What are the benefits of coworking?

Posted on: 17th January 2024

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As workplace culture continues to evolve, more companies are adopting flexible working practices and moving into coworking spacesCoworking has huge advantages for all types of businesses, from those starting out through to large corporations.


To help you find out whether flexible workspaces are right for your business, we’ve put together some of the key coworking benefits and explained how they could be valuable to your business. 



Embracing a flexible work culture is becoming more of a focus for all types of businesses, with modern employees looking to strike a healthy work-life balance. Though more and more people consider flexible working important to their job satisfaction, many currently have no flexibility at all in their work hours.


Coworking enables flexibility; teams can work whenever and wherever it suits them, even when travelling, and businesses can scale workforces up and down as needed. For example, if you experience rapid growth, you can rent more desks in a coworking space. Likewise, you can remove desks from your membership should you no longer need them.


Greater workplace flexibility brings lots of benefits to businesses, including a more relaxed and productive work culture, better employee wellbeing and a competitive edge when it comes to recruitment and talent retention. Plus, many coworking spaces also offer flexible payment plans, where businesses or entrepreneurs can ‘pay as they go’ for shared office spaces and avoid expensive contracts or set work hours. To make sure you get the best option for your business, the Regus customer support team will help you to explore all the different memberships and plans on offer. 



Networking is a key benefit of coworking, especially in large, shared office spaces. By working amongst other entrepreneurs and freelancers, professionals can gain knowledge and recruit new talent in a way that’s not always possible in a traditional office. Starting conversations and building connections that could lead to new knowledge or skills, or even new business, can benefit both large corporations and small-to-medium-sized businesses.


This ability to connect, collaborate and work closely with others is one reason behind the increasing popularity of shared office spaces. The growing trend suggests that we can expect millions more people around the world to soon be working from coworking spaces.


Cost savings

Another major draw for big corporations moving into coworking spaces is the cost savings that come with the move. Aside from their flexibility, coworking space packages also include many of the amenities large corporations need. For example, our Regus coworking memberships include everything from WiFi and mail handling to hot drinks facilities and access to meeting rooms.


Business growth

Thanks to the opportunities available for networking and collaboration, coworking can encourage significant business growth. When you rent a coworking space, you have access to like-minded individuals and businesses who might be able to help you find leads and acquire customers.


This more sociable way of working also has benefits for employee motivation and productivity. Rather than being restricted to a single workstation, coworking spaces encourage greater social interaction, often with a hot desking policy that minimises distractions and helps employees stay focused. Using a shared office space can help businesses to nurture and grow their workforce without the financial pressures of private offices.


Employee wellbeing

A key aspect of business growth is prioritising employee health and wellbeing, not only from an employee satisfaction point of view, but also to mitigate potential lost productivity due to mental health conditions. Poor employee wellbeing doesn’t just have an impact on the team but on the organisation as a whole.


Many shared offices offer open-plan, aesthetically pleasing work environments, local amenities and the opportunity to move desks for a change of scenery. Some spaces even offer reduced price gym memberships, social events and professional growth sessions.


For workers getting to grips with remote working or those who usually work from home, coworking spaces are an opportunity to connect with colleagues as and when they want to – even if it’s just once or twice a week.


Coworking spaces can be hugely beneficial for your business, whether you’re looking for a single desk as a freelancer or several hot desking memberships for your team. Find coworking spaces in your location with a Regus membership that best works for you.


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