and HMRC can use this as your official business address to send you correspondence.

We have over 4000 locations worldwide and provides services to over 2.5 million individual clients. Why not take the next step in your business journey and join them?

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