Why Nashville is the Perfect Location for a Virtual Office

Posted on: 6th November 2023

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Why Nashville is the Perfect Location for a Virtual OfficeWhy Nashville is the Perfect Location for a Virtual Office

People know Nashville for two reasons. First, the great music that placed it firmly on the international scene. Second, its prestigious academic reputation as the “Athens of the South”, thanks to the large number of colleges and universities in the city.

What many people don’t know is just what a business-friendly city Nashville is.

Its robust economy and talented workforce have made the city one of the top 10 in America for job and population growth. This commercial viability can also be seen through its fourth-place ranking on the Milken Institute’s best-performing large-city index.

There is also a growing tech sector here that continuously draws in an increasing number of businesses and workers. Analysts predict that Nashville is on the way to becoming a “true tech hub”.

For lifestyle, the city even ranks as one of the best places in Tennessee to live. You’ll even see it make it into the running as one of the best cities to live in all of America. It has beautiful hot summers, great nightlife, and a lower cost of living compared to many US cities.

With a Regus Virtual Office, you can enjoy all of the benefits Nashville provides, without the costs of establishing a physical office there. You can gain a business address in Nashville, the ability to book meeting rooms and desks in Nashville centres, and access the local talent, all thanks to a virtual office.

In this article, we’ll explore the city’s thriving economy as well as the benefits of opting for virtual office space in Nashville, TN.

Why a Nashville virtual office offers an ideal setting for businesses

Tennessee and all of the leading cities of the state are very pro-business.

When control of the city or the state changes hands, incoming governments of either color are keen to keep local and national companies content. That’s why so many businesses choose a virtual office in Tennessee.

Thriving business climate

According to the business channel, CNBC, Tennessee is the third-best state in the U.S. for business. Real estate data firm Clever ranked Nashville in the top 15 cities to open a startup.

AZBigMedia rated the very active business community here highly, ranking it the best place to network with founders.

Diverse market

Nashville has a robust and diverse economy. Some of its most important industry sectors are:

● Construction

● Education and health services

● Finance

● Leisure and hospitality

● Manufacturing

● Professional and business services

● Trade, transportation, and utilities

The sectors have seen major growth in the last 10 years. In more recent times, there has been very fast, double-digit growth in the professional and business services sector.

Global trade opportunities

The city is well-connected and ideal for businesses that want to go global, another great reason to choose a virtual address in Nashville.

The city’s rail system links to 20 states, making domestic travel easy. For international travel, Nashville’s airport is close to the city center.

Nashville’s port makes it an important cargo hub, too. The port is the end destination for many direct shipping routes heading to America.

Its substantial storage capacity is a major selling point for importers and exporters. They have plenty of space to store their goods before they're transported nationwide and overseas.

The local Chamber of Commerce expects strong growth in exports from Nashville’s port. They have even predicted that the city will become a “front-runner in global trade”.

Tax benefits

Tennessee is one of the few states in the US with no state income tax.

Its corporation tax is just 6.5% and its property taxes are among the lowest in the country. The sales tax of 7% ranks 14th on the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index.

You can be confident that if you establish yourself in Nashville, you’ll be able to keep more of your hard-earned profits.

Healthcare capital

Nashville has more than 500 healthcare companies, 17 of them publicly traded. The sector generates $92bn of revenue and employs 570,000 people.

Of all the major sectors in the state, analysts predict health care will add the most jobs at 1.9% a year (80,100 jobs) by 2030.

Supporting them are 400 professional services firms that specialize in working with the health sector across the U.S.

Two of the biggest healthcare brands in the city are Optum and SmileDirectClub.

Tech hub

Nashville offers tax breaks and other incentives to bring tech companies into the city. The city and state are also making major infrastructure investments to support the sector and attract even more firms.

Big tech names already in the city and state include tech advocates Asurion and Revive. Tech advocate company BuiltIn lists roughly 1,000 promising tech companies based in the Nashville area.

Business-friendly environment

Nashville boasts a series of incentives to not only attract businesses but to also help them thrive.

For companies investing $500,000 in the city creating at least 25 new jobs, there are numerous opportunities to recoup costs and acquire new funding.

Depending on your project, you might benefit from job tax credits, energy credits, low-cost loans and grants, and more.

