How to design your office space to boost productivity

Posted on: 3rd February 2023

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Every business wants its team to be as efficient as possible, but many forget how much of an impact their surroundings can have on their productivity. Whether you're looking for ideas for a new office space or planning a redesign of your office space, there's no denying that the layout can affect the productivity of your team.

Whether you're in your office full-time or adopting a hybrid way of working, office layouts have gone way beyond a basic shell filled with desks. As companies look for new ways to make their offices more sustainable and teams more productive, these factors have had a huge influence when choosing office space.

From furniture to lighting, here are some of our favourite office space designs and ideas for the ideal productive environment.

How does office space design affect productivity?

As businesses shift towards more inclusive workspaces, it's important to carefully consider what is incorporated into a custom office space for maximum productivity.

As well as helping people be more comfortable - therefore more productive and efficient - looking after and catering to team members as individuals also contribute to higher morale and greater productivity.

Some companies work towards creating a ‘cool’ office space with plenty of activities on-site, but many are also considering how their workplace can be smarter, inclusive and more sustainable.

A well-designed office space needs to incorporate a number of elements in order to support the productivity of staff, taking into account colours, free space, light, facilities, the comfort of furniture and access to break areas for time spent away from their desks. Put simply, looking after your team results in greater happiness at work, therefore leading to a more productive work environment.

Let's take a closer look at what makes a great office space design and how to make the most of your workspace.

What is the best office layout for your employees?

A successful office space design is about creating a comfortable, creative and collaborative work environment that inspires conversation and supports the well-being of staff leading to increased productivity.

Every business works in its own unique way, with no one-size-fits-all office space layout. Whether you're considering an open-plan office for collaboration, or need dedicated desks for highly-focused work, a serviced office space can work according to your needs. You can also create a personalised workspace that matches your business needs with the ability to truly work your way in one of our custom offices.

Not sure which office layout is suitable for your work style? Here are a few layouts to consider:

Cubicle layout

A cubicle workspace layout can be a great alternative to a fully open office, as it provides both privacy and openness. However, a lot has changed since the traditional cubicle layout of the 70s and 80s - having since moved on considerably, with a new, modern approach.

Employees get the same amount of space as their colleagues while maintaining boundaries to ensure sound doesn’t carry over between desks - ideal if you have employees taking calls or carrying out virtual meetings at their workspace.

Team pods

Establishing team ‘pods’ in your office space allows project groups to remain focused and collaborative without distracting nearby colleagues. It's perfect for creative teams, as it encourages communication and lively discussions right at individual workstations instead of having to book a meeting room every time they need some face-time.

Half-partition walls

Half-partitions provide just enough separation between employees, while the top half remains completely open to let light and ideas flow. No more bouncing from cubicle to cubicle – now employees can simply stand up for a quick collaboration session with their coworkers right beside them.

However, there are a few things to consider for the most productive work environment. But how do you go about designing an office for maximum productivity?

How to design an office space to boost productivity

Not every office layout is the same, but there are a few golden rules when it comes to designing a space that's not only fit for purpose but designed with productivity in mind.

Here are our top tips for designing an office that works for you.

Declutter the space

One of the most effective ways of increasing productivity is a fresh-looking and clear office space. Keeping not only each desk, but the entire office space free from clutter will allow you and your team to focus on the task at hand, without distractions.

Nobody wants to have a cluttered desk, filled with paperwork and other items. Keep your workspace clear and remove all possible distractions by tucking things away in storage for when you need them. While it's important to keep your office space free from clutter, be sure to allow your team to personalise their workspace, as it has been shown to decrease stress, help them feel more comfortable at work and enable them to maintain a connection with what’s important to them, for an overall more positive work environment.

This small element of personalisation will not only give you an insight into each member of your team but also make them feel at home since employees spend one-third of their lives at work. However, it’s important to remember that a clean desk is key to staying productive. Ensure that while employees can personalise their desks, you provide ample gadgets and materials so that they can also keep them organised and clean such as organising trays and drawers.


Lighting is an important factor in staying focused and feeling inspired in the workplace. Poor lighting can not only result in a gloomy mood and fatigue, but it can also lead to eyestrain, headaches and irritability. Since light is the main cue influencing circadian rhythms that dictate sleep-wake cycles, a lack of natural light can have a huge impact on their well-being.

When designing your office space, lighting should be one of your top priorities. Where possible, allow plenty of natural light to flood in. Not only can natural light support eye health, but it also improves vitamin D levels and encourages creativity.

Studies have shown that workers exposed to natural light throughout their work day tended to sleep better at night, therefore waking up more refreshed for the next working day.


In the same way we respond to colours in brand design, the colour of our surroundings can affect our moods and prompt different reactions.

If you're looking to create a trendy office space atmosphere, designed for productivity and efficiency, you may want to opt for natural colours like green and blue. But it doesn't have to be about painting the walls necessarily, adding items to the space in the right colour and tone can have the same effect on productivity.

Choosing the wrong colours for your office space can result in an unfriendly and unwelcoming feel, both for your team and visiting clients.


As well as reducing CO2 and bacteria levels, plants do much more to your office environment than add a little greenery to the space. Incorporating plants into your office design can increase productivity by 15% and boost attention span by 20%, with staff feeling happier with improved levels of concentration.

Eye-catching varieties like the Zebra Plant, Red-Edge Dracaena, or the Bamboo Palm are great for sprucing up your office space design.


