Top 10 tips for renting your first office space

Posted on: 19th December 2022

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Top 10 tips for renting your first office spaceTop 10 tips for renting your first office space

Making the decision to rent your very first office space for your business can feel like quite a challenge. That's where Regus comes in, as we're here to guide you through this crucial choice.

In this article, we'll walk you through the essential considerations before renting an office space to help you make a well-informed decision.

What are the key benefits of renting office space?

Opting for an office space rental can facilitate in-person interactions among your team members. This can be instrumental in building rapport, reinforcing your company's culture, and promoting effective collaboration.

When you choose a Regus membership, you gain access to a vast network of over 3,000 office locations worldwide. This offers flexibility across our extensive network of business lounges, coworking spaces, and office areas.

The days of dealing with inflexible traditional office space leases are over.

What to keep in mind before renting an office

There’s plenty to consider when looking for office space to rent, ranging from where you choose to work to the amenities and facilities that a location offers. Below, we explore these factors more.

1. Office location

Selecting the right office location involves taking into account your employees' commute times and their home locations. It's advisable to seek office spaces in areas conveniently accessible via public transport to ensure ease of commuting for your staff.

There’s also your industry and working style to consider. For example, if you’re looking for ample networking opportunities and lots of workers based in a city center, a central location would be ideal.

The same would not be true of quieter, smaller teams that don’t require city center access, as locations on the outskirts of a city may be better suited. These locations are likely to be cheaper too, so that’s always a benefit for such a team.

2. Size

Whether you’re a small startup or an established company, ensuring you have the right size office is always an important factor. Small spaces for small teams and larger spaces for larger teams seems obvious, but it goes beyond this.

For example, if your team mostly works hybrid, a small office could accommodate even larger teams. Predicting your company's growth rate is another crucial aspect when choosing an office space.

If you anticipate rapid expansion, Regus offers flexible membership options to assist you in scaling your brand, whether on a local or international scale. We provide various office sizes tailored to accommodate diverse working styles.

3. Local amenities

It’s worth considering what amenities are available around your chosen office space. Everything from green spaces for lunchtime walks to entertainment options for client meetings can make or break a location’s value to your business.

Regus offices are often situated in central locations, providing convenient access to local eateries, coffee shops, and public transport. This accessibility is a crucial factor to consider when choosing your ideal office space.

4. Facilities and amenities

While having excellent restaurants, coffee shops, and bars just outside your building is always a plus, it’s important to see what’s closer at hand.

Carefully assessing the facilities and amenities offered before committing to an office space is vital. Equipping your team with a fully functional office space can make a substantial difference in employee satisfaction.

Regus provides a wide range of amenities in our facilities, including Wi-Fi, well-appointed kitchens, and complimentary hot beverages.

5. Layout

Choosing an office layout that aligns with your business needs and projects your brand image is of utmost importance. Consider how the layout and design can influence your staff's well-being and their interactions within the space.

Before finalizing your office space choice, reflect on the impression you want to create for your clients and how the layout can contribute to your objectives.

6. Budgets

Evaluating whether your chosen office space fits within your budget requires a cost-benefit analysis.

Luckily, there are options for different office spaces beyond simply paying by the desk. You can choose coworking spaces, virtual offices, and other options that accommodate hybrid working.

Regus offers transparent pricing options. Simply select a membership that aligns with your needs and the number of employees you intend to accommodate, and we'll provide you with a personalized quote.

7. Culture

A location’s culture is particularly important for businesses looking to take advantage of coworking spaces and communal areas. If you’re sharing a space with other businesses for most of your working hours, it’s important to ensure the culture is accommodating.

Our inclusive Regus community can connect your business with some of the world's largest companies that share your workspace. If you're looking to expand your clientele and enjoy the process, Regus offers a wide range of events, including those focused on well-being.

8. Accessibility

Accessibility goes beyond simply being able to travel to and from the office. It’s important to ensure that anyone can freely come and go from your office space, whether they need a ramp for wheelchairs or elevators to easily access and descend the building.

We prioritize accessibility to create an inclusive workspace for everyone. Our offices are designed for easy access, and our friendly on-site team is always ready to provide support and assistance.

9. Networking opportunities

If you're keen on building valuable business relationships, consider selecting a space that offers a wide range of events and networking opportunities. This can range from regularly scheduled networking events to more informal meetups in breakout areas.

Regus hosts various events and workshops, providing ample opportunities for networking and professional growth.

10. The different types of office spaces available

Finally, when it comes to office space rental, there's a variety of workspace options to explore, each catering to specific goals, team dynamics, and company culture:

- Customizable Offices: Customizable offices are ideal if you often have client meetings and want to assert your brand image. You can customize your workspace to reflect your brand by incorporating your logo and other branding elements. This option is perfect for hosting client meetings and reinforcing your brand identity.

- Serviced Offices: Serviced office spaces are fully equipped spaces that come with access to meeting rooms, business lounges, and catering services. It's the hassle-free choice for businesses seeking a fully managed office solution.

- Private Offices: Exclusive spaces within shared office buildings, ideal for companies or individuals seeking privacy. Regus offers flexibility, whether you need a dedicated desk or a private office.

In addition to these options, Regus provides coworking spaces, dedicated desks, and business lounges to cater to various business needs and preferences.

What are the costs of office space rentals?

When it comes to renting office spaces with Regus, the cost of renting an office space depends on several factors:

- Membership Type: Choose from coworking, hot desks, or private offices.

- Number of Employees: Specify how many employees you need to accommodate.

- Location: Prices may vary based on the city and its proximity to key business areas.

How to secure an office space rental with Regus

To initiate the process of renting office space through Regus, simply download the Regus app. You can also reach out to us and receive a personalized quote based on your office space requirements.


Regus offers office spaces worldwide, making it easy to establish your business presence in different cities or countries. Whether you're expanding locally or internationally, our office spaces are available to support you and your business.

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