Top 9 Reasons to Choose a Virtual Office in Philadelphia

Posted on: 12th January 2024

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Philadelphia plays a crucial role in the dynamic and robust U.S. economy. The city hosts a diverse array of major industries, including healthcare, mining, finance, and robotics, providing a fertile ground for businesses of all sizes, from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to startups and rapidly growing companies.

Many businesses in the city and their employees view hybrid and remote working as the way of the future. To adapt, many firms have now invested in virtual business addresses in Philadelphia.

In this article, we will examine nine compelling reasons for doing business in the city. Then, find out our top nine picks of Regus's virtual office addresses in Philadelphia.

Why you should choose a virtual office in Philadelphia

Become an important part of the thriving economy of this city by investing in a virtual address for your business in Philadelphia.

Doing this provides your business with a prestigious city presence without the costs associated with running and maintaining physical office space.

Here are nine great reasons for choosing one of our Philadelphia virtual office locations:

1. Entrepreneurial ecosystem

In Philadelphia, businesses collaborate to achieve better and faster results. There is a booming networking scene here where you can strike up partnerships with investors and other companies.

The city is home to many incubators and accelerators that help both new firms to set up and thrive.

In recent years, Philadelphia has gained a reputation as being a prime destination for tech startups. The U.S. Government went so far as to designate the city as a Regional Technology and Innovation Hub.

The two local universities also run extensive partnership programs that target local businesses. Joining these means you can work with leading academics and venture capitalists on how to market and monetize your ideas.

2. Skilled talent pool

The local universities, Pennsylvania and Drexel, also produce some of the country's most highly skilled graduates.

Because the Philadelphia economy is booming, more than 50% of graduates stay in the city. This means each sector has enjoyed a reliable source of capable professionals to deliver their company’s ambition.

You'll find the employees you need to take your business to the next stage of its development in Philadelphia.

3. Government initiatives

The city and the state of Pennsylvania are both very pro-business, making this a great place to set up, expand, or move your company. The city provides a range of tax incentives to local companies to encourage sustainability and job creation.

This includes the Job Creation Tax Credit, designed to encourage businesses to create new jobs in the city. This initiative rewards eligible businesses with a credit against their Business Income and Receipts Tax (BIRT) liability.

The state of Pennsylvania also has an array of tax incentives like the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit. This program is tailored to businesses engaged in research and development activities, offering a credit against state corporate taxes to spur innovation and technological advancement.

4. Support for businesses

Philadelphia runs various grant schemes for local companies to help them get off the ground and succeed.

One prominent feature of this support system is the Philadelphia InStore Grant Program. This offers grants to businesses in designated commercial corridors and aims to stimulate community revitalization through business development.

This program is an excellent resource for retail and food establishments seeking to improve their storefronts or expand their services.

5. Startup-friendly environment

Philadelphia boasts a dynamic startup scene. It is fueled by a robust blend of talented individuals, accessible venture capital, and well-established infrastructure.

The city has a great track record of nurturing future fast-growth companies. Two recent success stories include healthcare specialist Patina and business intelligence tool Omni.

The city has a well-earned reputation as backing businesses on the cutting edge of technology. It's that approach that's made the city the birthplace of cell and gene therapy, earning it the nickname "Cellicon Valley".

6. Diverse and significant economy

Pennsylvania is, by size, the 19th largest economy in the world and Philadelphia is the main driver behind that success. Here, you'll find major business clusters in the following sectors:

● Life sciences
● Financial services
● Technology
● Advanced manufacturing
● Healthcare
● Education
● Tourism
● Telecommunications
● Oil refining

This diverse range of industries illustrates Philadelphia's broad commercial landscape. This means that whatever industry you work in or service you provide, you’ll find an eclectic range of clients and partners.

And as Philadelphia is not reliant on one or two big industries, it enjoys a more resilient economy during tougher times.

7. Proximity to major markets

As well as taking advantage of the city's international connections, you can benefit from its proximity to local markets. It's only a short drive or train ride to get to New York City, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and the whole Northeast Corridor.

This is a city that looks beyond its boundaries, embedding itself in the global economy.

One factor behind this is Philadelphia’s sea port which makes this a great location for firms working with maritime or a reliance on maritime logistics. Other nearby ports include Wilmington, Camden, and Baltimore.

Philadelphia has its own airport too, the 21st busiest in the United States. Catch flights to destinations across the country, as well as to the UK, Europe, and the Middle East.

8. Central Business District

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, the Central Business District (CBD) is the nexus of commercial activity and innovation in the city. Having your own virtual base enhances the reputation and credibility of your business to investors and clients alike.

Philadelphia balances the demands of work and leisure, bustling with a diverse array of activities from dawn until dusk. The city also offers a unique visual appeal, showcasing a seamless blend of historic landmarks and sleek, modern skyscrapers.

