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Meet Danette Bristol, Regus Deputy Operations Director, Northeast, based in New York City

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From temp to director: how Danette Bristol made her career with Regus


In her long career working for Regus, it’s the variety and the caliber of businesses that keeps Danette Bristol excited and eager to come into work every day in her role as Deputy Operations Director, Northeast, based in New York City. For example, she recently worked with Apple who rented an entire floor in one of the locations she oversees. “I’m exposed to many different clients,” she says. “And what is exciting is the different types of industries I get to work with.”

This career track is not something Bristol could have anticipated 22 years ago when she started as a temp in Houston, but she found her working home at Regus. “After two years, I relocated to New York and became an operations manager, then an area sales manager, and have stayed through all the company’s changes,” she says. Today, as Deputy Operations Director, a role she stepped into in January 2019, she oversees multiple locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens and their teams, supporting sales and operations. Working for Regus gave her opportunities she couldn’t foresee back in Texas. “My job has given me stability, longevity, and the ability to grow,” she says. “When we hire younger people, I get to share how I got started and the benefits the company has provided.”

Bristol says the type of personality who thrives at Regus in her role is someone who is passionate about what the business stands for and who has the ability to work well with others. “It’s all about creating a healthy work environment and being able to foster a balance between the actual work and a place that is enjoyable to work in,” she says. This is one of Bristol’s skills and she is often called upon to train and mentor other employees. “I’ve been told that I have the ability to have people trust me and look to me for guidance,” she says. “I work with individuals who need some coaching, and I’m able to invest in other workers and give them the opportunity to excel and grow.”

Bristol is also well-equipped to handle the challenges that Regus’ tremendous growth throws at her. “As we’ve evolved as a company, we don’t always have the same ability to hand issues locally,” she says. “So when a customer calls and asks me to fix something on their account, we place a ticket. Everything is streamlined as we are global now.”

That global posture is what makes working at Regus so exciting – and a growth opportunity. “It’s allowed me to grow professionally because of all the different client types and needs,” says Bristol. “I deal with every type of client, from some who have been with us for 20 years and are a one-person business to someone coming in for a day or who just needs a meeting room.”

As Regus continues to add locations, her job changes every day, especially in a city where the customer changes neighborhood by neighborhood. “Each location has its own character,” she explains. “Marketing is very important and understanding the type of client in Midtown versus the client in Soho. We look at what type of people would we attract and if the office would be a good fit.”

Bristol works hard creating the right type of community in the spaces she oversees. “Customer service and making your clients feel a part of something is very important,” she says. “Business is changing rapidly and people want something inviting and not stuffy, but professional.” Bristol has teams that focus on event planning because the social aspect of work spaces has become so important. “We offer an inviting community, tasteful design, and hospitality, but space and privacy if needed,” she says, with a portfolio of products from an entire floor or a private office or a co-working space. “It gives clients the best of both worlds.”

As Bristol says, it’s all about experience – and those you choose to surround yourself with. “What sets us apart from the competition is we have been around for a long time,” she states, “and for us, it starts with hiring the right people.”


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