What Is A Serviced Office?

Posted on: 4th May 2023

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Serviced office spaces take away the pressure of running, managing and paying the overheads on a private office. With one all-inclusive package, they give you access to space and equipment you might not be able to invest in all at once in a stylish and centrally-located private workspace.

The concept gained traction when the rise of technology led to an increase in demand for customisable office solutions. The demand for the serviced office space continues to grow in recent years thanks to the surge of remote work and the increasing need for hybrid office options that can accommodate changing business needs. According to Forbes an increasing number of companies ‘need a place for their employees to call a creative home’. This is where a serviced office can help.

If you’re looking at serviced offices for rent, keep reading our complete guide, where we dive deeper into the benefits of serviced office spaces and how they can provide an inclusive and accessible package for businesses of all sizes.

What is a serviced office space? 

A serviced office provides a professional environment with access to all the necessary equipment and amenities, without the distractions that come with working in a public space. Serviced offices can also be used as a temporary solution for additional workspace for a short period of time, such as during a project or expansion. This allows businesses to avoid the costs of setting up a new office while still providing their employees with a professional workspace.

These fully furnished workspaces are managed by third-party providers, and are strategically located in prime business areas to give you the edge you need. Businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs alike, can take advantage of the wealth of amenities a serviced office provides.

What is included in a serviced office?

A wide scope of amenities are included in serviced office rental packages, from high-speed internet to reception services, and even bike storage in some cases.  Many serviced office providers go above and beyond, offering access to networking events, making it easier than ever to connect with like-minded professionals and grow your network. One of the best parts? You can leave the hassle of maintenance and cleaning to the provider, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business. Some further inclusions are:

  • Fully furnished workstations, including desks, chairs, and storage
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Phone systems, including dedicated phone lines and voicemail
  • Reception services, including mail handling and call answering
  • Meeting rooms and conference facilities
  • Kitchen facilities, including free tea, coffee, and water
  • Cleaning and maintenance services
  • 24/7 access to the office
  • Access to shared spaces, such as lounges and breakout areas
  • IT support
  • Administrative assistance, including printing, scanning, and copying services
  • Networking events and community building activities


Keep in mind that the exact amenities offered may vary depending on the serviced office provider and the specific package you choose.

How do serviced offices work?

The first step in setting up your serviced office is to configure your perfect workspace. Start by finding a location that best suits your business needs, considering factors such as accessibility, local amenities, and your target market. Once you've chosen your location, you can configure the size of your office space, whether you’re looking for a single office space or an entire floor, and find a layout that aligns with the way you work.

The office administration team then draws up an agreement for you. After signing your contract, you're ready to start work in your new space. Our team of experts will handle all the details, ensuring a smooth transition into your new workspace.

This all-inclusive package allows businesses to focus on their core activities without having to worry about the day-to-day hassles of running an office. Additionally, serviced offices can enable businesses to scale up or down as required, providing a cost-effective solution for those who require more or less space when they need. This process is a convenient and stress-free solution that skips the administrative burden of a traditional office setup.

What are the benefits of a serviced office?

Alongside the all-inclusive package and access to high-quality facilities, there are other benefits to fully managed offices which you should consider when weighing up your options:

Flexible term contracts

Unlike conventional office leases, serviced offices are signed for month-by-month rather than on an annual or multi-year basis. This means you can move locations, adjust the size of your space or cancel it altogether at short notice if you need to.

Reception desks

Usually part of larger business centres or commercial buildings, most serviced offices have a staffed reception. This gives you extra security and means your visitors get a professional welcome without you having to pay the salary of a receptionist.

Less management

Whether you’re setting up your office or have been there for a few months, the external office management team will deal with any problems that arise with your services or amenities. This means no more headaches or unexpected costs for your business if the WiFi breaks or a water main bursts.

Personalise your workspace

Within some commercial properties, you might also have the option to customise your workspace. This means you can add your own branding and style to your workspace without the overheads of a long-term lease.

Worldwide locations

Whether you’re looking for office space in London, Hong Kong or New York City, serviced offices put you on the doorstep of the world’s most desirable locations without you having to invest huge sums into a property in the right postcode.

Minimise business overhead costs

By choosing the exact amount of space and services you require, you are only paying for what you need. This can help avoid any high costs associated with traditional office leases that often include more space than necessary.

Access to high-quality amenities and facilities

A serviced office provides full access to everything you need for the seamless operation of your business, relieving you of the burden of dealing with any minor issues. Feel at ease knowing the essentials have been taken care of.

Accommodates growth and agile working

Businesses can easily adapt to growth and market changes with various rental agreements, fully equipped spaces, and a range of amenities. they provide a supportive environment for agile working, enabling teams to focus on productivity and innovation.

Move-in ready offices

Efficiency is crucial to any business, which is why Regus helps you find office spaces that are tailored to your team's needs, allowing for seamless integration and a quick start. Search for an office space designed to maximise productivity from the get go.