9. Accessibility

The CBD is well connected to the rest of Pennsylvania via the I-76 and I-95.

SEPTA, the local transit authority, runs multiple bus and subway routes into the center of the city. It’s easy to get where you need to go in Philadelphia.

The city is very walkable too. If you prefer two wheels to four, you’ll appreciate the bike-friendly streets and Indego bike-sharing program.

Top virtual addresses in Philadelphia

Regus offers a wide choice of prime virtual addresses across the city as well as some of its very fashionable neighborhoods. Find out where we are with our list below and contact the centers you want to check out.

325-41 Chestnut Street

325-41 Chestnut Street is a prestigious business address in Philadelphia's Independence Hall district.

Many large professional services businesses operate in this popular area of the city. Its on-site car park and proximity to the subway station and I-95 make this Regus center easily accessible.

The newly renovated office gives this workspace a welcoming atmosphere. The building's large windows let in lots of natural light and afford fantastic views of the river and the city.

As our virtual client, booking workspace here for a day lets you enjoy the convenient restaurant and sandwich bar in the center. If important investors or clients are in the city and they want to meet you, contact reception and book a conference room by the hour.

Around the center, you’ll find many important local cultural landmarks like the Benjamin Franklin Museum. There are also lots of shops, cafes, and restaurants close by too, perfect for relaxing or meeting informally.

For a break, visit Dilworth Park, just a short walk away. They regularly hold festivals in the Park too including Christmas and Asian Heritage festivals.

Highlights include:

● On-site lunch restaurant
● On-site sandwich/ coffee bar
● On-site parking

Information about 325-41 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia:

Address: 325-41 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Starting costs: Business addresses from $115 per month
Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members
Nearby stations: 4th St & Chestnut St (a two-minute walk away), 5th St Independence Hall Station Rapid Transit Station (a seven-minute walk away)

Hale Building

Hale Building is one of the city's most historic streets and a hotspot for many of the city's leading businesses and professionals.

Located on multiple transit and bus networks, Hale Building is well connected. If you want to bring the car in, the center has its own dedicated car park.

The Hale Building is popular with businesses not just for its location but also for its rich array of amenities. The rooftop terrace is popular to take in views of the city and for quiet moments to yourself.

The terrace, along with the center's break-out areas, fosters a culture of networking and collaboration.

The Hale Building is a prime example of how Philadelphia blends the old with the modern. Historic landmarks and innovative new buildings sit side by side and complement each other.

There’s also a great range of shops, restaurants, and boutique stores on nearby North Juniper.

Highlights include:

● On-site parking
● Outside seating area/terrace
● Elevator

Information about Hale Building, Philadelphia:

● Address: 100 South Juniper, Philadelphia, PA 19107
● Starting costs:
Business addresses from $59 per month
● Opening hours:
Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Memberships access during reception
● Nearby stations:
Broad St & Walnut St (a three-minute walk away), Walnut-Locust Station Rapid Transit Station (a four-minute walk away)

One Liberty Place

One Liberty Place provides businesses with a prime virtual address in the bustling center of Philadelphia.

With major transport links close by and an underground parking lot on-site, it's easy to get here whichever mode of travel you choose.

Our center is on the 26th floor of this towering landmark. The panoramic city vistas you can see from the windows inspire the businesses and professionals that work from here.

There’s an on-site restaurant and coffee bar here, not to mention a popular outside terrace.

Surrounding One Liberty Place are some of the city's best eateries and entertainment venues. Entertain clients and reward your team with a choice of trendy venues ranging from the casual to the upscale.

This is also a bustling shopping area within the city with boutique retail outlets and rare bookstores.

Highlights include:

● On-site lunch restaurant
● Secure underground parking
● On-site sandwich/coffee bar

Information about One Liberty Place, Philadelphia:

Address: 1650 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Starting costs: Business addresses from $115 per month
Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Memberships access during reception
Nearby stations: 17th St & Market St (a two-minute walk away), 15th St Station Rapid Transit Station (a five-minute walk away)

CIRA Center

CIRA Center in Philadelphia is one of the city's most prestigious districts.

Amtrak's 30th Street station is close by, making this area highly accessible for both commuters and business travelers. Better still, there's underground parking on-site, ideal for a city where finding a spot can be challenging at the best of times.

Its proximity to University City means you’re right in the heart of the city's innovation district. You'll be close to some of Philadelphia's brightest minds and ground-breaking companies.

Our center is in a striking building, famous for its facades that change colors. You’ll be able to see right across the city from the popular rooftop park, ideal for impromptu meetings and when you need a break.

This historic part of town is home to landmarks like the Betsy Ross House and Elfreth’s Alley. The neighborhood is very lively and full of things to do, and you're close to many convenient amenities nearby.

