Ways of working

Ditch the coffee shop for a virtual office

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Studies show first impressions are made within 15 seconds. In business, these impressions aren’t just based on people, but also on the brand – does it seem professional? For sole traders and entrepreneurs, this is crucial as they’re competing in a saturated marketplace – about 53 million Americans are self-employed.

When it comes to making a strong first impression, appearing established and professional plays an important role. A Regus survey shows that over 54% of entrepreneurs find cafés inappropriate for meetings.

So how can small businesses present a professional image to clients? Not all entrepreneurs can afford the added cost and risk involved in tying themselves to a traditional, long-lease office. This is where virtual offices come in: a midway point between the two, with a physical mailing address, business lounge use and a dedicated phone-answering service to give your clients a professional welcome

Impressive locations

A mailing address in a prestigious business district can have a strong positive impact on clients’ first impressions; as Regus UK CEO Richard Morris says, “a professional business address talks volumes in the world of commerce.” In addition, Regus studies show that proximity to clients drives repeat sales in 81% of cases, so it pays to have the use of well-designed business lounges to meet them in.



For entrepreneurs expanding to a new region, virtual offices provide the chance to immediately set up a new mailing address there – giving you an established presence even if you’re actually working from home in your original location. Almost four in five businesses believe a local presence helps win business – and improves client satisfaction.