What are mail forwarding services and why you should use them

Posted on: 27th April 2023

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Mail forwarding services have become increasingly popular as businesses and entrepreneurs operate internationally and embrace remote working. Mail forwarding has moved forward, digitalising its processes to be as efficient as possible.

Whether you opt for a simple mail forwarding service or set up a full-service virtual office, you should consider opting for a virtual mailbox. Read on, below, to learn more about mail forwarding services and why you should use them.

What is mail forwarding?

A mail forwarding service allows you to receive your post and manage your mail anywhere in the world. A mail-forwarding business address offers many benefits to different types of businesses and individuals.

Typically, post is sent to one address and then posted on to its final destination. In many cases, you will get a new physical address that can be used to receive redirected and direct mail.

In recent years, mail forwarding has gone digital. This allows recipients to receive their physical mail in a PDF file or email in an instant. Not only is this a faster and more efficient solution, but it is also more environmentally friendly.

Virtual office mailing address

A virtual office address mailing service allows you to receive mail at a different address than the one you operate from. For example, if you run your business and work from home, you can use a third-party address to forward your mail to your home.

How do mailing addresses and virtual addresses differ?

A mailing address is used only for mail. When you want to receive mail, you get it posted to your mailing address and then forwarded to the address where you live or work from.

Usually, business mail forwarding services can either forward the mail to you by traditional post, scan a copy digitally, or hold it for collection.

A virtual business address in the UK for example can be used to register your business with Companies House. You can also use this address on your business cards and other communication. Virtual address services often offer meeting rooms and office space rentals if you need to host a meeting or event.

Besides offering a virtual address for businesses, they offer fax forwarding and telephone answering services.

How does mail forwarding work?

Mail forwarding is like having someone in all the time to collect your mail at a specific address. It is then sorted and posted to you or securely put aside for you to collect.

Why use a mail forwarding service?

A virtual mailbox service is a convenient arrangement for many businesses and entrepreneurs. This service is popular among startups and freelancers that work remotely and require a company address and don’t want to use their home address.

Key benefits of a mail forwarding service

  • Increased status and prominence: having a business address and phone number in a sought-after location can help your business to increase its prominence and status as an international business
  • Flexible service and contracts: you can choose and change what happens to your post at any time. Also, you are not tied down to long-term contracts
  • Cost-effective: you will save on postal rates as the accumulated mail can be posted all together in one envelope or package
  • Private and discreet: you can run your business from any location around the world, without having to give clients or other partners your personal address or office address

When can mail forwarding be useful?

There are many situations in which mail forwarding is useful. For people living and working overseas, an international mail forwarding service is an ideal solution for keeping in touch and staying on top of your mail.

Mail forwarding services are also popular among those who don’t have time to make trips to the post office, travelling workers, and anyone who wants their post forwarded in bulk.

If you are relocating to a different office, a mail forwarding service is a good solution for bridging the gap and avoiding any lost mail mishaps.

How do I set up a virtual mailing address?

It is easy to set up a mail forwarding service or virtual address. You will just need to choose your provider and purchase the type of service you need.

Usually, your business mailing address or virtual office service is ready to use the same day. With Regus, you can set up a virtual office and business address service where you can save on mail forwarding costs.


Can a virtual office forward mail?

Yes, if you subscribe to the service that includes a virtual business address with mail forwarding. Sometimes this service is included in your virtual office package, but in some cases, it is an add-on.

How do you collect mail from a virtual address?

Your mail forwarding service will sort your post and send it directly to your chosen address. Some providers allow you to collect your mail in person if you wish to.

Do I have to wait longer for my mail to arrive?

Typically, mail forwarding services forward the mail to its final destination on the same day they receive it. They will usually keep you updated by email or phone.

Will mail forwarding stop my mail from going to my old address?

If you move to a new address, you need to inform anyone who sends you physical mail about this change so your mail can reach the correct address.

What is virtual office mail forwarding?

Virtual office mail forwarding allows businesses to receive mail at an address different from the one they work from. Then, the mail forwarding service posts the mail to the address the person or company is working from.

Many professionals that work remotely prefer to use a third-party address than their home address.

Can I receive parcels with the service?

Most mail forwarding services can accept parcels and signed-for documents, which the mail handling team will sign for.

If you are expecting a large parcel, it is a good idea to inform your mail-handling team in advance.

The difference between post forwarding and virtual mail forwarding?

A post-forwarding service allows you to forward your mail from one location to another in bulk.

Virtual mail forwarding lets you forward individual items on a case-by-case basis. It also lets you forward mail to different destinations and lets you manage your post online.

Use mail forwarding and virtual offices with Regus

Now, you should have a better understanding of mail forwarding and virtual addresses and how they can benefit your business and streamline your processes. If you are ready to get started or want to find out more, take a look at our virtual office and mail forwarding services.

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