Regus enters US secondary markets


Regus enters US secondary markets

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When it comes to Regus office spaces, second city doesn’t mean second best


The growth of Regus USA at a local level means that there are many more flexible workspaces and resources available to existing and prospective customers around the country, including those located in a smaller city or just outside a large metropolitan area.

From coworking in Madison, Wisconsin to office space in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, businesses are taking advantage of the products Regus has to offer, such as meeting rooms and virtual offices. Recent data shows a population shift in recent years: American suburbs grew nearly 50% faster than cities in 2016/17, particularly those that have urban-style communities with walkable areas, public transport, and great amenities.

Regus is making big pushes in the exciting cities of Denver, Colorado, Houston, Texas, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Portland, Oregon, Raleigh-Durham (Chapel Hill), North Carolina, and Sacramento and San Francisco, California, with new offices and new sister brands like SPACES that are attracting customers. Kidglov, an ad agency with 20 employees in Colorado and Nebraska, collaborates with organizations and foundations who work to make the world a better place. They joined SPACES in April of 2019, renting locations in Lincoln and Omaha, as well as Denver. “SPACES Ballpark gives us a comfortable, private working space, as well as a variety of common-space areas to choose from. Location was also important to us and we like the central location in downtown Denver and the easy access from the highway,” explains Marie Ostarello, creative director. “Out of all the places we looked at, SPACES Ballpark offered the most flexible and functional working environments for our team. We love all of the different ways we can collaborate, work individually and meet with clients. We’ve used all of the working spaces – from private conference rooms to booths to the private nooks that seem to be everywhere.”

Existing customers have also benefited from the flexibility Regus provides, such as Tuchstone Systems, which has used Regus services since 1990. Tuchstone is a venture-capital company that develops and invests in emerging tech companies, and is based in Minnetonka and Eden Prairie just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. “We work with startups and we bring them into the Regus space and, as employees are added, we work with Regus in taking on multiple offices,” says Chuck Tuchfarber, president and founder, who has also used Regus offices in Chicago, Denver, and London.  “And in other cases, we might expand to two or three full-time offices and then contract the space somewhere else. So we enjoy the flexibility of increasing the amount of square footage and then contracting, depending on how the companies are growing.” When Tuchfarber worked on an international licensing agreement with Oxford University, he was able to set the short-term project up in a convenient location for their investors in London. “We know we can go over there and have flexibility.”

Another benefit is how the Regus and SPACES teams go above and beyond, no matter where they are located. “Our agency hosted an event recently, and the SPACES Ballpark team were crucial in helping us prepare. They even helped us promote the event to everyone on their SPACES mailing list,” said Ostarello. “They have truly been a partner to us, and they always show up with a smile and a great attitude.”


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