Top 7 Reasons to Choose a Virtual Office in Minnesota

Posted on: 1st February 2024

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Once an agricultural powerhouse, Minnesota is fast becoming America’s biggest enterprise hub. Home to General Mills and the Mayo Clinic, this state has a diverse economy with a growing employment rate.

With a virtual office in Minnesota, your business can access the industry expertise these household names bring to the area. It’s a cost-effective measure that gives you a business address without the overheads of an office space.

By adopting a hybrid working model, you’ll be able to hire from Minnesota’s educated workforce. Nearly two in five adults in the state have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Let’s look at the top seven reasons you should consider a virtual address in the North Star state.

1. Robust economy

Minnesota’s economy is attractive for new businesses thanks to its diversity. Its economic landscape is led by key sectors such as manufacturing, real estate, and healthcare while maintaining its historical strengths in insurance and agriculture.

Alongside other key sectors, this vibrant economy is still enjoying continuous growth, with the majority of industries seeing an increase in GDP in 2023. The information sector alone increased by 11%, with other professional service sectors also seeing strong upward movement.

Such a dynamic economic environment makes Minnesota an attractive destination for businesses seeking growth and diversification opportunities.

2. Supportive climate for businesses and startups

Choosing a virtual address in Minnesota places you in a supportive business climate. The state has many pro-business policies, including its Opportunity Zones. These encourage investment by offering tax deferrals and capital gains exclusions.

Minnesota has recently invested over $650 million in providing reliable internet access. This improvement is part of Minnesota’s commitment to being one of the best states for business in the US.

These strategic investments and policies demonstrate Minnesota's proactive approach to supporting businesses and startups.

3. Favorable business environment

Businesses operating in Minnesota can take advantage of the state’s competitive tax incentives. Information services, customized software, and internet access are tax-free for businesses.

And with strong regional diversity, you’ll find an economic region that suits your sector. For example, the Twin Cities metro area is a hub for electronics. In the Northwest, you’ll find a favorable environment for agriculture.

4. Financial incentives

In Minnesota, small businesses get help to succeed. Startups are more likely to survive beyond five years here than anywhere else in the country.

The local government offers generous financial incentives for companies. From the Minnesota Investment Fund to the DEED department, the state provides many opportunities for businesses to get ahead.

Some of the DEED programs include:

  • Job Creation Fund: This program rewards businesses that create new jobs with high pay. It gives money to help with things like building and equipment costs.

  • Innovation Voucher Program: This is for small businesses that are working on innovative projects, especially in technology. It gives them vouchers to pay for research and development, helping them to bring new ideas to life.

  • Emerging Entrepreneur Loan Program: Aimed at helping businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, or people with disabilities, this program provides loans to businesses that might have a hard time getting money from other places.

  • Angel Tax Credit: This is a big draw for investors. It offers them a tax credit if they invest in Minnesota startups, especially in high-tech and new industries.


By using these programs, businesses in Minnesota can get a head start, whether they are brand new or looking to expand. These incentives are a big part of why Minnesota is a great place for a virtual office.

5. Central location

With Minnesota virtual office space, you’ll benefit from the state’s central location in the US.

Thanks to its position in the Upper Midwest, Minnesota has great transport links to the West Coast and Canada. You can reach New York and Kansas City in under four hours from Minneapolis.

This leads to a global reach. More than 8,100 businesses export over $35 billion in products and services annually.

If you deal with customer service calls, Minnesota is a great choice for a virtual office. The state operates on Central Time, which connects you to both coasts with only a few hours difference.

6. Innovative business ecosystem

Economic growth in Minnesota comes from a strong sense of business community. The state is home to several Fortune 500 companies, and these big players are not just focusing on their growth but are also actively investing back into the local economy.

General Mills, a household name in the food industry, runs a program called 301 Inc. This initiative is specifically designed to support and fund startups in the food sector.

If you operate in Minnesota, your business will be eligible to interact with these initiatives. By providing financial support, 301 Inc. helps these small companies develop their products, scale their operations, and navigate the complex food industry landscape.

Ecolab, another major player, partners with Techstars in their Farm to Fork program. It offers mentorship and business workshops, providing startups with valuable knowledge and skills.

This kind of support is crucial for new businesses that need guidance on how to grow sustainably and effectively. For businesses with a virtual office in Minnesota, these initiatives are a huge advantage.

7. Skilled workforce

Minnesota has a skilled, well-educated workforce. Many residents have a university degree from one of over 200 higher education institutions in the state.

The University of Minnesota is a research university, with high academic rankings in its biotech and ecology programs. Other colleges in the state offer highly-regarded liberal arts programs.

For a virtual office, this means access to a vast pool of talent. Whether you need innovative thinkers, skilled researchers, or knowledgeable professionals, Minnesota's educated workforce can meet these needs.

This is particularly advantageous for businesses that rely on remote work. You can tap into this talent pool without needing a physical presence in the state, leveraging the skills and expertise of Minnesota's graduates to drive your business forward.

