9 things to consider when hiring a meeting room

Posted on: 14th December 2022

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First impressions are essential and your meeting room is what makes a lasting impression, so selecting the right facility for you is as important as the way you greet your clients and introduce yourself.

Whether you are looking for a place to do day-to-day work, team-building exercises or client meetings, it can be arduous and sometimes difficult to know what to look for. You need to rent a meeting location that’s fit for purpose and be well equipped with all the necessary furnishings, whilst being professional.

Rather than asking “Do we need a meeting room?” companies are now wondering “What should we be looking for in a conference room rental?” There are many important factors to consider when undertaking this responsibility, this article explores factors in selecting the right meeting room and making this a simple decision.

Benefits of hiring a meeting room

Have you tried to convince your local coffee shop to let you set up a projector for a meeting? Neither have we, but we cannot imagine it would go down well. Our conference rooms have great facilities so you can focus on work and not have to worry about the WiFi cutting out. Some of the services in our meeting rooms include flat-screen TVs, whiteboards, projectors, that all-important high-speed WiFi and much more.

Other benefits of conference room bookings include a professional image for prospective and current clients. It indicates you want privacy for your meeting whilst also looking for them to be comfortable and relaxed and therefore build a good business relationship. Meeting rooms also have the added benefit of technical support, a professional reception team to greet guests and even access to catering and beverage services to keep your meeting energised.

As well as being beneficial from a client perspective, office space can increase productivity and well-being of employees by offering a change of scenery, adding some balance and giving colleagues a boost through face-to-face meetings.

What to consider when hiring a meeting room:

1. Adequate floor and room space

Working with sufficient space is an important consideration when it comes to hiring a meeting room. You need enough chairs and potentially a desk or table for everyone to work from. In this situation, it may be worth first viewing the meeting room to understand the space and ensure there is sufficient room for the task you are planning.

2. Break Areas

After a long meeting, you need somewhere to recharge and have a break. General well-being is an important factor in the workplace in order to boost morale and keep productivity high. Included with the room hire we also have break areas for you to unwind and make yourself a cup of tea so that you can be refreshed, stretch your legs and catch up with colleagues between meetings.

3. The type of room you need

  • Team space

Need a space to get together with your team? Whether it’s a team meeting, a brainstorming session or a quick update on a project - our meeting rooms provide the perfect productive space to make big things happen. 

  • Interview rooms

Our range of interview rooms offers a professional, private space for interviewing candidates, appraisals or running a research group. Inspire guests with an unusual spot, or keep it simple yet effective - we have a range of meeting spaces available for your interview and you can book them for as little as an hour.

  • Conference rooms

Equipped with state-of-the-art presentation equipment and conference facilities, perfect for your next business meeting, our conference room facilities have you covered so you can focus on nailing your presentation and we can take care of the rest.

  • Training Rooms

These purpose-built spaces are ideal for training sessions but are also great for team-building exercises, learning and professional development opportunities, with catering options available and support teams on-site.

  • Boardrooms

Provide a professional setting for your next boardroom meeting, with everything you need to control the flow of your meeting and stay on schedule. Rent a boardroom for as long as you need it, in a central location that suits all participants.

  • Event space

Whether you’re hosting an all-company meeting or running a sales conference, our event spaces are catered for every style and size of event - with all the support you need, including AV equipment and catering options.

4. Presentation facilities, Connectivity & Technology

Facilities on offer are another big consideration when it comes to hiring a meeting room. With our business-grade WiFi, there's no need to worry about connecting, or your broadband speed keeping up with your presentation. Our spaces are fully equipped with everything you need including TVs, video conferencing, whiteboards and flip charts and experienced in-house support teams.

5. Design and Layout

Design and layout is another important consideration when hiring a meeting venue. Lighting is important for maintaining the energy in a room, as well as considering the layout such as classroom, U-shaped or theatre layouts, these all have an effect on your client or employees and can influence the tone of the meeting. Our modern, ergonomic designs are perfect for your corporate meeting room needs whilst being spacious, with lots of natural light and customisable layouts.

6. Amenities, catering options and on-hand management and reception services

In most meetings, niceties often go beyond tea and coffee. Depending on your requirements, you may also want to consider what amenities are available on location. You can hire meeting rooms on comparison websites by the hour, but they often don't have any facilities for catering, private dining or concierge services. If you want to remove the responsibility from yourself, you may want to consider meeting room facilities which come equipped with all the added amenities which Regus can offer.

7. Accessibility and location

Another consideration for your booking is the accessibility to the room. Having it in a central location for all attendees, with good access to public transport and parking is always a good start. Here at Regus, we have over 10,000 meeting rooms in over 3,500 locations, so you’ll always find a location that fits your needs. However, alongside its transport links, you ymay also want to make sure that upon arrival at the location, the room is accessible for each attendee. For example, should wheelchair access be required, it makes sense to ensure there is a lift or ramp in addition to stairs and also a disabled toilet.

Before booking the room and sending the invites out, it’s worthwhile confirming with the attendees beforehand, checking their commutes and any special requirements.

8. The cost of a conference or meeting room

The average cost for a Regus meeting room in London is £79 per hour, with prices ranging from £9 to £149 per hour. Obviously, these prices do fluctuate based on promotion, location, size and demand, so we’d recommend checking within our meeting room hub for the most accurate prices in your local area.

For a quick guide here are the lowest meeting room costs in a few of our locations:

9. How to find and hire a meeting room?

When searching for a meeting room, there can be a number of factors to consider. The easiest way to find a meeting room is to use our online booking system. This will allow you to define your search criteria and find a suitable meeting room fast, and at a reasonable price. Please get in touch via our contact page for any meeting room booking inquiries

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