The Benefits of Setting Up a Virtual Office in Los Angeles

Posted on: 19th September 2023

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In 2020, COVID-19 disrupted work environments worldwide. At the time, organizations in Los Angeles transitioned 18,000 employees to remote work in under two weeks. Since then, many businesses have permanently shifted from a physical office to a virtual office in Los Angeles.

There are many reasons behind the rising popularity of virtual offices. One prime example is that the adaptation to remote work during the pandemic unlocked several benefits for employees.

Colleague relationships felt more ‘human,’ with colleagues working around their families. Plus, interactions between managers and employees often became more focused, with specific times and meetings set up for discussions.

Meanwhile, working remotely helped many employers:

● Save on business costs

● Improve productivity

● Reduce sick days

On top of this, both employees and employers cut their commute times and enjoyed the flexibility to work from home. Now, teams that continue to operate remotely enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere they like.

Why you should choose a virtual office in Los Angeles

Remote teams reap the many benefits of either working from home or in a workspace closer to where they live. However, many businesses also need to uphold their physical presence in California.

Virtual office space in Los Angeles is ideal for businesses that want to work remotely while building a local presence. They are also ideal for companies that want to reduce overheads. These businesses span from freelancers to startups and scale-ups.

Plus, virtual offices are great for companies that are expanding overseas to test the waters in California.

Some businesses need physical office space to supplement their virtual office. This is often the case for hybrid teams. In this case, Regus can include the following in your virtual office plan so you can work your way:

● Access to its global business lounge network

● Meeting room use

● Desk spaces in coworking areas

A virtual office and/or mailing address in Los Angeles can make setting up in the area easier than you thought. Here are six reasons to choose a Los Angeles virtual office.

1. Variety of industries

From technology and finance to fashion and film, a business address in Los Angeles builds business credibility no matter your industry.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County Economic Corporation (LAEDC) runs industry cluster initiatives to inspire business growth across the city. LAEDC’s industries of greatest focus support a range of LA industries from transportation sectors like aerospace and electric vehicles to creative fields like entertainment and design.

Sectors aside, businesses from startups to multinational corporations thrive in Los Angeles. Whatever your business sector or size, a virtual office and/or mailing address in Los Angeles can increase your business prestige.

2. Hub of creativity

Many creative and progressive organizations call Los Angeles home. Entertainment is the city’s biggest industry. Filmmakers, story writers, and studios set up and flourish here.

Big-name studios like Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros, and NBC Universal are among these studios.

Fashion is another primary industry in Los Angeles. After all, the city is the birthplace of designer brands like Skechers and high street brands like Forever 21.

Other flourishing creative industries in Los Angeles include music, contemporary arts, and video games.

In total, Los Angeles’ creative and cultural businesses generate $115 billion in revenue every year. Thanks to this, it’s easy to understand why creatives flock to LA.

3. Local address for local investment

Sun, sand, and Hollywood mark Los Angeles as a relaxed yet high-end location for your business. Having a local address can help cement your business in this market.

Meanwhile, your virtual office in Los Angeles can open doors to local investment opportunities. These opportunities could quickly lead to business growth.

You may also need a business address in Los Angeles to apply for certain permits and licenses.

4. Business optics

A virtual office in Los Angeles is great for business optics as a presence here can build brand credibility and help you attract and develop trust-based relationships with customers.

They can also establish your business as a key part of Los Angeles’ vibrant business scene. This will allow your business to access a large market in one of the most populated cities in the U.S.

Virtual offices also enable you to take advantage of many networking, collaboration, and PR opportunities, as well as make it easier to offer customer support to locals.

5. Establish a business presence

A virtual office in Los Angeles will allow you to situate your business in a prime location. This can be crucial as you develop your presence and reputation in the city.

A virtual address is especially useful if your team is 100% remote. In this case, you’ll gain a credible address for business communications.

If you’re expanding to Los Angeles, a virtual office can show that your business is active in the city. Even if you don’t have a physical office here, a virtual office could establish your business alongside other local businesses in Google searches.

6. Access to an increased talent pool

Los Angeles’ economy is larger than the whole of Switzerland’s. This has naturally led to it attracting numerous professionals, who could be the perfect fit for your business.

Locals aside, a virtual office will allow you to recruit talent from anywhere in the world. This means you can pick the best-fit candidates for your roles without having to consider location at all.

Top virtual office options in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a virtual office in Los Angeles, these five locations could be ideal.

10100 Venice Boulevard

Businesses looking for a creative location should consider 10100 Venice Boulevard. Based just outside Sony Picture Studios, this office location is a prime spot for businesses in the entertainment space.