Top virtual addresses in Minnesota

It’s a smart idea to consider a Minnesota virtual address. Each city in the state offers advantages, from local government help to nearby Fortune 500 enterprises.

Our virtual office centers work as a day office if you’re in the area. This allows you to rent physical space for as long as you need it, without the overheads of a permanent location. Packages are available by the day, and members can use our bookable meeting rooms on-site.

Choose which city works best for you from the list below.

Minnetonka virtual offices

Virtual office space in Minnetonka puts your business in the same commercial community as many industry-leading organizations.

Cargill, America’s largest private company in terms of revenue, has its headquarters in the city. Focusing on agricultural and food services, this enterprise invests back into the local area.

Minnetonka is also a strategic location for medical tech businesses.

Starkey Laboratories, one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers, has offices in the area. The UnitedHealth Group also employs a significant number of Minnetonka staff. Even medical equipment manufacturer, Boston Scientific, has research centers here.

This concentration of healthcare and tech industries makes a virtual office in Minnetonka ideal for businesses looking to network and tap into these sectors.

Carlson Center

The Carlson Center is one of Minnesota’s most prestigious business addresses. Like all Regus virtual offices, it offers practical features like mail forwarding. The Carlson Center is also set in a dynamic business community near a picturesque lake.

Only a five-minute drive from the Carlson tech center, this virtual office space is particularly suitable for IT startups.

The center facilitates both informal and formal business interactions, with an on-site lunch restaurant for casual meetings, meeting rooms for professional gatherings, and a business lounge for day-to-day activities.

The Carlson Center is a prime choice for companies aiming to connect with the vibrant corporate environment of Minnetonka, leveraging the benefits of a prestigious address.

Highlights include

● Secure underground parking

● Collaborative break-out areas

● Sandwich service

Information about Carlson Center

● Location: 601 Carlson Parkway, Minnetonka, MN 55305

● Starting cost: Business address from $129 per month

● Opening hours: Virtual office membership access is during reception hours.

● Nearby stations: Oakland Rd & Carlson Pkwy Bus Stop (a 10-minute walk away)

Minneapolis virtual offices

A virtual office in Minneapolis positions you in the state’s largest business district.

This city, a key part of the Twin Cities metro area, is not just Minnesota’s premier urban zone but also a hub for major companies. A virtual office here means being close to Fortune 500 companies like Target, U.S. Bancorp, Ameriprise Financial, Xcel Energy, and Thrivent.

In particular, the presence of successful financial services organizations is especially appealing for startups in the professional services sector. They are sure to enjoy many opportunities to network amongst industry experts.

It’s clear that a virtual address in Minneapolis offers not just a prestigious business address, but an invitation to a vibrant business community. Here are our top picks for centers to embed yourself in this exclusive commercial club.

Minnesota Center

The Minnesota Center on France Avenue is a prestigious business address with direct links to downtown Minneapolis. Situated on a major retail street that's also a hub for data and communications companies, it offers a dynamic mix of business opportunities.

If you visit to manage your mail or are looking to rent an office for the day, you can take advantage of convenient amenities like the business lounge, break-out areas, and meeting rooms for both casual and formal business interactions.

Just a 12-minute drive from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, it’s an ideal choice for virtual businesses needing accessibility and proximity to urban and transport hubs, especially when you need to receive visitors.

Highlights include

● On-site lunch restaurant

● Secure underground parking

● Business lounge

Information about Minnesota Center

● Location: 7760 France Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55435

● Starting cost: Business address from $115 per month

● Opening hours: Virtual office membership access is during reception hours.

● Nearby transport links: Minnesota Dr & Johnson Ave Bus Stop (a two-minute walk away) and 78th St W & France Ave Bus Stop (a three-minute walk away)

121 North Washington Avenue

Opt for a virtual office at 121 North Washington Avenue, located in a rapidly expanding district. Nestled in the historic Warehouse District, this center places your business in a thriving startup-centric area.

When visiting to oversee your operations, utilize the on-site coworking spaces tailored for productivity and collaboration. The center also offers ample break-out areas, catering to the needs of virtual office members.

Positioned north of Central Minneapolis, it's close to the University of St. Thomas’ Business School, adding an educational and professional edge to its location. This makes it a strategic choice for businesses seeking an energetic and innovative environment.

Highlights include

Major transport links

Bookable meeting rooms

On-site parking

Information about 121 North Washington Avenue

Location: 121 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Starting cost: Business address from $105 per month

Opening hours: Virtual office membership access is during reception hours.

Nearby stations: 2 Ave N & Washington Bus Stop (a two-minute walk away) and Target Field Train Station (an 11-minute walk away)

Lakeville virtual offices

Lakeville, located around 30 miles south of Minneapolis, is a small business haven with growing economic diversity. The city is home to much of Minnesota’s agricultural industry, and many large farms operate in the area.

If you opt for a virtual office in Lakeville, you’ll gain an address next to the city’s 1,500-acre business park, Airlake Industrial Park, which is home to over 200 companies.

There’s a thriving networking scene in the park thanks to the local Chamber of Commerce. The following center is our top choice of a premier virtual address in the heart of Lakeville.

