Meet a Regus customer: the 19‑year‑old entrepreneur

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We speak to Armand Loiodice de Montis, founder of social media advertising agency, BEYOND Media, about his business, the challenges of the last year and how Regus has supported his growth

Armand Loiodice de Montis’ passion for social media started when he was just 13. Unlike other teenagers who spent their free time playing video games, he was obsessed with gaining followers on Instagram and Facebook. As his community grew from hundreds to thousands, he realised he had a talent and launched BEYOND Media – a social media advertising agency in Nice, France, connecting social media influencers to big brands.

Three years after its launch, the agency has nearly 20 million subscribers, and has generated millions of euros in turnover. Not that Armand has time to dwell on his extraordinary success. He’s too busy focusing on business growth, investing the majority of profits back into the company.

“Being successful at such a young age feels like a reward for the hours and hours of hard work I’ve put in over the years,” he explains. “I know what I’ve been able to do is exceptional, but it’s not like I think about it every day. I live my life simply, focusing on the present and the future of my business.

Like many companies, BEYOND has felt the pressure of the Covid-19 pandemic. When the crisis hit, Armand and his small team were forced to move out of their office and work remotely. At the same time, lockdown caused a surge in social media usage, leading to a huge demand for BEYOND’s services.

Luckily, the team was able to meet this challenge – providing its new clients with the same level of service as before the pandemic – and doubling the business’ turnover compared with last year.

An investment worth making

The young entrepreneur says Regus has played an important role in the company’s incredible growth. Despite the French lockdown restrictions lifting in May, BEYOND was unable to return to its previous workspace, as it was in a business incubator located in a school. Instead, Armand searched for a solution and found a Regus centre in Nice. He paid a visit and was so impressed by what he saw that he signed a contract for a six-person space on the spot.

He says his favourite thing about Regus is the flexibility it offers to young startups such as his. “If your company is going well and you need to hire more people, Regus can give you more space from one week to another.”

Armand is equally impressed with the Covid-19 safety measures that have been put in place, from mask-wearing in common spaces to one-way systems.

The team has now doubled in size since Armand started using Regus and he aspires to quickly become the leader in social media advertising in France. He expects to recruit an even bigger team in the near future so has decided to move into a permanent office in 2021. However, he intends to use Regus again when he outgrows his company’s new home and needs a flexible workspace for his additional team members to use.

He continues to be a happy Regus customer and says it’s an investment worth making for any entrepreneur. “As my centre manager told me in the beginning: a Regus centre is like a hotel – you can change your room, work in another country and have all the housekeeping taken care of,” he explains.

“Having our office space taken care of means we can focus on our business. Instead of worrying about maintenance and hosting clients, we’re able to get on with our work.”

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