When your team spends so much time sitting behind a desk, comfort should be at the forefront of your thoughts when designing your office space. Being seated comfortably with adequate lumbar support prevents people from getting distracted and irritable throughout the day, which can otherwise result in a constant stop-start work day.

So what's the solution? Look for comfortable, adaptable furniture that will keep your team comfortable while working. You may even want to consider ergonomic furniture, which provides greater flexibility and support to the body, boosting the health and productivity of your employees.

Think about space

Nobody wants to feel cramped while they're trying to concentrate. An open office space with plenty of room to move around freely can have huge benefits for your team, contributing towards their health and well-being.

With many of us spending the majority of our day sitting at a desk, having space to move around helps to release serotonin, 'the happy hormone' boosting morale. When your team is happy and feeling energised by their surroundings, productivity will increase.

Different office zones

As well as much-needed workspace, when designing your office space layout it's crucial to consider different spaces you can provide outside of the main work area.

Instead of people eating their lunch at their desks, having access to break rooms or a breakout space can boost their morale, by giving them a true break from their work and screen.

Whether it's access to a lounge area for a quick coffee break or meeting rooms to separate important discussions from where you work, a change of scenery can make all the difference. While an open plan office can have a number of benefits, providing adequate meeting space can ensure meetings go undisturbed, without distraction or background noise.

Additionally, the layout of your team can also make a huge difference to their productivity. Grouping teams together and creating a relevant seating plan can lead to greater output, with workers being accountable for one another - as well as having easy and quick access to each other for information about tasks and projects.

When your team aren’t absorbed in their work, take a moment to consider how they recharge - could well-being rooms and exercise spaces be the perfect solution to help them recuperate?

Create inclusive spaces

While many offices cater to physical disabilities, employers are now looking to redesign their workspaces for those with cognitive conditions - creating inclusive spaces for neurodiverse workers.

Creating an inclusive work environment is key to recognising the needs of employees and considering how they like to work. From welcoming lighting to using the right colours, there are many ways to create an environment more conducive to those with elements of neurodiversity.

It’s also important to consider the individual needs of your team, such as creating quiet rooms - especially within an open-plan office.

Consider sustainability

Creating a sustainable workplace has many rewards for employers. By reducing our environmental impact, we're helping preserve the planet for future generations. From furnishings to cleaning products, we take crucial steps to source sustainable products for our office spaces.

Furthermore, cutting down on waste and recycling can save businesses money in addition to improving overall employee health - after all, everyone can enjoy working with improved air quality. Not only that, but fostering sustainability encourages productivity - what's better than happier staff and greater work output?

Why office space design matters to your employees

The best office space layouts incorporate a number of elements, bringing people together to work collaboratively in a space they can truly blossom.

The days of dark and drab office spaces have gone, and more companies are investing in office space design to increase productivity, retain employees and reduce workplace stress.

But how does your team benefit from a carefully designed office space?

More inspiring than traditional offices

Modern office spaces are moving away from tall cubicle walls and formal partitions, inspiring teams to be more collaborative.

By utilising flexible and dynamic spaces, employees are not confined to their deskspace - with options such as breakout spaces allowing people to feel more comfortable at work. Of course, customising your office with comfortable furniture and aesthetics that inspire you can set the tone for productive and creative output.

The right equipment leads to efficiency

There are many benefits to equipping your team with the right tools for their work. When your employees have exactly what they need, they can focus on getting each task done without distractions.

Here are just a few examples of software and tools your team can benefit from:

  • Project management software, such as Asana, which can help to streamline tasks and save time when managing projects across the whole team.
  • Tools such as Slack, promote communication within the team, whether they’re in the office or working from home.
  • Video conferencing software, such as Zoom, allows users to quickly schedule meetings and keep their schedule on track.

Additionally, access to whiteboards, flip-charts and presentation equipment can help each workday run smoothly. With access to these tools, you'll certainly notice the difference in their productivity levels.

Comfort increases focus

There's nothing worse than feeling as though you can never quite get settled in your seat. When your team is comfortable - both in their surroundings and at their desk - they'll be more engaged in the work ahead of them. When you look after your team at work, they'll have greater focus and output. To ensure our office spaces are as comfortable as possible, Regus looks to local, sustainable suppliers for furnishings that both complement their surroundings and help keep individuals working comfortably.

Keeps the brain engaged

When your team has somewhere to break away from their desk, it allows people the time away from their screens and opens up opportunities for them to interact and bond with others.

This space can also be used to build friendships, brainstorm and even have informal meetings when needed, keeping people engaged with different environment options.

Makes employees happier to be at work

When your team feels comfortable, engaged and listened to, they're going to experience greater happiness at work. This not only shows your company's consideration for team members but also benefits the business itself with higher productivity levels.

An office space layout that encourages collaboration, open communication and keeps your team feeling comfortable makes for a happier workplace all around.

Find the ideal office space design for your business

Modern and creative office space ideas go beyond creating a 'pretty' workspace. Both companies and their employees want to know how sustainable their new workplace is, with interest in details about how it is powered, or where its furniture is sourced from.

Finding a serviced office space that provides everything you need so you can focus on running your business shouldn't be difficult. With Regus, we make it easy to get set up in no time. You can even customise your office space, for a personal touch on everything from furniture to branding, tech and storage options.

All you need to do is set your budget and do an adequate amount of planning. What are you trying to accomplish with your designated office? Once you know this and understand your working styles,

Get in touch with Regus today and talk to an expert to help finalise the rest.


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