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Posted on: 17th December 2019

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The flexspace industry has matured to offer an array of brands and services to tailor-make your working world

The flexspace industry has matured to offer an array of brands and services to tailor-make your working world


The flexspace industry has matured to offer an array of brands and services to tailor-make your working world

A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t good enough – flexible workspace works harder to bring your business bespoke products and services.

When looking for somewhere to base your business, what are your non-negotiables? Location? Price? The right kind of atmosphere? Free coffee? If you could create your dream office from top to bottom, what would it be like?

These days, we all expect so much more from workspace. We have a greater understanding of how our office environment can affect our mental state – how it can lead to better productivity or, conversely, leave us feeling uninspired and a little flat. Instead of committing to leasing any old desk in any old available office space we can afford, we invest time in weighing up our options. Business-owners recognise how the right base can help them build their network, strike a better work/life balance by cutting out the commute, and deliver value for money by offering useful services to pick and choose from.

For this reason, the popularity of flexible workspace continues to rise. Offering the option of a buzzy coworking environment with designer desks, or a sleek private office with public areas shared with local movers and shakers, it lets companies and entrepreneurs find an office environment that’s their perfect match – or tailor-make a workspace to suit their needs.

Regus is part of IWG, which owns an array of flexspace brands including SPACES, No18, Signature and HQ – and each one is aimed at catering to various working styles and kinds of companies. Business can opt to base different teams and departments across a number of brands – perhaps your design department would benefit from the creative community vibe at SPACES, while the sales staff need the professionalism of a private office in a downtown Regus location where they can host clients, for example. Rather than placing all employees under the same roof, the ubiquity and diversity of flexspace as we enter the 2020s makes it easier than ever for businesses to find office space that feels like it was made for them and their employees, and to take a more creative strategy when leasing workspace.

The option of a shorter lease is what attracts many businesses to flexspace in the first place – and is one of the ways it offers a more customisable experience than conventional office space. It gives businesses the flexibility to grow without a long-term commitment to staying in exactly the same place, and with less risk involved too. Flexspace also allows companies to revisit the amount of workspace they are leasing – to upscale or downsize in line with their business outlook – so they’re only using and paying for resources that are actually needed.

In terms of the look and feel of flexspace locations, there’s generally a more contemporary, design-led vibe, and greater freedom to customise the layout of a space compared with traditional offices. For example, the Regus “Design Your Office” service lets businesses personalise their private office free of charge, and choose the sofas, coffee tables, office chairs and more.

Having office-management services included – think cleaning, IT support, and friendly receptionists – allows teams to focus on the work at hand rather than the hassle of maintaining an office. While these services are part and parcel of a Regus membership, there are other products that businesses can opt for to customise their experience further. 

For example, as part of your company’s business continuity plan, you can choose one of Regus’s Workplace Recovery Solutions, which gives your team an alternative, back-up Regus location to access when your main office becomes unusable during an issue like a snowstorm or an IT failure. Or, if you’re planning on expanding into a new region or city, you can use the Virtual Office Service and make a Regus location your local business address – where all of your mail and phone calls will be handled by trained staff on the ground.

There are more than 3,000 locations worldwide, and Regus’s 2.5 million members are able to drop into them when they need – whether it’s to meet an overseas client in a private meeting room, or to send off a contract from the comfort of a Regus business lounge before catching a flight home. Being a member goes beyond customising the use of a single physical workspace – it lets businesses pick and choose when and where they want to work around the world, creating a truly bespoke way of operating your business.


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