The Best UK Cities to Rent Office Space for Entrepreneurs

Posted on: 15th June 2023

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Small and medium-sized enterprises account for 99.9% of the UK’s business population. There are 5.58 million SMEs currently active in the UK, with over 800,000 new businesses launched in 2021 alone.

With this in mind, it’s clear that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well across the UK. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of great regions for securing prime office space for entrepreneurs.

Keep reading, below, for advice on choosing the right city for your startup company, as well as recommendations for exceptional Regus centres throughout the UK.

Choosing a City for Your Startup Company

The location of your business startup will depend on your target market and type of business. Proximity to competitors and stakeholders is vital for networking and raising money.

This makes choosing a city with an established reputation for your industry key.

Important Factors When Choosing a Location for Office Space for Entrepreneurs

Selecting the right city is important. However, there are other factors to consider before choosing a startup working space.

The key things to assess before you rent office space for a startup include:

  • Access to talent and skills
  • Connection to potential suppliers
  • Proximity to customers and investors
  • Transport links
  • Local amenities and entertainment
  • Office design and infrastructure
  • Flexibility - startup office space should be able to grow with your business
  • Average rent prices - expensive areas can impact startup costs


UK Entrepreneurial Cities to Rent Office Space

There are plenty of options for new business and startup office space across the UK. To help you make an informed decision about where to register your business, here are some of the best areas.


London is a city built on business, a thriving hub that caters to both the greater country and the world at large. Hosting giants in virtually every industry, the city is home to over 1 million businesses and 6 million workers.

However, this prestigious position as the economic hub of the UK comes at a cost. Amenities, services, and office space in London are all more expensive than the rest of the country.

Remember, creative workspace solutions can help startups to maximise their business loans.

Business Startup Office Space in London

City Point

City Point is well located in London’s finance district. With 90 private offices and 17 coworking desks, it offers flexible workspaces for growing businesses.

Startups looking to keep their overheads as low as possible can even rent offices by the day.

Goodge Street

Goodge Street is a popular hub for creative industries, media, and IT. The central location is close to several transport links, making it an ideal location for commuters.

Soho and the West End, both situated near Goodge Street, capture the vibrant pulse of London. They will offer endless opportunities to network, woo investors and relax after a hard day’s work.


Establishing an office in Brighton is a popular choice for SMEs. It’s the ideal location for those who want to enjoy seaside charm paired with a celebration of vibrant subcultures.

In 2023, Brighton recorded the second-highest number of startups in the UK. These entrepreneurial credentials are magnified by its rank as the fourth fastest-growing city with an annual GVA growth of 1.1%.

Entrepreneur Startup Office Space in Brighton

Mocatta House

With a coffee bar, numerous breakout areas, and an outside terrace, Mocatta House is perfect for collaboration. Its 129 offices and 15 coworking spaces also offer flexibility for different business structures.

It’s also located virtually next door to Brighton Station. This makes it ideal for catering to rail commuters as well as for travelling in and out of the city.

Queensberry House

Queensberry House is situated on Brigthon’s bustling Queens Road. Offering comfortable break-out areas, it’s perfect for collaboration and innovation. This centre is in a prime location too, found close to Brighton Station as well as the city’s iconic seafront.

Private office and meeting rooms are available here for short and long-term hire. Its modest size also makes it ideal for smaller companies or businesses just starting up.


Dubbed the tech capital of the UK, Manchester stands as an attractive hub for tech entrepreneurs and startups. The city is home to a bustling community of 1,600 startups and scaleups, employing over 60,000 individuals.

Alongside this diverse ecosystem, the three local universities make it a hotspot for emerging talent.

Manchester Office Space for Entrepreneurs

3 Hardman Street

3 Hardman Street, also known as Spinningfields, is a grand, 16-storey building that's well placed in Manchester’s finance district

With a double-height atrium and a glass facade, it offers plenty of natural light. The open-plan layout and outside seating options also make it ideal for collaboration.

6 Oldham Road

The offices at 6 Oldham Road are in the heart of Manchester’s trendy Ancoats district. With modern layouts and fully-equipped meeting rooms, they’re perfect for hybrid business models.

The local neighbourhood is also brimming with restaurants and bars for entertaining clients.


Sheffield thrives on diversity. Its economic landscape consists of healthcare, technology, retail, and advanced manufacturing.

The region is also set for an impressive surge, with planned investment tripling its economic investment from £323 million to £1.1 billion.

This promising outlook makes Sheffield ideal for startups seeking growth and innovation.

