Five wellbeing apps for office workers

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From relaxing into your commute to de-stressing at your desk, we look at the apps that could help boost your sense of wellbeing whenever you decide to head back to your HQ

1. Moodflow

You might already track your steps and food intake, but Moodflow wants you to keep tabs on something more rarely considered: your mental health. Every day it invites you to state how you feel, on a scale of one to five. The calendar view days are then coloured accordingly, and this over time potentially enables you to quickly spot patterns.

Dig deeper and you can partake in journalling – ideally to improve your mood by jotting down good things – and balance your life by infusing it with positive routines. In effect, it’s a to-do manager for boosting moods and wellbeing, and is a welcome office companion.

Free (with in-app purchases); Android/iOS;

2. Sleep by Max Richter

The original Sleep concept album by Max Richter lasts for eight hours, and is described by its composer as an eight-hour lullaby. In its app incarnation, there’s a different focus: helping you concentrate on work and giving you aural spaces in which to escape for a few moments.

You’ll need a premium Apple Music or Spotify account for the app to draw audio from. Richter’s music is then smartly reworked to help immerse you in a brief spot of meditation or block out the world when you’re trying to sharpen your focus on the job at hand.

Free; Android/iOS;

3. Wakeout

You might like the idea of regularly heading to the gym, but pesky reality can get in the way. Workout sessions can be time-consuming – not to mention expensive. Wakeout tries something different, offering over a thousand routines that can be squeezed into everyday life.

Whether you’re standing on a train or stuck at the office, there are exercises to try that last for as little as 30 seconds. And having the app regularly remind you to do a ‘wakeout’ will relieve stress and improve physical wellbeing more than you dutifully standing up on the hour because your watch told you to.

Free (with in-app purchases); iOS;

4. Empty

Mobile games seem like a good way to unwind during spare moments at the office or a commute – until they empty your bank account or leave you frustrated as you progress up the levels. In contrast, Empty takes a more ‘zen’ approach.

The game has you remove items from minimalist rooms, by dragging the scene to make objects merge into surfaces of matching colours. The production’s tactile nature and no-stress approach make it ideal for giving your brain something to do without overtaxing it. The gorgeous design and soundtrack also add plenty of replay value once you’ve completed all 19 hand-crafted levels.

Free; Android/iOS;

5. Upright GO 2

Upright GO 2 is a combination of app and hardware designed to help you keep better posture. The aim is to make you aware of slouching, strengthen core muscles, reduce the risk of back pain, and boost wellbeing and confidence.

The hardware attaches to your upper back via adhesive strips or an optional necklace. The app then tracks data from the device, which you can later peruse to see how you’re doing. Slouch for too long and you get a gentle buzz that reminds you to straighten up; pretty soon, you’ll be able to walk around with a stack of books on your head.

$89.95/£84.99; Android/iOS;

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