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Whether big or small, flexspace works for all

Posted on: 13th December 2019

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Whether big or small, flexspace works for all

Whether big or small, flexspace works for all


Whether big or small, flexspace works for all

How to make your business more solid by staying flexible.

By 2030, flexspace could account for 13% or nearly 600m sq ft of total office space in the United States. Businesses of all sizes, from startups to SMBs to large corporations, are taking advantage of flexible leases and growth opportunities that mean they are able to scale up and down without risk. Therefore, serviced offices and flexible-workspace solutions like those provided by Regus are in high demand.  

Not only can businesses take advantage of the products Regus has to offer, from coworking spaces and hot desking to private rooms and virtual offices, but with more than 3,000 locations they are able to be where they want to be. Employees can work where, when and how they want in bright, well-designed environments. But what really sets Regus apart in terms of flexspace operators is their staff, who take care of everything from handling mail and calls to dealing with Wi-Fi and IT issues, so workers can focus and be more productive. Plus the Regus community of 2.5 million people allows employees from different companies to interact, make connections, and land new opportunities that otherwise might not have crossed their paths. 

The growth of Regus across the US means that all different types of businesses are clients, from small startups to well-established companies with long histories. Alexander & Haberman Agency, a small health-insurance brokerage with eight employees in the suburbs outside of Minneapolis, sells health insurance, group insurance, and Medicare. They have been in a Regus office space for three years. “Previously we were one centralized business office in Bloomington, MN and a home office,” says Caleb Haberman, a licensed insurance broker. “We chose Regus offices because of their convenient locations and ability to move seamlessly throughout the metro area servicing our clients, as well as the customer service that our Regus staff bring to the experience.”

Alexander & Haberman are currently using a number of the Regus products to help their business grow, including day offices at multiple locations, IT and mail services, specialty services like front desk scheduling appointments and handing out client forms, plus beverages throughout the day – and even gym facilities. It’s also the intangibles that the Regus staff handle that are so valuable to businesses like theirs. “I was using a conference room in the Eagan building for a Medicare workshop for our clients where we discuss carrier-specific plans and Medicare basics,” recalls Haberman. “It was in the basement and the technology was not working properly, and the staff offered support with different solutions that helped me bridge the gap, making it possible to continue the workshop and not have to cancel on short notice. Then they were able to find the missing technology component and get me ready for the second workshop in short order. They made the experience less stressful.”

Founded in Chicago in 1856, Rand McNally, the mapping and publishing company, is still headquartered in the city of Big Shoulders, but in the 1950s moved to the suburb of Skokie, Illinois. In 2018, when their latest 10-year lease expiration was coming up on their existing office space, the company decided it was interested in a shorter-term lease and a more central location. Finding what they wanted in central Chicago with traditional office providers wasn’t easy. After considering options all around greater Chicago, they decided on a Regus building not far from O’Hare International Airport and on Chicago’s Blue Line with a direct connection to downtown Chicago. Rand McNally was able to rent out an entire floor and Regus was able to accommodate their needs with a full custom build-out. An open plan feel was devised, and walls were removed, team rooms expanded, and some private offices were added as well. “We have found that our employees have ample space, are productive, and have been pleasantly surprised,” says Bob Delaney, Vice President and General Counsel of Rand McNally, about the move.


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