How Regus helped Jonathan Williams to work his way

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You break it, they’ll fix it – the tech repair franchise operating out of Regus Centres across America

“I’ve worked all over in the cellphone-repair industry in the Northeast – from Florida to Maine,” says Jonathan Williams, Network Director of phone retail and repair franchise UBreakIFix (UBIF). 

UBIF franchises are scattered all over America. But despite the size of the network, the workspace requirements for each location are fairly small. “UBIF has more than 500 stores across the US,” says Williams. “Our particular UBIF franchise has more than 80 employees and operates in seven states in the Northeast. We launched a mobile-repair initiative and need satellite offices for stocking parts – and for mobile technicians to have a home base.”  

Based in Massachusetts, Williams leases a two-person private office at Regus Hingham Centre that’s surrounded by woodlands on the edge of a scenic conservation area. Working from this suburban flexspace location lets UBreakIFix play a valued part in the local small-business community. The company also greatly values how easy and quick it is to set up a new base at Regus Centres. “Regus has always been a friend to our franchise,” says Williams. “They have always been accommodating. Also, they are everywhere. So we can set up more satellite offices very quickly as needed. It’s handy because we can launch mobile repair very quickly out of them. We always know what we’re getting, so it makes our process very replicable.”

Whether setting up a franchise, a one-person business, or freelancing, one of the main benefits of flexspace is the convenient locations. Too often, office space can be situated in less desirable parts of town – meaning a lengthy commute to a city centre, where the office rents are higher, and the arrival time back home each evening is later. As an alternative to traditional office space, flexspace locations pop up where they’re needed, in small towns, suburbs and business parks closer to where people actually live.

What’s more, flexspace locations welcome all kinds of businesses – UBreakIFix is a great example of this. There are a range of flexspace brands and solutions to suit different working styles, whether you’d prefer a collaborative, creative coworking space or a professional private office at a Regus location. With flexspace, small businesses can also commit to shorter leases (something that’s rarely possible with traditional office space) and can increase or decrease the amount of workspace they’re using depending on how business is looking.

In essence, flexspace is a useful stepping stone for small businesses and solo businesspeople who are ready to make the move into office space, but who need a low-risk, adaptable, accessible option – one in which, like Williams, they can create a workspace that truly lets them get work done their way.

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