Top virtual business addresses in Nashville

Regus has a choice of eight virtual addresses in Nashville, TN for your business. Situated at prestigious addresses in prime locations within the city, take your place in the booming local economy.

Fifth Third Center

Fifth Third Center is close to many of the major landmarks in Nashville. The building is one of the most recognizable in the city with its famous, covered walkway. The center itself benefits from a stylish, open-plan layout and a modern interior design aesthetic.

The striking wood-accented lobby will impress visitors if you book a conference room here for a meeting. Take them onto the outside seating area to get a great view of the city. They’ll appreciate the secure underground parking, making it easier for them to get to and from the center.

If you book office space for the day here, you can choose from our well-equipped private offices or coworking spaces. If you need a bite to eat in a hurry, the center has vending machines as well as an on-site sandwich and coffee bar. If you’ve got time, take advantage of the on-site lunch restaurant.

Be sure to check out the various local shops and bars after work. The nightlife here is great, which is perfect for corporate hospitality.

Highlights include:

● On-site sandwich/coffee bar

● Accessible

● Terraced outdoor seating area

● Secure underground parking

Information about Fifth Third Center, Nashville:

● Address: 424 Church Street, Nashville, TN 37219

● Starting cost: Business addresses from $115

● Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Memberships access during reception

● Nearby stations: 4th Ave N & Church St SB bus stop (a one-minute walk away), Riverfront transit stop (a five-minute walk away)

315 Deaderick St

315 Deaderick St, in the center of the downtown Arts District, is right in the beating business heart of the city. You’ll be sharing the same address with a variety of leading companies from legal firms to creative studios.

Our center is in the city’s UBS Tower, well-known locally for its stunning city views. This stylish business space is perfect for client and investor get-togethers. As a virtual office client, book space on the Regus app or speak to one of our friendly reception team.

Highlights include:

● Breakout areas

● Fully equipped meeting rooms

● Cityscape views

Information about 315 Deaderick St, Nashville:

● Address: 315 Deaderick, Nashville, TN 37238

● Starting cost: Business addresses from $115

● Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Memberships access during reception

● Nearby stations: Union St & 2nd Ave WB bus stop (a one-minute walk away), Riverfront transit stop (a 10-minute walk away)

222 Second Avenue

222 Second Avenue is in the city’s fast-growing and exciting SoBro district in downtown Nashville. Getting here is easy by public transport and there’s secure parking at the center too.

The center offers businesses plenty, ranging from the outside seating terrace and a selection of conference rooms where you can hold meetings with clients and investors.

In the surrounding streets, take advantage of the vibrant shops, bars, and restaurants. If you want to show a client or investor the best of Nashville, this is a great choice.

Highlights include:

● Accessible

● Terraced outdoor seating area

● On-site parking

Information about 222 Second Avenue, Nashville:

● Address: 222 2nd Avenue South 17th Floor, Nashville, TN 37201

● Starting cost: Business addresses from $129

● Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Memberships access during reception

● Nearby stations: Convention Center Station Inbound bus stop (a two-minute walk away), Riverfront transit stop (a three-minute walk away)

Two American Center

Two American Center is an eye-catching glass skyscraper that compliments the city’s stand-out skyline. It won the important LEED Certificate for its green credentials in 2011.

This striking building and its prime address have persuaded some of the biggest businesses in the city to open offices here. Lend extra credibility to your business by sharing the same address as these impressive companies.

If you need to meet clients or investors here, they’ll love the state-of-the-art meeting rooms and underground parking. If you book a private office or coworking space as part of our Virtual Office Plus package, you’ll love this bright and airy workspace.

In the same vicinity as the building are some of Nashville’s best shopping and dining destinations for you to enjoy.

Highlights include:

● Certified LEED green building

● Parking

● Business park location

● Elevator

Information about Two American Center, Nashville:

● Address: 3102 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203

● Starting cost: Business addresses from $129

● Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Memberships access during reception

● Nearby stations: 31st Ave N and Hedrick St SB bus stop (a one-minute walk away), West End Ave & 31st Ave N WB (a one-minute walk away)

3200 West End Avenue

3200 West End Avenue is right in the corporate center in the West End of Nashville. You’ll find our center in the landmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Tower, close to celebrated Vanderbilt University.

