9 conference room technology trends for today's workplace

Posted on: 6th February 2023

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Conference rooms are becoming more and more important to successful workplace collaboration. They’re rapidly evolving as technology continues to develop faster than ever before, providing an important gathering space for teams and meetings.

To stay ahead of the game and make sure your conference room is equipped with the latest technology, we'll be outlining key conference room technology trends that will help you maximise your conference events and ensure productive meetings are held.

Key conference room technology trends for better collaboration and communication

As the way we work continues to evolve, workplace technology trends are changing too. Businesses need to account for remote and hybrid workers as well as clients when creating their digital meeting space.

It is no longer enough for participants to simply be present. Instead, attendees need to be able to get involved in discussions.

The hybrid working model is redefining how we collaborate virtually - introducing exciting opportunities for teams near or far apart. Here are 9 conference room technology trends to look out for.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing technology has revolutionised the way businesses communicate and collaborate. Allowing in-person and remote participants to join the same meeting, has drastically improved the efficiency of teams within companies across the world.

Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become widely used tools by businesses of all sizes. This technology allows businesses to collaborate, share ideas and get work done without being in the same physical space. It is also a much more cost-effective way to communicate with employees and clients as opposed to having to commute between each other's offices. Additionally, it allows teams to work with minimal lag due to its advanced voice and video features.

These tools offer participants more flexibility when attending meetings, no matter where they are located as long as they have access to WiFi, reducing time spent commuting while still promoting collaboration among participants.

Wireless connection systems

Keep your conference space safe, organised and clutter-free with wireless connection systems. This system will help ensure that all of your equipment is always connected to power without the need for tangling wires - avoiding any tripping hazards and wasted time with connection issues.

Sound system and acoustics

When it comes to running a successful conference, acoustic capabilities are essential for an effective discussion. Sometimes online meetings are unavoidable when face-to-face interaction is limited, so having the best sound quality becomes even more important with conference calls.

Meeting room displays and interactive whiteboards

In most cases, businesses looking to host a meeting will also have a presentation to run through, whether it's a case study, project details or reporting data. Conference rooms that have displays and interactive whiteboard features available can be immensely beneficial for sizes and styles of all businesses. Not only is presenting more efficient but so are collaborative tasks - with more dynamic delivery than traditional presentations. As a part of your conference, they facilitate collaboration between remote locations or participants who are not physically present in the room. This allows multiple users to contribute or edit documents in real time regardless of where they are.

Immersive meeting room technology

Conference room technology trends have revolutionised how modern businesses interact with each other and their clients.

Touchscreens, interactive smart boards and cutting-edge audio technologies, such as soundbars, are just some of the impressive conference facilities allowing teams to work together productively while enjoying enhanced communication and transparency. With the power to control all of these features seamlessly through one touch point, it has never been easier to keep a conference running smoothly.

Attendee integration

Today's conference room technology is shifting from traditional theatre-style layouts to become true collaborative workspaces so that working professionals can feel just as productive when connecting virtually.

From improved audio and visual quality for virtual meetings to free movement during conversations - there is a wide range of cutting-edge conference room tech that has enhanced the hybrid work experience. Organisations can now recreate all the benefits an in-person meeting provides through these dynamic tools.

Flexible spaces

Conference spaces should offer business owners a lot of flexibility and convenience in their workspace. With meeting rooms in short supply yet high demand in offices, it’s important that the space can be easily adaptable to host productive meetings; from accommodating large groups that provide plenty of space to move around and engage with one another to smaller more intimate one-on-one discussions.

Flexible conference venues typically feature modular furniture, adjustable seating arrangements, and media equipment to suit different styles of meetings. Since they are in such short supply, it has never been more important that the space can be tailored to all types of events.


As part of your conference room setup, you may want to consider the lighting in the room. Poor lighting can have a major impact on employee productivity, health, and morale - as well as cause headaches, eye strain and fatigue. Whereas, natural office lighting can help create a pleasant working atmosphere while also improving work performance.

Most conference facilities should include adjustable lighting, helping you to create the appropriate ambience for the type of meeting you're hosting.


The working world is evolving to introduce greater personalisation to conference venues. Research shows that 31% of professionals find their traditional conference spaces dull, and 25% believe integrating conference room tech into these rooms can make all the difference.

Typically, there is no one size fits all approach for conference venues, since the needs of different industries can differ so greatly. The design of your conference room plays a crucial role in the productivity of your conference or meeting. Look for a venue that has the potential to be personalised, taking a four-walled blank canvas, to an exciting and creative centre with colourful accents, custom signage or inspiration for productivity.

Key features every conference room should have

Taking your attendees to the right conference venue is key for a successful meeting or event. You’ll have to do the initial groundwork to find the perfect conference space and it's important to research various conference venues to make sure it has all the requirements you need.

What is the difference between a meeting room and a conference room?

Meeting rooms give you and a few of your colleagues that perfect informal place to brainstorm together or discuss a particular challenge. Often these spaces will include some technology, but may not be as well equipped as a conference room designed to cater to more participants.

Need something bigger? Conference rooms are perfect for formal or large meetings - often taking on an educational element with one person leading the conversation via a presentation.

How to utilise meeting rooms for optimal hybrid working

It's no secret that the pandemic has dramatically reshaped workplace expectations. Today, many companies are taking advantage of hybrid work models to meet those needs and create more flexible workspaces for their employees.

But how can you make a meeting room or conference room work best for your team's needs?

Promote a collaborative work environment

Achieving a great work environment isn't just about having a flexible schedule - it’s also about creating thoughtfully designed spaces that are built for collaboration.

The incorporation of key conference room tech - such as video conferencing tools - plays a crucial role in the success of a meeting or conference when hybrid working. With space for attendees to collaborate via these tools, no matter whether your participants are in the room or joining remotely, everyone can get involved with the subject matter and discussion.

Plus, with physical (and virtual) breakout rooms available, attendees have the opportunity to bond and engage with each other within the space.

Space management

Whether through floor planning, meeting room design or desk arrangements - space management is key to ensuring your employees' environment feels productive, collaborative and welcoming every day they come in.

Nobody wants to feel cramped in their workspace - allowing enough room for participants to engage with one another will lead to a successful and productive meeting.

Utilise conference room facilities

To make the most of your meeting, it's imperative to choose a conference room with the right facilities for your business needs. As well as your style of working, it's important to find modern ways to bring hybrid and remote workers together.

Where possible, take advantage of these key conference room facilities:

  • Technology, such as flat-screen TVs, whiteboards and flip charts
  • Access to break-out areas
  • High-speed WiFi
  • Projectors and other meeting equipment, such as audio technology
  • Flexibility in conference room layout
  • Professional reception to greet guests


As the working world continues to evolve, hybrid working has become the norm within many businesses. As new conference room technology becomes available, modern conference rooms offer much more than before - making for more productive communication and synergetic meetings.

With the above technologies, meeting participants can not only attend with ease, but also become more involved with the meeting, via smart conference room tech.

For businesses with international bases, it has never been easier to plan a meeting or conference across locations. With a Regus membership, it doesn’t matter where your offices are, you’ll have access to meeting rooms when you need them most.

If you're looking for somewhere for your team to get creative, find a conference room that ticks all the boxes with Regus. Explore our library of white papers to gain insights on business trends and industry research. 

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