Why Regus makes the ideal HQ for my business

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Working in the sensitive areas of counselling and career coaching, this Copenhagen Regus centre is a slick, professional local office for Helene Djursø of Care Consulting

A professional environment is one of the key requirements for most client-facing companies, but it can be even more important when you work in situations that are sometimes emotionally charged.

“My company works with people who are in transition between jobs,” says Helene Djursø, the founder and director of Copenhagen-based Care Consulting. “A lot of companies in Denmark will use a company like mine to prepare their employees to re-enter the job market when they’ve been let go.”

Djursø founded the company in 2003, offering tailor-made counselling for people transitioning between jobs. Alongside the business, she is also a director of Velkommen Hjem, an association that helps army veterans find civilian jobs. “I work with everyone from top-level CEOs to their employees, so I see lots of different types of people. When you have been in a job for 10 or 20 years, the job market is not the same now as it was before,” she explains. “It’s important to give them hope but also give them some tools they can use to find the right job next time.”

There’s a lot of competition within her industry, so it’s important for Helene to have a professional workspace in which to meet clients. Enter Regus Tuborg Boulevard, one of the two Regus centres in the Hellerup district of Copenhagen, and Djursø’s base for her operations. Built in 2002, the modern, glass-fronted office has a light-filled atrium with a sweeping staircase and plenty of natural wood, as well as 60 private offices, a large coworking space and a variety of meeting rooms.

Its prime location close to Tuborg Harbour means it is within a 30-minute drive of both the city centre and Copenhagen Airport, but you wouldn’t believe it, given the sweeping sea views over the Øresund – the strait between Denmark and Sweden. Its neighbours are the waterfront restaurants and cafés dotted around the harbour, a peaceful area that Djursø occasionally likes to stroll with clients.

The company has been based at Regus Tuborg Boulevard for the past 12 years. “The main benefits are that it’s easy to park, it’s easy to get here by train, but most of all it’s the reception staff who offer an outstanding service,” she says. “It’s important that my clients feel comfortable here, so knowing the surroundings and the centre’s employees extremely well is a big plus for me. As someone who largely works alone, the Regus staff are the closest I get to having colleagues.”

Regus has the world’s largest network of flexspace, empowering entrepreneurs like Helene to work close to home in a professional, high-spec setting, with facilities and workspaces that suit businesses of all sizes. “I mainly use my private office for meetings with clients, but sometimes when I have a meeting with a larger group of people or we need extra space, we’ll book one of the meeting rooms at the centre,” says Djursø.

“I’m a huge fan of Regus because it’s flexible and it’s well known. The staff here are also very service-minded – if there are any challenges or any problems, they are always onsite to help – and having a beautiful view of the sea from so many rooms should not be underestimated!” says Helene. “I don’t think I could work in any other place.”

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