The virtual office space is near downtown Los Angeles. It’s easy to reach this area via the nearby Metro Expo Line. Meanwhile, the neighboring markets Century City and Santa Monica are a short drive away.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Break-out areas

● Parking

● Elevators

Information about 10100 Venice Boulevard:

● Location: 10100 Venice Boulevard, Culver City, CA, 90232

● Starting costs: Business addresses from $149 per month

● Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members

● Nearby stations: Two Venice/Jasmine Bus Stops (a two-minute walk away), Venice/Hughes Bus Stop (a two-minute walk away), Washington Boulevard/Clarington Avenue Bus Stop (a three-minute walk away)

US Bank Tower

US Bank Tower is a landmark building in central Los Angeles. This is a prestigious business location for organizations looking to step up their credibility in the middle of the city.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Break-out areas

● On-site lunch restaurant

● On-site sandwich and coffee bar

● Vending machines

Information about US Bank Tower:

● Location: 633 West Fifth Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90071

● Starting costs: Business addresses from $169 per month

● Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members

● Nearby stations: South Flower Street and West 5th Street Bus Stop (a two-minute walk away), 5th Street, Grand Avenue Bus Stop (a two-minute walk away), 7th Street/Metro Center Light Rail Station (a six-minute walk away)

2540 Colorado Avenue

2540 Colorado Avenue is in Sawtelle, part of the Santa Monica media and entertainment district.

This location is an ideal virtual office in Los Angeles for businesses in these creative industries. Local companies include Amazon, Sony, Hulu, Oracle, Microsoft, HBU, and CBS.

There are several local bike paths, bus routes, and transport connections on the E Line metro.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Break-out areas

● Lakeside location

Information about Colorado Avenue:

● Location: 2450 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA, 90404

● Starting costs: Business addresses from $159 per month

● Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members

● Nearby stations: Colorado EB and Cloverfield FS Bus Stop (a two-minute walk away), Colorado WB and 26th FS Bus Stop (a three-minute walk away), 26th Street/Bergamot Light Rail Station (a seven-minute walk away)

Howard Hughes Center

Based in the neighborhood of Westchester, Howard Hughes Center enjoys an academic locale.

The office building sits near high-profile universities like Loyola Marymount University and Otis College of Art and Design. Businesses located here enjoy proximity to potential job candidates with the latest skills and credentials.

The Howard Hughes Center is also within easy reach of the San Diego Freeway (the I-405) and Los Angeles International Airport.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Break-out areas

● Business lounge

● Secure underground parking

● On-site lunch restaurant

● On-site coffee bar

● Sandwich service

● Outside seating area/terrace

Information about Howard Hughes Center:

● Location: 6080 Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 90045

● Starting costs: Business addresses from $149 per month

● Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members

● Nearby stations: Howard Hughes Center (Eastbound) Bus Stop (a one-minute walk away), Howard Hughes Center (Westbound) Bus Stop (a two-minute walk away), Two Howard Hughes Parkway/Park Terrace Drive Bus Stops (a four-minute walk away)

Playhouse Plaza

Playhouse Plaza enjoys a prime location in the thriving neighborhood of the Playhouse District, a creative hub in Los Angeles.

Retail, restaurants, and performing arts are prominent in this culturally diverse area. Meanwhile, local universities provide businesses with fresh talent.

Playhouse Plaza offers a virtual office space near downtown Los Angeles. The nearby Del Mar station offers connections to the Metro Gold Line Light Rail to reach this area.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Break-out areas

● Outside seating area/terrace

Information about Playhouse Plaza:

● Location: 680 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA, 91101

● Starting costs: Business addresses from $99 per month

● Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members

● Nearby stations: Two Colorado Boulevard and El Molino Avenue E and W Bus Stops (a three-minute walk away), Two Colorado Boulevard/Oak Knoll Bus Stops (a four-minute walk away), Memorial Park Light Rail Station (a 16-minute walk away)

Establish a business presence with a Regus virtual office space in Los Angeles

You might be looking to launch your business in Los Angeles. Or perhaps your business is expanding to the city. Either way, Regus can help with a virtual office solution.

Packages available at our many office locations in Los Angeles include:

● Business Address: a professional address in a premier location for mail forwarding

● Virtual Office: a business address, call answering services, and access to Regus’ global business lounge network

● Virtual Office Plus: all of the above, meeting room use, and five days of office or desk space per month

Maximize productivity while keeping costs low with a virtual office in Los Angeles and work your way with Regus.

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