The center is well-connected to the public transit network and features underground parking.

The inside is just as spectacular as the outside. The floor-to-ceiling windows let in natural light and offer great views of the cityscape. The center features stylish and well-equipped meeting rooms, private offices, and coworking areas.

This center is ideally located for taking clients and investors out to enjoy the city. Show them the best of Nashville with popular recreational areas, restaurants, and nightlife options close by. You’ll also find some of the best hotels in the state in this area.

Highlights include:

● 24-hour surveillance monitoring

● Secure underground parking

● Vending machines

● Accessible

Information about 3200 West End Avenue, Nashville:

● Address: 3200 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203

● Starting cost: Business addresses from $115

● Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Memberships access during reception

● Nearby stations: West End Ave & Acklen Park Dr WB bus stop (a two-minute walk away), 31st Ave & West End Ave SB (a three-minute walk away)

Burton Hills IV

Burton Hills IV is less than a 10-minute drive from midtown Nashville in one of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods. It’s well-connected to the transport network but, if you want to take the car in, there’s secure underground parking here.

This is one of the bigger Regus centers in the city. It features state-of-the-art meeting rooms and a choice of modern, stylish private offices and coworking areas.

If you need to meet a client or want to work from the city for a day, let our reception team know the best date and time for you.

At the end of the day, treat yourself and the team at the nearby Green Hills Mall. There are plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants for staff outings and entertaining clients.

Highlights include:

● Secure underground parking

● Elevator

● Business Lounge

Information about Burton Hills IV, Nashville:

● Address: 40 Burton Hills Boulevard #200, Nashville, TN 37215

● Starting cost: Business addresses from $85

● Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Memberships access during reception

● Nearby stations: Richard Jones Rd & Hillsboro Pike W bus stop (a 20-minute walk away)

Highland Ridge II

Highland Ridge II is just five minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from downtown Nashville. The center is based on a thriving business campus with plenty of parking and great bus links.

There is a real eclectic mix of businesses here ranging from finance firms to digital marketing agencies. Virtual office clients can book one of the state-of-the-art meeting rooms for client and investor get-togethers by the hour.

This is a well-equipped and modern office center. There’s an on-site lunch restaurant and a great outside seating area too.

There’s a wide choice of hotels, restaurants, and cafes surrounding the center. They’re within walking distance and a great place to wind down and enjoy yourself.

Highlights include:

● On-site lunch restaurant

● Terraced outdoor seating area

● On-site parking

Information about Highland Ridge II, Nashville:

● Address: 555 Marriott Drive, Nashville, TN 37214

● Starting cost: Business addresses from $85

● Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Memberships access during reception

● Nearby stations: Elm Hill Pike & Wanda Dr WB bus stop (a 20-minute walk away)

205 Reidhurst Ave

205 Reidhurst Ave is a landmark building in Nashville less than three kilometers away from the center of the city. This location offers excellent public transport links and ample on-site parking.

Inside this modern center, you'll find 11,000 square feet of office space. Meeting rooms are available for get-togethers with clients and investors. If you hire an office for the day, you’ll appreciate the communal lounges, which are great for networking, as well as the well-stocked kitchen.

For after-work downtime or a midday break, take advantage of the surrounding parks and museums. Relax and be inspired in equal measure at Regus 205 Reidhust Ave.

Highlights include:

● Close to airport

● Communal lounges

● Ample parking

Information about 205 Reidhurst Ave, Nashville:

● Address: 205 Reidhurst Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

● Starting cost: POA

● Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Memberships access during reception

● Nearby stations: West End Ave & 25th Ave S WB bus stop (a five-minute walk away)

Establish a business presence with a Regus virtual office space in Nashville

Your company can become part of the local business ecosystem with a Regus virtual office in Nashville, TN.

Each Regus center in Nashville is in a prime location. These prestigious locations are sure to bring greater credibility to your business and impress clients and employees alike.

We can provide you with a telephone answering and reception service, if you want as well as a mailing address service.

You can hire meeting rooms, private offices, or dedicated desks in our coworking spaces by the day or the hour. That’s good to know if a client or investor wants to meet you face-to-face.

To find out more about a Regus virtual office here, get in touch so you can work your way.

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