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Flexible education and flexible workspace make the perfect match


All across North America and the rest of the world, a revolution is underfoot. Soon, Regus members checking in to their local centre might come across a few new regulars too. Thanks to a pioneering partnership with Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE), Regus is set to offer its students access to 3,300 workspaces – and all for free.

As a leading healthcare workforce development organisation, DHGE is an educational institution with a difference. In collaboration with world-famous academic establishments like Arizona State University and Duke Corporate Education, it provides healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to truly invest in their careers. According to DHGE CEO Andrew Malley, it all comes down to helping students feel at home. “We are always looking to improve our student experience,” he told Finanzen. “By working with Regus, we can provide students with a community environment while maintaining the flexible nature of their digital learning experience.”

That flexible nature is at the heart of the Regus proposition. With over 900 locations in the US alone, and a total of more than 3,300 properties in 110 countries around the world, there are places to study for every student wherever they are. And because the majority of them will be combining studies with a full-time job, the option to drop in to a flexible workspace when there are a few spare hours in the day makes a lot of sense.

In keeping with the way we live today, flexible workspace is becoming a choice for educational institutions who want to offer their students a variety of places to work and study. With super-fast Wi-Fi and bright, inspiring properties, everything is taken care of and all barriers to being productive are removed: the result is that anyone and everyone – from student to travelling chief marketing officer – has the ability to do their best work.

For Regus, creating a study place is top of the agenda. “Education is critical to workforce development,” Wayne Berger, the CEO for IWG Canada and Latin America (owner of Regus), commented to Finanzen. “We are excited to partner with DHGE to offer students a professional working environment to enhance their learning experience. This partnership leverages both the global network of Regus and the global reach of DHGE.”

As well as quiet corners to sit down and study, there’s often the option of a training room too – which comes in handy when team development is the order of the day. “Together, we are building communities of workers and learners across the world, who are the pillars of innovation in any industry, and in particular healthcare,” added Berger.


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