Five employee experience platforms to boost morale and wellbeing

Posted on: 11th November 2021

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Whether your team works from home, your company HQ, or from a flexspace that’s local to them, it’s important to have a good, solid employee experience platform in place so they can have an effective and collaborative professional community wherever they happen to work.

Employee engagement platforms are a hi-tech way for companies to solicit feedback from their staff, recognise individual achievements and promote positive connections among their teams. “We’re not building software for HR anymore – we’re building it for employees,” said global industry analyst, Josh Bersin, during his keynote speech at HR Technology Conference 2020. “And if employees don’t find it useful, if it doesn’t fit into ‘the flow of work’, then it’s not going to be used.”

More and more companies are starting to recognise that employees no longer need to commute into central business districts on a daily basis, and instead can use professional flexspaces in their local neighbourhoods. They are also increasingly recognising that the hybrid model leads to more productive, engaged and happy workers. Not only that, but the latest technologies can improve the employee experience – for example, the Regus app lets users book coworking space or meeting rooms by the day or by the hour.

Check out these five employee experience platforms to engage hybrid teams.

Boost the company culture One of the leading platforms is Culture Amp, which works with more than 4,000 companies around the globe – including Ticketmaster, SoulCycle and Etsy. Culture Amp is all about helping your people thrive healthily in the workplace. Named as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021 by Fast Company, the platform helps CEOs connect with their people and managers lead their teams, while employees see improved engagement with their colleagues. It allows leaders to collect anonymous feedback from their staff about how they feel at work and uses organisational psychologists and data scientists to tailor questions to monitor employees’ wellbeing.

Create a buzz at work One of the most important factors in retaining employees is that they feel valued and heard. UK-based WorkBuzz is a boon for the hybrid way of working. The intuitive dashboard can be tailored to your company and highlights the factors that drive engagement, whether these mean boosting morale, issuing feedback or offering guidance on work matters. Not only that, but this bright, modern interface means managers can develop an open culture of feedback, as well as publicly celebrate brilliant work, which is all good for our wellbeing.

District connections More than half of all employees use three or more devices for work, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. District is the workplace experience platform that has been optimised for use on mobile phones and tablets. Not only does it have a health-check facility, where employees can report their current health status before returning to the office, but it also has a real-time event booking facility so you can arrange everything from virtual yoga classes to practical workshops for your team.

Don't worry, be Happeo Happeo is an intranet, enterprise social network and collaboration platform that brings all your people together – whether they work in head office, at home or in a local coworking space. Fully integrated with Google Workspace, the Happeo platform connects employees across departments and locations, while the smart, straightforward interface enables them to collaborate on different projects. It makes the onboarding process more seamless and keeps the company values, targets and objectives at everyone’s fingertips. The platform can be branded to look like your company and users are able to direct message, video call and update the calendar with meetings and events.

Boost morale with Kudos A lack of appreciation is often cited as one of the main reasons employees leave their jobs, and when you have a distributed workforce it can be hard to see the signs when someone is unhappy. The Canadian-based Kudos app offers an employee experience platform that focuses on relationships and nurtures an organisation’s culture. Think of it as a private social network that monitors employee recognition, shares feedback and manages meetings, leader boards etc, which makes it easier for distributed workforces to stay truly connected.

With locations in thousands of neighbourhoods all over the world, find out how Regus can help your teams stay connected in the new hybrid world of work.

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