Business Startup Office Space in Sheffield

Pennine Five

If you’re looking for fully-connected and modern workspaces,Pennine Five is certainly worth exploring. With plenty of break-out areas and meeting rooms in the centre, startups will have ample space for collaboration and brainstorming sessions.

The on-site wellness centre and plaza offer a warm and welcoming feel. It’s the perfect environment for networking and building a successful business.

The Oasis

The Oasis is a flexible office space for growing businesses. Located off the M1, the centre is based in the renowned Meadowhall Shopping Centre, making it a central hub for business in Sheffield.

The Oasis offers private offices, meeting rooms, and a business lounge, making it a robust centre for businesses of all kinds. If you’re looking to maximise your startup loan, this is a perfect solution to minimise costs.


Bristol offers businesses fresh talent from its academic population, producing over 10,000 new graduates every year. This intellectual talent and the influx of professionals relocating from London show how popular it is.

The area excels in many cutting-edge sectors. These include aerospace, advanced engineering, clean tech, energy, financial, and digital services.

With a thriving creative and media industry, Bristol has a rich, local economic ecosystem.

Startup Working Spaces in Bristol


If you’re looking for a central location in Bristol, Castlemead is worth exploring. It’s a five-minute drive from temple meads and a short stroll from Bristol Harbour’s restaurants and bars.

There are 144 private offices on-site as well as 24 coworking desks. Complete with meeting rooms and breakout spaces, it’s a great space for startups.

Broad Quay House

Broad Quay House boasts harbour views and plenty of natural light, making it ideal for creating an uplifting mood while in the office. It’s a stone’s throw away from Bristol’s Hippodrome Theatre as well as several bars and restaurants.

It is also within walking distance of the University of Bristol. This makes it a prime location for startups looking to attract emerging talent.


Cardiff emerged as the top hotspot for business startups in 2021. Its largest sector is financial and professional services, ensuring that any startups in the same industries will be among their peers.

The city is not just a commercial hub, but also a vibrant centre for film and television production. Cardiff has hosted the production of many Welsh TV programmes and international hits like Dr Who.

Cardiff’s compact locale and robust transport infrastructure make traversing the city simple. This is paired with its strategic location which allows easy access to neighbouring cities such as Newport, Bristol, and Bath.

Further enriching the city's talent pool is a large student population. This is thanks to the presence of three universities in the city centre.

Entrepreneur Startup Office Space in Cardiff

Brunel House

Brunel House is a short walk from Queen Street Station. This makes it convenient for Cardiff locals and commuters. This location is made all the more prime when taking in the nearby sights too, as the centre showcases great views across the city.

The building has breakout areas, meeting rooms, and plenty of desks for coworking. This helps to encourage hot desking, networking, and keeping workdays fresh and different. Cardiff’s plentiful bars, restaurants, and sports stadiums are also a stone’s throw away.

Cardiff Gate

Cardiff Gate is a perfect location for business owners who need to travel. It’s situated close to the M4 on the outskirts of Cardiff, making it accessible for local commuters and visitors.

It’s well equipped for businesses of all sizes as well, with 74 private offices, 8 coworking desks, and 3 meeting rooms. Whether it’s a startup company moving into its first office or an entrepreneur exploring a more professional environment, the centre is exceptional.


Nearly a third of Scottish businesses have made Glasgow their home, bolstered by a labour force of 950,000. The city has remained a pivotal player in the nation’s economy, accounting for around 32% of Scotland’s GVA.

A significant edge that Glasgow offers is its outstanding value for money. This was best demonstrated in 2021 when its office space was 66% less expensive than London’s West End.

Young startups keeping a vigilant eye on cash flow would find this particularly attractive.

Startup Working Spaces in Glasgow

Tay House

The sleek, modern, and Scandinavian-style design of Tay House makes it perfect for startups looking to hit the ground running in style.

Located in Charing Cross, there are plenty of nearby restaurants for employees to enjoy. The office break-out areas are perfect for collaborating over a drink from the in-house coffee bar.

Woodside Place

If you’re looking for an accessible location away from the hustle and bustle, Woodside Place is a great option. Converted from a Georgian townhouse, it offers breakout spaces and plenty of character.

The centre is well-equipped for startups and entrepreneurs alike, with 60 private offices, 31 coworking desks, and 3 meeting rooms.


Liverpool naturally thrives as a hub for the manufacturing and logistics industries. This is due to it being the nearest port for half of the UK’s manufacturers.

The city's influence extends beyond this, hosting 53,000 businesses across diverse industries. These notably include tech and clean energy.

