The Benefits Of A Private Office Space

Posted on: 28th April 2023

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Office work is in constant flux. While in the past, every member of the team needed to be under the same roof of a private office, developments in technology have made this a thing of the past.

Employees now expect flexible working conditions, such as working from home, and companies are willing to oblige. But sometimes, there’s a need for employees to come together, whether it’s to work on a collaborative project or cultivate the company culture.

That’s where flexible workspace comes into play. Organisations no longer need to commit to an expensive office rental for several years. Instead, they can sign up for a collaborative space, which offers either a coworking solution or a private office suite.

Read on, below, to explore the benefits of private office space.

Benefits of a private office space

Unlike open-plan coworking, with a private workspace, you get a room dedicated to your company. There are no outside distractions, and the door locks, so you get maximum privacy.

You still get all the benefits of the coworking space too. This includes meeting rooms, networking opportunities and a reception, plus traditional office perks.

A private office in a coworking space can be a good solution for companies renting for the first time or those looking to upgrade. If you’re not sure a private office for rent suits your company’s needs, consider the following benefits.

Less overhead costs

With traditional office rentals, you only pay for the space. Everything else is an added cost, such as electricity, security, cleaning, and maintenance.

Equipment is also something you need to purchase separately. Whether it’s computers, furniture or even a coffee machine and microwave, all of these add up quickly.

Private offices can help you save on all of these expenses, as they come fitted with everything you need to run a business.

The private working spaces are fully furnished and have access to high-speed Wi-Fi and IT equipment. Our Regus membership includes all services and bills too, enabling you to invest more in your company.

Access to amenities

Private executive spaces are inside collaborative workspaces, giving you access to shared amenities. Right outside your office door, you can find meeting rooms, shared kitchens, break-out areas, a staffed reception, and parking.

Sometimes there will even be an on-site gym, showers, bicycle lockers, event space or a canteen. Most of these will be included in the overall price or require a small additional fee to use.


Centres with private creative workspaces are usually open 24/7, sometimes with a keycard or even a fully-staffed reception. This means that your staff can come and go as they please and have flexible work hours. Thanks to this, you can usually expect a better work-life balance with your team.

Additionally, you can accommodate clients and potential investor meetings outside working hours. This will ensure you won’t miss out on any new business.


If your company deals with confidential materials or sensitive data, renting a private coworking space is ideal. Anything that’s being said between those four walls cannot be overheard or leaked. Since you can lock the door, your documents will be safe as well.

Minimal distractions

It’s easy for people to get sidetracked working in an open space in a flexible office. Members come and go as they please, there’s a lot of chatter and sometimes even music in the background.

Since the private individual offices are separated from the open space, they can provide a quiet work environment. They are also a great solution for a remote team to help them separate their home life from their work responsibilities.

Having no distractions can certainly boost your team’s productivity. No one will approach them unless it’s related to their work, which means they can truly focus on their tasks and finish them faster.

Team collaboration and socialising

If your company’s workforce is mainly remote, it can be difficult for them to work well together. Much of the way we communicate comes down to body language and tone of voice.

Most of this is lost in emails and direct messages, which can lead to misunderstanding and resentment.

With private business offices, your team can meet in person to get over that hurdle. It is also much easier to brainstorm and share ideas when you can just speak up instead of scheduling time to talk.

Another bonus to your employees sitting in the same room is the opportunity for small talk. They can get to know each other better and develop a sense of belonging to the company.

Greater visibility

If you run a small business or a startup, you might struggle to reach clients. However, having a physical location can help with that. Not only does it add legitimacy to your company, but it also provides a place to conduct client meetings and investor pitches.

More reputable business image

Private offices inside larger building centres are equipped with all the amenities. Nothing gives a better impression to clients than a friendly receptionist, a luxurious conference room, and a sleek design with plenty of natural light.

The same can also boost your company’s brand with potential employees. People will be rushing to apply to a creative workspace that has a pool table in the lounge or an on-site gym.

It’s also cheaper to rent a serviced office in central, desirable locations than a traditional office.

Control over your space

You get to pick the design and layout in a private office space. You can customise the office to reflect your company’s brand, get personalised storage solutions, pick specific ergonomic furniture, and even add accessories and art.

Most of these options come at a small additional fee or no fee at all.

Rent on your terms

Unlike a traditional office, private office space for rent does not require a long-term commitment. There are monthly or yearly agreements and the option to rent day offices for short-term projects.

You don’t even have to commit to the size of the office. Some agreements allow you to scale up or downsize as your company changes.

Locations are also not set in stone, with options to move between centres and even cities, depending on the contract. It is the true definition of flexibility.

Find the best private office for your company

At Regus, we can help you find the best private office rentals to fit your needs. You can choose anything from a day office to a monthly or yearly agreement or even office packages.

Renting a private office space is a great way to boost your company’s visibility and productivity. But more than that, it’s an affordable solution to the traditional office rental, which offers all of them the same benefits.

Enquire with us today to see how a private office can help you work your way. 

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