What is a training room?

Posted on: 4th January 2023

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Training rooms are much more than a space to sit and learn - they're dynamic and engaging environments created for maximum productivity, collaboration and idea sharing. While they can assist learning and support interactive activities, not all training rooms are the same.

When you're looking for a training space to rent, there are a number of things to consider. From the layout and size, to features and location, a corporate training room goes beyond an empty space to sit down and teach or present to attendees.

Who can use a training room

Whenever the need for a conference or training event arises, it's crucial to find a training room rental that is suitable for your event, easily accessible and flexible in its facilities.

But who can benefit from using training rooms? We’ve listed a few examples of sectors that can take advantage of them, however these are not limited and you’ll find businesses in all industries can make use of a training space.

Hospitality sector

From health and safety to learning new skills and services, hospitality is an industry that frequently looks for training space for rent. Typically this will be a central location suitable for all attendees.

Care services

Care services frequently rent training rooms to ensure complete professionalism and privacy, whether it’s for first aid training or simply onboarding new team members.

Financial services

The finance industry is always evolving, with new tools, legislations and software being introduced constantly. Whether cybersecurity, ethics and compliance or fraud, financial businesses frequently rent training rooms for team learning.

What features should be provided in a training room?

A functional training room should be well equipped with a number of features. Finding the right space can come down to looking at the details needed for a productive training session.

Whether you're running a one-to-one training session or hosting a seminar, there are certainly a few things to look out for, including:

Flexible layout

Regardless if you’re delivering training courses to a couple participants, or an entire team, a training space needs to be accommodating in its layout.

Look for training rooms that are spacious and allow people to move around easily. As one of the main features, the layout should be adaptable to present training sessions to a room full of people, or split the space into workshop style groups.


It may seem like an obvious feature, but lighting can make all the difference to a productive training session. Does the space allow dimming of lights for presentations? If you’re simply speaking to attendees, natural light may be a more suitable option where you can also benefit from productivity. Look at spaces that provide good quality luminaires or alternatively, those with large windows to bring in as much natural light.

Technology essentials

A professional training space for rent will offer the technology essentials you could need. Before you commit to renting a training room, take some time to work out what you will need for your session to run smoothly. Of course, high-speed WiFi will be a necessity to keep things running to time, with plenty of power points to keep your own technology charged for the duration.

It’s also important to know how these essentials can work together. If you’re planning on recording video, you’ll not only need the lighting to be just right, but sound quality will also play an important role here. If soundproofing is available, even better! Not forgetting adapters, extenders, microphones and sound amplifiers - all of which can contribute towards a successful and more productive session.


From nearby parking and easy transport links, finding the right training room rental can often come down to location and relevant amenities.

As well as high-speed WiFi and AV equipment, a corporate training room will require comfortable seating, break-out room spaces and even light snacks. To ensure your training session runs smoothly and successfully, look for a space that includes amenities or can be customised with add ons.

The best training room layouts for different types of training

Every training session is different, which is why it's important to find a venue that is adaptable.

Whatever your training style, there's a layout to match. Here's a few examples to get you started:

Theatre style

If you're presenting to the room, a theatre style layout could be perfect for keeping the attention of participants. However, if written work, or laptop use is required, you may need to rethink your seating arrangement to one of the below.


A corporate training room with classroom style seating can make for a productive workspace, with plenty of access to power sockets, room for laptops and the option to work closely with other attendees.


If discussions are needed, you may want to opt for a U-shape layout. This allows for presenting and collaboration, with plenty of table space for written work and laptop use.

How to make the most out of your training room

A great training room is flexible in its layout, packed with required technology and in a prime location. Knowing how to make the most of your session is key to maximum productivity. Here are a few of our top tips:

Create the right atmosphere

Training can feel daunting, especially for new members of your team, so it’s important to create the right atmosphere.

Aside from finding a training space with great lighting and technology, the way in which you run your session needs to also cater to participants.

Think about the type of training session you're looking to run. Will there be a lot of small group discussions? Presentations? Or solo working? This will help you to determine your layout, time needed and technology requirements.

Flip charts and whiteboards

Most corporate training rooms will include things like flip charts, whiteboards and projector screens. If these are available, be sure to plan your session ahead of time so you can make better use of the tools. If you’re organising collaborative portions to the training, they can help make your session a lot more interactive, resulting in a much more productive meeting as well as happy attendees.

Allow enough space

When looking for a training room for hire, you need to ensure you have enough space for the number of participants. Nobody wants to be crammed into a room for multiple hours, with little room for manoeuvre. The perfect space will cater for groups of all sizes, with plenty of room for members to learn to their full potential.

Allow enough time

There is nothing worse than rushing a training session or event. Finding a professional and comfortable environment can make all the difference, with plenty of time to cover everything involved. Many training and meeting rooms will also include access to break-out areas, so you can refuel and recharge.

Collect feedback and measure success

Before wrapping up your training workshop, you don't want to say goodbye without collecting feedback. This will help you with future sessions and allow you to make any improvements for maximum productivity.

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