Liverpool’s commercial district and Waterfront are sought-after locations for office space. There is also the Knowledge Quarter, which is a nexus for biotechnology, research and development, and healthcare.

Serviced Offices in Liverpool for Startups

1 Mann Island

If you have a long-term business plan, it’s worth establishing yourself in Liverpool’s Waterfront area. It’s a short walk from Lime Street Station and only nine miles from Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

The area that 1 Mann Island is in is undergoing a £5 billion upgrade. Thanks to this, the building offers modern spaces with room to grow.

Tea Factory

301 Tea Factory is situated in Liverpool’s lively Baltic Triangle. With 48 private offices and 17 coworking spaces, the centre is perfect for growing businesses. 301 Tea Factory also offers meeting rooms and break-out areas that are fantastic for brainstorming sessions and collaborative meetings.

The centre is also located close to Liverpool Central Station, offering an easy way to come and go for those commuting on the train. This also makes it perfectly placed for businesses looking to thrive in the heart of the city.


Leeds boasts a robust business landscape. It comprises financial and professional services, manufacturing, healthcare, and digital technologies.

This thriving economy underpinned Leeds City Region’s skilled workforce of 1.4 million people. Its local talent is also coupled with the fact it hosts the largest cluster of universities outside of London.

The wider West Yorkshire region further enriches this vibrant ecosystem. It is home to 80,000 businesses and generates a GVA exceeding £69 billion.

Business Startup Office Space in Leeds

Princes Exchange

Stylish, modern, and only two minutes from Leeds Station, Princes Exchange is a Leeds landmark. Even considering this central location, Princes Exchange features floor-to-ceiling windows that present stunning river views.

The centre features an open-plan design, which offers plenty of space to collaborate and brainstorm new ideas.

The Pinnacle

Located near Leeds’ bars, restaurants, and theatres, The Pinnacle is perfect for networking. The centre features panoramic views on the 17th and 18th floors, offering a location that’s sure to impress both workers and clients alike.

Practically speaking, The Pinnacle has a lot to offer. From 85 private offices and 8 coworking desks to on-site parking, the centre is exceptional for any companies looking to do business in the city centre.


In recent years, Leicester has established itself as one of the UK’s most entrepreneurial cities, even taking the top spot in 2021.

Leicester has evolved from its historic roots in textiles and now features a versatile economy. It now boasts businesses in both aerospace and satellite technology and life sciences.

Meanwhile, the Agriculture and Food & Drink sectors bolster the regional economy. Together they account for 43,900 jobs and generate an impressive £1.8 billion in GVA.

Leicester Office Space for Entrepreneurs

St George's House

Within walking distance of Leicester Station, St George’s House is situated in a great location to welcome investors and employees. It also features bicycle storage and parking, making it great for commuters arriving by road.

Featuring modern breakout areas, this location offers inviting spaces conducive to collaboration. Plus, its proximity to Leicester's vibrant city life makes it a magnet for fresh graduates.

Grove Business Park

Less than five minutes from the M1 and 15 minutes away from the city centre, Grove Business Park is easily accessible from Leicester, Northampton, Nottingham, and Coventry.

Grove Business Park is also found close to Fosse Shopping Park, one of Britain’s largest out-of-town shopping parks. Inside the centre, startups and entrepreneurs alike will have plenty of space to work, with 54 private offices and 7 coworking desks.


Estimated to be on average 45% cheaper than London, Norwich has emerged as an attractive prospect for emerging businesses. Boasting an economy worth £35.5 billion, it is home to businesses in life sciences, agriculture, food and drink, and advanced manufacturing.

Several higher education institutions are located here and produce 37,000 new graduates annually. This ensures a steady supply of fresh talent in the area.

The Cambridge-Norwich Tech Corridor promises to inject substantial momentum into the regional economy. It is forecast to create 72,000 jobs and £10.1 billion over the next two decades.

Startup Working Spaces in Norwich

Cavell House

Cavell House is in the Norwich city centre. The centre is home to 112 private offices and 25 coworking spaces, making it the perfect place for a startup to grow. It’s colourful, modern, stylish, and has plenty of break-out areas for collaboration.

From entertaining clients to innovating new ideas, there’s a space here for everything. It’s also close to transport links and several bars, restaurants, and shops.

Find your Perfect Startup Office Space with Regus

Finding the right office space can have a significant impact on how you run your business. Whether you want a meeting room for an hour or serviced offices for six months, we’re here to help.

To find your ideal startup office space, contact our local experts today. 

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