What are customisable office spaces?

Posted on: 2nd May 2023

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Whether you are a start-up or a heritage brand, it might be time to consider updating your workspace. Maybe your company has grown or perhaps you are looking for a more personalised work environment. Customisable office spaces could be the answer for you.

The workplace is changing. Hybrid working is increasingly popular with 28% of workers now splitting their time between the office and home. As a result, the office environment needs to change too.

Customised offices can be more flexible than both traditional offices and coworking spaces. That’s because customised office can be tailored to suit your business and adapt to the modern hybrid workforce.

Customised office spaces help you create an environment that encourages the best work from your team. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of creating a dedicated workspace for your workforce.

What exactly are customised office spaces?

Customised office spaces are working environments that have been specifically tailored to your business and the way your teams work, from the overall layout to the furniture and fittings.

How do custom office spaces differ from traditional office spaces?

Traditional office spaces are often designed to accommodate essentially any type of business. Office design hasn’t changed much since the 1960s when the German concept called Burolandschaft (or ‘office landscape’) became popular.

Think open plan offices. Groups of desks clustered together according to worker specialities, with plants, photocopiers and water coolers.

A customised office, on the other hand, doesn’t have to look like every other office in town. You can display your brand identity and create an environment that suits your own needs.

How do custom office spaces differ from serviced offices?

Serviced offices are a great solution for companies that are focusing on getting up and running. That’s because serviced offices take care of your facilities and infrastructure. However, it’s a strictly one-size-fits-all approach, with little room for customisation.

A custom office space is your next step once you have developed a strong company identity and established the specific needs of your workforce. The serviced office experience will always feel like staying in a hotel, whereas a custom office should feel like home.

Benefits of a customisable workspace

A flexible working space allows you to design your workspace around your business. Thanks to this, it lets you create the right amount of private office space versus public space.

Flexible offices also grant flexibility for the future. They ensure that your workspace reflects your company values and tells visitors what you stand for. Let’s take a look at the benefits:

Personalisation of your office space

Imagine a branded environment with full wall imagery to promote your company values and brighten your workspace. Imagine no more meetings between three staff members in a room designed to accommodate 20.

Customisable office spaces allow you to work your way. That’s whether it’s an open, clutter-free space for company-wide huddles or a dedicated comfortable presentation room with cinema-style seating.

Making use of space

Customisable office spaces help you get the most from your floor plan so that you can focus on what’s important. For example, can your kitchen at home double as a meeting space?

Sony’s open-plan offices in Los Angeles have auditorium seating built into a stairway. The versatile, light-filled space is a roomy thoroughfare. Thanks to this, it serves as a thriving hub for both team presentations and groups at lunchtime. It’s a great example of bespoke multifunctionality.

Employee engagement and collaboration

Customisable office spaces allow you to foster a spirit of collaboration by encouraging conversation and chance encounters.

The latest offices often encourage collaboration and engagement by creating break-out zones and casual seating hubs. Bean bags, for example, are perfect for allowing employees to comfortably gather at a workstation and informally talk about a project.

Boost employee morale and wellbeing

Your office design should be a healthy and happy space that reflects your priorities. Maybe you want to design a customised office space that welcomes dogs to promote employee morale. Or maybe you want to infuse the space with energy.

Consider using bright colours, plants, and light. These help to ensure your staff feel healthy and happy while they work.

Business agility and flexibility for companies that want to expand

Smaller businesses have to serve a large number of purposes in a limited amount of space. A bespoke design lets you do this.

Custom spaces help you rearrange your space. They can have easy-to-move desks and seating, lightweight dividers, quiet pods, and collapsible furniture.

But agility doesn’t just mean the physical space you need right now. Customisable workspaces help you create an office that adapts and grows with your company over time, too.

Meaningful work environment

Your office space should feel anything but generic. By customising your space to reflect your brand identity, mission and ethos you can create an environment that propels your staff to always be working to achieve your goals.

Google and Facebook are famous for office designs that promote fun and collaboration, while Apple’s iconic California office signals transparency and innovation. Another great example is Innocent Smoothies, whose office promotes the brand’s nature-oriented values.

Demand for customised office spaces continues to increase

Workers are now returning to the workplace and functional office spaces are increasingly in demand. JP Morgan has predicted that as we approach 2025, demand for office space will be 1.8 times higher than the space available.

There is an increasing need for flexible facilities and spaces that serve a hybrid workforce. To attract and retain the best talent, companies are looking at the work environment as a factor.

To stay ahead of your competition you might have to ask yourself if your office is working out.

How to find a customised office

At Regus, we’re unrivalled when it comes to delivering customisable and flexible office space for hybrid teams. Whatever your industry, we will help you find the right location for your team.

Design a suitable layout for your business office space and adapt a perfectly sized space to the needs of your brand to help you work your way. Talk to an expert today to find out how you can find the right customised office space for you.


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