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Relocating your office to a coworking space

Posted on: 17th March 2023

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Relocating your office to a coworking spaceRelocating your office to a coworking space

There are many reasons why a business may consider relocating from an office space to a coworking space. To understand the benefits a business gains from choosing a coworking set-up, it's important to understand what a coworking space is.

A coworking space is a professional environment where workers from different businesses share an open office space. Coworking spaces are a great way for businesses and entrepreneurs to come together in the same space.

Not only does it provide a productive work environment, but it also gives companies the chance to network and even collaborate with other professionals.

Whether you’re looking for the reliability of a professional global network or relocating offices to a coworking space, there’s plenty to consider.

Why consider a coworking space?

Businesses of all sizes can find the cost of more traditional office space a daunting expense. With coworking, there is generally less requirement for a long-term commitment, plus rental fees and IT services are covered in one package, offering more convenient single payment and less expensive costs.

Plus, with opportunities to hot desk or to have a dedicated workspace, you can enjoy complete flexibility no matter your style of working.

With many coworking spaces hosting conferences, networking and social events, there are many additional benefits of coworking to be discovered. Don’t forget about on-site amenities and access to facilities that coworking spaces often also offer; these may include coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, and even daycare.

Consider the working environment you're looking for

Every company has its own culture. Whether you're a new start-up business or a long-established corporate brand, it's important to seek the right working environment that is perfectly in sync with your company and its employees.

Consider the type of business you're running, your company values, culture and your employees’ needs. For example, will they thrive in a creative, busy setting, or prefer a quiet, more corporate environment?

Consider signing up for Regus membership

Considering hybrid working but unsure where to relocate? Consider making use of Regus’ professional global network. With a Regus membership, you’ll have access to lounges, coworking spaces, and private offices wherever you go.

There are specific packages for the kind of spaces you’re looking for too. These range from access to lounges across the world to coworking spaces that encourage working alongside like-minded professionals.

What to keep in mind before relocating to a coworking office

Understanding what you need as a business can ensure you find the right coworking space for you.

Moving into a new shared workspace is an exciting step for any business - yet it can also present some challenges. To ensure a smooth transition, there are three key points to consider:

1. Plan ahead carefully and thoroughly

2. Prepare and organise yourself before moving day arrives

3. Communicate with everyone involved throughout the process

Essential features for an optimal coworking experience

Before deciding to rent a coworking space, it's important to consider the following:

  • Location: Think about where you want to base your business and the possible commute time for your team. If you're looking to have multiple coworking offices, consider locations that allow employees to work closer to home for a healthier work-life balance.

  • Amenities: Consider the type of amenities offered, such as meeting rooms, gyms, cafes, showers, printing and scanning facilities, and high-speed internet access, and what’s most important to your business and employees. Some may be more essential, whereas others may be ‘nice to have.’

  • Environment: It's important that your new shared workspace feels inviting, professional, and is a productive place for your team to work.

  • Security: Before deciding on your new workspace, consider the level of security you’re looking for, such as CCTV and member-only access, so you can rest assured only the right people are accessing the space.

Choose a space with a variety of options

When choosing a coworking space, look for one that offers a variety of options and facilities, such as private cubicles for focused work and communal areas such as game rooms for socialising and taking breaks.

Different team members may have different preferences for their work environment. So, consider what the majority of your team would find most comfortable.

Also consider how close the communal areas are to your workspace. Having these areas nearby can provide a great opportunity for your team to benefit from more professional collaboration and networking. They also allow employees to step away from their desks and socialise, promoting a positive work-life balance.

Consider features your business and employees will need

Once you've decided to relocate to shared office space, it's important to consider the features you and your team will need and may benefit from. Many coworking spaces offer common spaces, break-out areas, and even yoga rooms.

Other facilities may include access to bookable meeting rooms, mailing and printing facilities, shared kitchens, and often on-site cafes and gyms with shower facilities.

Equally, it’s important to ensure that any accessibility needs are met. Are there accessible entrances, lifts, and toilet facilities? These may be essential for both current and future employees or clients your business deals with. 

Get a headcount of employees who will use the coworking space

Without knowing how many of your team will use your new coworking space, it can be incredibly difficult to gauge how large a workspace you will need.

Speak to your employees to gain an understanding of how many will use your new shared office space, so that you can put a coworking space plan in place and budget accordingly.

This will help you to reduce your business costs and avoid paying for unused office space.