Holyoke Ave

Located in the city center, Holyoke Ave offers a premier business address with convenient access to a local post office and central amenities.

The center has ready-to-use coworking spaces for those visiting Lakeville, bookable meeting rooms for client meet-ups, and flexible office spaces for private productivity.

Strategically, it’s just a 30-minute drive from both Minneapolis and Saint Paul, positioning businesses for easy access to these major cities.

Highlights include

Collaborative break-out areas

Twin Cities metro address

Bookable meeting rooms

Information about Holyoke Ave

Location: 20721 Holyoke Avenue, Lakeville, MN 55044

Starting cost: Business address from $65 per month

Opening hours: Virtual office membership access is during reception hours.

Nearby transport links: Access to I-35 interstate (a 10-minute drive away)

Rochester virtual offices

Position your business alongside prestigious healthcare institutions with a virtual office in Rochester, home to the Mayo Clinic.

As Minnesota’s third-largest city, Rochester boasts a strong presence in healthcare and technology, backed by excellent infrastructure. The city's thriving economy and diverse population have also created a favorable environment for small businesses.

For virtual office members who value seamless connectivity, Rochester emerges as a standout choice. Its strategic location provides effortless access to key regions like Southeastern Minnesota, Northern Iowa, and Wisconsin via the I-35 and I-90.

The local airport, with routes to Chicago, Phoenix, and Florida, opens doors to significant business hubs. These transport options enhance the value of a Rochester virtual office, offering members the flexibility to expand their business reach and capitalize on opportunities in and beyond the city.

Here’s our top choice for a virtual address here.

318 1st Avenue

Receive mail and save on unnecessary office space with our 318 1st Avenue center. This center in downtown Rochester offers startups the chance to impress with a central business address.

Positioned in the same building as the Olmsted Medical Center and minutes from Mayo Clinic buildings, it's perfect for those in healthcare, offering strong networking opportunities.

Highlights include

Bookable meeting rooms

Collaborative break-out areas

On-site support teams

Information about 318 1st Avenue

Location: 318 1st Avenue SW, Rochester, MN 55902

Starting cost: Business address from $59 per month

Opening hours: Virtual office membership access is during reception hours.

Nearby stations: Along Broadway Avenue South and North of 3rd Street Southeast Bus Stop (a three-minute walk away) and Downtown Transit Center Station (a three-minute walk away)

Saint Paul virtual offices

Enhance your business presence with a virtual address in Saint Paul, Minnesota's state capital and a vital part of the Twin Cities metro area. Known for its rich history, Saint Paul is a bustling hub for major corporations and a vibrant startup ecosystem.

Housing Fortune 500 companies like Best Buy, 3M, and Ecolab, the city is a nexus of industry and innovation, enriching the local business landscape.

Saint Paul's appeal extends to businesses with global aspirations, thanks to the nearby airport offering direct flights to key cities like London, Tokyo, and Amsterdam. This international connectivity makes it an advantageous location for a virtual office with both local influence and global reach.

Explore the range of virtual addresses available in this thriving capital city.

Bremer Tower Business Center

Bremer Tower Business Center not only provides a prestigious address but also fosters a conducive environment for business growth. Its proximity to key federal buildings and business centers makes it an ideal location for networking and accessing professional services.

Whenever the need arises for physical space, whether for a meeting, a collaborative project, or a day of concentrated work, the center offers fully equipped coworking spaces, boardrooms, and private offices.

Highlights include

Collaborative break-out areas

On-site lunch restaurant

Bookable meeting rooms

Information about Bremer Tower Business Center

Location: 445 Minnesota Street, Saint Paul, MN 55101

Starting cost: Business address from $59 per month

Opening hours: Virtual office membership access is during reception hours.

Nearby stations: 6th St & Cedar St Bus Stop (a three-minute walk away) and Central Station Railway Station (a five-minute walk away)

102 Water St

Enhance your business profile with a virtual office at 102 Water St. This modern center provides a professional address with call handling services and is located across the Mississippi from downtown Saint Paul.

An affordable alternative to physical space, it offers coworking spaces for members and opens doors to networking opportunities with the West Saint Paul business community.

Highlights include

Patio garden

Bookable meeting rooms

Collaborative break-out areas

Information about 102 Water St

Location: 102 Water St, Saint Paul, MN 55107

Starting cost: Business address prices available on request

Opening hours: Virtual office membership access is during reception hours.

Nearby stations: Robert St S & Fillmore Ave Bus Stop (an 11-minute walk away)

Discover the perfect virtual office in Minnesota with Regus

Find affordable virtual offices in Minnesota with Regus. Our team is dedicated to offering your business a virtual office package tailored to your needs.

Whether you're looking for call handling services, mail forwarding, access to meeting rooms, or the flexibility of single-day office space use, we have you covered. Speak to our expert advisors today to discover which plan is best for you.

Plus, as your operations in Minnesota grow, Regus is there to support your expansion with flexible and scalable options. Connect with us today to explore how we can enhance your business presence in Minnesota.

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