Whether you want a quick lunch away from the office or a venue to entertain clients, downtown Philadelphia has everything you need.

Highlights include:

● Gym and fitness room
● On-site lunch restaurant
● Outside seating area/terrace

Information about CIRA Center, Philadelphia:

Address: 2929 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Starting costs: Business addresses from $65 per month
Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Memberships access during reception
Nearby stations: JFK Boulevard and North 30th Street (a two-minute walk away), 30th St Rapid Transit Station (a three-minute walk away)

150 Monument Road

150 Monument Road is close to the center of Philadelphia and benefits from great links to major highways like I-76 and Route 1. It's based in Bala Cynwyd, an affluent multi-cultural community with a thriving start-up and investment scene.

The urban flair of the surrounding neighborhood inspired the striking decor of the center. Step inside and you'll notice its appealing and distinct color scheme and its stand-out furnishings.

This center, on Philly’s Main Line transit system, is in an area that’s a subtle and appealing blend of a busy city and an up-and-coming suburb.

There are dozens of retail, cafe, and restaurant options on and around Monument Street too. Check out one of the many local bars with great rooftop terraces for an amazing view.

Take a peaceful walk around West Laurel Hill Cemetery or book a table at one of the area's great restaurants. Not far away are the famous “Rocky Steps”, ascended by Sylvester Stallone in the movie.

Highlights include:

● On-site lunch restaurant
● Outside seating area/terrace
● Vending machines

Information about 150 Monument Road, Bala Cynwyd:

Address: 150 Monument Road, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
Starting costs: Business addresses from $119 per month
Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7 access; Memberships access during reception
Nearby stations: City Av & Presidential Blvd - FS (a 12-minute walk away), Cynwyd Rapid Transit Station (a 25-minute walk away)

Jenkins Court

You'll find Jenkins Court conveniently located at 610 York Road, right in the center of Jenkintown. Route 611 is nearby so it's easy to get here and to other parts of the city.

Our center is in a fortress of a Class A listed building with a dominant Art Deco theme throughout. This very modern workspace even has its own Outback Steakhouse on the first floor.

Whether you're with a client, investor, or interviewee, the "Old Strawbridge", as locals call it, will impress them. As a virtual customer, you can book meeting rooms by the hour or hire private office space or a dedicated desk for the day.

In the area, you'll find a great mix of independent and chain restaurants. For retail therapy, there's a large shopping mall a few minutes away in the car.

The Town Square and local parks are host to many events and parades throughout the year, adding extra color to the area.

Highlights include:

● On-site parking
● Business lounge
● Elevator

Information about Jenkins Court, Jenkintown:

Address: 610 York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046
Starting costs: Business addresses from $85 per month
Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7 access; Memberships access during reception
Nearby stations: Old York Rd & Cloverly Av (a three-minute walk away), Noble Rapid Transit Station (a nine-minute walk away)

Towne Place at Garden State Park

Towne Place at Garden State Park is situated in Cherry Hill, a great place to do business.

A suburb of Philadelphia in New Jersey, many consider it one of the best places to live in the state. This hub for the tech sector has great public transport links making your journey to and from here quicker and more relaxing.

The modern and expansive outside terrace at the center is popular with tenants and their guests. Towne Place at Garden State Park is fully equipped with super-fast Wi-Fi so your business always stays one step ahead. You'll love the striking color scheme, minimalist decor, and modern, stylish furniture here.

Beyond the doors of the center, you'll find plenty to do. There's a great range of bars and restaurants close by. Check out the wide variety of retailers at nearby Cherry Hill Mall.

Take time out in the stunning memorial parks or catch the train from Cherry Hill station to get right into the heart of the city.

Highlights include:

● Outside seating area/terrace
● Business lounge
● Break-out areas

Information about Towne Place at Garden State Park, Cherry Hill:

Address: 923 Haddonfield Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Starting costs: Business addresses from $129 per month
Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7 access; Memberships access during reception
Nearby stations: Haddonfield Rd At Towne Center Drive (a two-minute walk away), Cherry Hill Rapid Transit Station (a 26-minute walk away)

East Gate Center

East Gate Center, nestled in the suburb of Mt Laurel, offers the ideal work-life balance. There is a thriving local business community here as well as great schools, excellent nightlife, and great parks. Mt Laurel has its own community identity but it's still very much part of the city thanks to its convenient connection to the I-295 freeway.

The views of the trees and the wider landscape from this low-rise center are inspiring. This stylish and modern workspace is great for networking with other businesses. There's a very popular on-site coffee and sandwich bar here too.

After hours, the nearby Moorestown Mall will satisfy your culinary and entertainment needs. You can also join a local gym, go shopping, or catch a film at the local cinema.