Enable team members the flexibility of working remotely

Remote and hybrid working has become the norm for many businesses. If you're looking to transition from office space to a shared workspace to adopt this way of work, consider its location and enable employees to have more flexibility in their work schedule.

For those who have longer commutes, or other commitments, allowing them greater flexibility to work remotely but with access to suitable coworking space when needed will help promote a healthier work-life balance.

How to smoothly transition your office to a coworking space

Transitioning to a shared workspace can be incredibly exciting, but it's crucial to have a plan in place to keep things running smoothly.

Discover below how to relocate your business and team to a coworking space, as simply as possible.

Inform your employees a reasonable time beforehand

Before making the move, give your employees plenty of time to adapt to the idea of your new workspace, helping them to alleviate any concerns and understand the main differences between coworking and traditional office space.

When moving into a shared space rental, it's crucial to ensure your staff feels at ease with the transition. Give your employees as much detail as possible about the new workspace so that they are more prepared for the transition. It’s important to highlight the main changes to the working environment for all employees.

For example, if your team is used to having their own fully stocked private kitchen, this is something that may now be shared with other businesses in a coworking space.

Reach out to employees to understand their worries, thoughts or opinions

Good communication around a relocation to a coworking space, and involvement of employees in the decision-making process can help them feel valued and minimise any potential disruptions to their work and personal lives. 

Take some time to communicate with them directly and be attentive to any concerns, ideas, or perspectives they may have about adjusting to a new work environment. Take on board everyone’s feedback to create a plan of action on how best to address those concerns. This way, everyone will feel more comfortable with the process.

Share the transition plan with your team

Having a business continuity plan in place will make the transition to a coworking office a lot easier. Before the move, think about what elements of your business and work might change, and any practical information your team would benefit from knowing ahead of the move.

Sharing these changes with the team will help everyone to more seamlessly adapt to their new workspace, and additionally where they may be able to support further with the moving process.

Whether you share perspective layouts and photos or a video tour, your employees will undoubtedly want to get a feel for their new workspace. This will help with any uncertain expectations and allow staff members to learn more about where they will be working.

Provide adequate storage at your coworking office

Nobody wants to sit in their new shared workspace surrounded by their own, or others’ clutter. Before choosing your new coworking space, consider the storage options available, including lockers and small storage units.

Having accessible storage available to your employees will help them to keep their workspace clutter-free, and their personal items secure, allowing them to be at their most productive.

Ensure employees have the right technology

As well as access to reliable and fast WiFi, your team will require adequate technology to work seamlessly. This includes everything from computer tech and connectivity to printer, projector, and conferencing software access.

Having access to the right technology straight away will make for a smoother transition to coworking.

Layout rules for security

Your team might be used to switching off and leaving their computers behind in a private office. In this case, some changes may need to be made in your new coworking space.

As you make the transition to coworking, it's important to have security in mind. If your team is coworking in a shared workspace, you need to ensure their tech and systems are protected when left unattended. Check if there is a secure space where employees can store their laptops, devices, and personal belongings.

Put security rules in place beforehand, to ensure everything is locked up safely or taken home each day.

Prepare your business for the move

We all know that moving can be stressful. When you've got work to juggle, things must run as smoothly as possible.

To avoid any surprises or concerns, prepare for any downtime during the move and as you set up your business at your new coworking space. Be sure to let clients know in advance, and provide your team with adequate technology to stay connected.

When you arrive at your new coworking space, ensure everything is set to go, with access to WiFi and other facilities available right away. Printing services and meeting room access are also features that may need to be immediately on hand.

If you're concerned about relocating your office, consider outsourcing to a local provider and look for additional services in your package that can ease the move, such as telephone answering services.

Ensure the new location is ready when you are

Before you're set to move out of your current office space, make sure your new coworking office is ready for you. Confirm a date with your coworking provider, and allow a little time between moving.

Try and visit your new coworking space ahead of the official move, so you can flag any concerns or make any essential last-minute changes ready for moving day.

Equally, it’s important to plan for any offboarding with your current office space provider.

This will ensure a smooth transition and minimise potential downtime.

Relocate to a new coworking space with Regus

Whether you’re starting, downsizing, or a growing company looking for temporary or a more collaborative workspace, making the switch to coworking space can be a major shift.

No matter what your industry or growth plans look like, at Regus we’re certain we can help find coworking space that’s right for you, and relocate with ease. Speak to an expert today. 

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