How do they compare to other types of workspaces?

Alongside serviced offices, there are many other workspace options out there as different businesses look for more flexible agreements, better facilities and more central locations. Here’s how serviced offices compare to the other most common types of workspaces.

Serviced office vs coworking spaces

One of the key benefits of a serviced office is the level of privacy they provide. Their access to furnished and well-equipped workspaces with dedicated meeting rooms are a huge advantage. Whereas a coworking space is a shared space that provides a collaborative and flexible environment for individuals and businesses to work, favouring open-plan workspaces and shared common spaces with other tenants. They are designed to boost collaboration and networking opportunities between members, while serviced offices provide a more exclusive environment.

Each has their own benefits, though ultimately the choice between serviced offices and coworking spaces depends on the specific needs of the business.

Shared offices

In a shared office space, tenants share a physical workspace, but they have their own private offices or workstations. Typically, these prove to be good options for businesses looking for a professional workspace without the commitment or cost of a long-term lease. They differ to serviced offices slightly, in that occupants are responsible for their own IT and administrative needs.

Traditional office spaces

Prior to Covid-19, the world was heavily familiar with the concept of traditional office spaces. These are typically non-shared offices that are leased or owned by a single company or organisation, and are responsible for managing all aspects of the space, including maintenance, cleaning, and security.

Whilst traditional spaces offer a dedicated and private workspace, many new businesses are adopting a more hybrid approach. Coworking Resource reported that there has been a 158% increase in coworking spaces since 2020, prompting more expansion in this industry. The recent surge in popularity for serviced offices is due to the level of immediate and stress-free solutions they provide for business owners.

Which types of business use serviced offices?

Serviced offices are hugely versatile, with many types of businesses from small startups to large corporations, benefiting from them. Whether you’re a freelancer looking for a dedicated workspace away from home, a startup or SME in need of flexible office space with low setup costs, or have remote teams in need of a professional workspace, a collaborative workspace is just what you need.

Large corporations and international companies can also benefit from utilising a serviced office. They are great options for temporary workspaces for employees when expanding into new locations or for businesses looking to establish a professional presence in a new country.

In summary, serviced offices are used by a diverse range of businesses that require flexible, cost-effective, and professional office space.

How do I choose the right one for my business?

If you type ‘serviced offices near me’ into Google, you’re likely to get hundreds of results – so how can you make sure that the serviced office you choose is right for you? Here are three key questions to ask yourself:

What’s included in the package?

Before putting your name on the dotted line, look at what is actually included in your serviced office package. For example, will you have all the equipment you need and be able to access it easily?

Is there enough space? 

A general rule is that you should have around 100 square feet of space per employee. This enables them to have all the room they need to be productive while still encouraging close teamwork and collaboration.

How long is the lease agreement?

Serviced office agreements typically run on a month-by-month basis, but it’s worth checking the fine print of your lease to make sure this is the case.

Does Regus offer serviced offices?

Yes, Regus offers a range of serviced office space packages and membership options in central locations across the world. Take advantage of using a serviced office that is fully-equipped and ready for immediate use with all necessary amenities. However, for many entrepreneurs and businesses, a serviced office can offer more than just their wide range of facilities. Finding the right space can inspire teams, attract new clients, and simplify operational overheads into a single payment.

Let us take care of everything so your office is ready-to-use and set up to meet your needs, tailored to meet your long-term or on-demand needs. As well as all of the benefits of using a serviced office, with Regus, businesses can benefit from workplace recovery plans that provide immediate access to temporary serviced office space. To explore further, visit our website to rent a serviced office space or speak to our knowledgeable team, who can help you find the ideal serviced office for your business.


Where can I find a serviced office space near me?

Getting started with Regus is simple. Use our search functionality online to browse by location or get in touch with our team for a more tailored quote. Whether you’re looking for a space for a few months or a few years, Regus provides serviced office spaces that enable you to start working immediately with everything you need at your fingertips.

Are there any hidden costs with serviced offices?

Once you’ve agreed and signed a contract with the Regus team, you can feel assured you’ve got the whole package deal. Our goal is to streamline processes to make it as convenient as possible for businesses or individuals to move in, with no surprise fees down the line.

What else can a serviced office provider offer my business?

As a new or smaller business, a serviced office can help save money when you’re starting up, since they come fully furnished with office equipment and internet connection included. It can also help establish a professional image, with a reputable business address to meet clients at, with meeting rooms available too. For larger businesses, a serviced office space is a perfect way to maximise scalability - as your business grows, a serviced office provider can offer you the flexibility to expand and set up in new locations with ease. No matter what your business is, serviced office spaces are specifically designed to boost collaboration and networking opportunities in a convenient and professional environment.

What am I responsible for as a serviced office tenant?

As a serviced office tenant, it’s your responsibility to pay your rent on time, whilst complying with any policies related to health, safety, security and facility use. Before signing a leasing contract, it's crucial to carefully review it and understand your responsibilities, which can vary by provider and location.

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