There’s a wide selection of big chain and locally owned restaurants in the vicinity too as well as friendly and welcoming pubs you can take clients and staff out to.

Highlights include:

● Break-out areas
● On-site sandwich/coffee bar
● Vending machines

Information about East Gate Center, Mt. Laurel:

Address: 309 Fellowship Road, East Gate Center, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
Starting costs: Business addresses from $75 per month
Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Memberships access during reception
Nearby stations: E Gate Dr 270'w Of Fellowship Rd (a four-minute walk away)

Fort Washington Business Park

Fort Washington Business Park is a very popular place to locate in Philadelphia.

By obtaining a virtual address in this area, you become part of a vibrant ecosystem that includes over 100 established companies. This thriving community is home to rapidly expanding sectors such as healthcare, finance, and pharmaceuticals

Fort Washington Business Park is well situated. There's a convenient rail link that takes you to the heart of the city. Philadelphia International Airport is just a 30-minute drive away.

The center stands out thanks to its striking, modern glass exterior. The windows here span across three walls letting lots of natural light in. We've recently completed a major renovation of the center so it's looking better than ever.

Here, you'll find an on-site restaurant and coffee bar. If you just want a quick snack or drink, you have a choice of vending machines.

Nearby, you'll find the Willow Grove Pointe Shopping Center and a great selection of restaurants. You'll not be short of venues for entertaining clients or having a night out with the team when a big deal lands.

For downtime and moments to yourself, go to the amazing Fort Washington Park and sit on the “beach” at Fort Foote Park.

Highlights include:

● On-site lunch restaurant
● On-site sandwich/coffee bar
● Business lounge

Information about Fort Washington Business Park, Fort Washington:

Address: 500 Office Center Drive, Fort Washington, PA 19034
Starting costs: Business addresses from $115 per month
Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7 access; Memberships access during reception
Nearby stations: Office Center Dr & Virginia Dr - MBNS (a two-minute walk away)

Four Tower Bridge

Four Tower Bridge's pretty riverfront location is a great place to base your business. Even though it offers very quick access to Philadelphia by rail and road, you'd hardly know you were in a major U.S. city.

The inside of the building is just as attractive and conducive to effective working as the outside. Decked out in a bold, contrasting palette, the interior is striking with its stylish furnishings and expansive desks.

The center features an on-site sandwich and coffee bar, which is very popular with tenants, as well as fully-equipped kitchen facilities

In the surrounding area, you're spoiled for choice with the buzzing bar and restaurant scene. Four Tower Bridge is a great choice for entrepreneurs seeking that perfect work-life balance.

You can also get here by boat via the Patriot Harbor Line for a great way to get to the office.

Highlights include:

● Break-out areas
● Business lounge
● Vending machines

Information about Four Tower Bridge, West Conshohocken:

Address: Four Tower Bridge, West Conshohocken, PA 19428
Starting costs: Business addresses from $109 per month.
Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Memberships access during reception hours.
Nearby stations: Front St & George St (a three-minute walk away), Conshohocken Rapid Transit Station (a nine-minute walk away)

2800 S. 20th St

Choose 2800 S. 20th St as your virtual office address and you'll be right at the center of a thriving science and technology park.

This prestigious office address is located in vibrant South Philadelphia, an emerging and dynamic area of the city. The district boasts excellent connectivity, with the Oregon Street subway station nearby and the convenience of an on-site car park

The contemporary ambiance of the interior strikes you as you step into this newly redeveloped center. The stunning rooftop deck is a firm favorite with tenants as is the ultra-modern kitchen and break-out areas.

Venture out at night with investors, clients, or your team members into the bustling nightlife and markets of the surrounding area. 20th Street by Rittenhouse Square is the epicenter of the local food scene and a great place to dine out.

If you want a break from the pressures of business for a walk or a few moments of peace, make sure you take in the Delaware River and the famous FDR Park.

Highlights include:

● Break-out areas
● Newly redeveloped interior
● Fully equipped meeting rooms

Information about 2800 S. 20th St, Philadelphia:

Address: 2800 S. 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19145
Starting costs: Please contact for more information
Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7 access; Memberships access during reception
Nearby stations: 20th St & Johnston St (a three-minute walk away), Oregon Station Rapid Transit Station (a nine-minute walk away)

Discover virtual offices in Philadelphia with Regus

Philadelphia is a great place to work and live in. If you want to do business in the city but aren’t ready to sign up for a physical office, it makes sense to invest in a virtual office in Philadelphia, PA instead.

With our Business Address service, we receive your mail for you and ensure all your business correspondence is kept safe. We’ll even answer and forward your calls with our Telephone Answering service. Get all that plus workspace access with our Virtual Office Plus package.

To find out more about virtual office space in Philadelphia, please get in touch with us.

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