A Guide to Office Space in Milton Keynes

Posted on: 9th October 2023

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As it continues to attract businesses of any size and industry, Milton Keynes continues to be a hub for office space potential.

Once a quaint village, Milton Keynes has evolved into a vibrant modern town pulsating with business energy.

Over the years, it has become a magnet for diverse industries, from tech to the creative arts. Rich in history, its transformation is a testament to strategic vision and innovation.

Why choose a Milton Keynes office space for business?

Milton Keynes is a city that promises potential. As businesses search for fertile grounds, it stands out as a unique offering, located between London and Birmingham.

Its rapid evolution demonstrates an adaptability and foresight that smaller cities have yet to adopt.

The town's landscape merges tradition with innovation and has become a haven for a variety of industry sectors.

The key commercial principle of Milton Keynes is collaboration. With partnerships, such as those with the InvestMK Team, new pathways are created between businesses.

The town also offers diverse office spaces tailored to various needs. All this collaboration means a Milton Keynes office isn't just an option, it's an opportunity.

Top business areas of Milton Keynes

There are many in-demand areas to explore and find your ideal office space to rent in Milton Keynes. These include:


The Milton Keynes Business Improvement District, or MK BID, supports local companies in the area. Created by businesses for businesses, it offers many benefits like giving enterprises a say and helping promote their services.

Its success is shown by the 95% of businesses that voted to continue it for another term. The MK BID is a great organisation that helps businesses grow and work together.

Unity Place

One of Milton Keynes' newer commercial hotspots, Unity Place, combines work and leisure. Spanning eight floors, it offers dining, business, and health services. It’s also close to Milton Keynes centre for ease of access.

It was designed with health and well-being at the heart of its sustainability. This ensured it would be a positive addition to the Milton Keynes' environment.

This eco-consciousness has been paired with the provision of spaces that focus on wellness and support. As such, Unity Place exemplifies the city's forward-thinking vision.

Caldecotte Lake Business Park

Caldecotte Lake Business Park in Milton Keynes provides over 172,000 sq ft of modern office spaces within a serene lakeside environment.

It offers luxury on-site amenities, including a gym and Lakeshore Kitchen for freshly made meals. It's also well-connected, with central Milton Keynes just a 10-minute drive away.

With its premier amenities and tranquil backdrop, Caldecotte Lake Business Park is a noteworthy locale for any company. Its luxury offices showcase the high calibre of private spaces available in Milton Keynes.

Why you should rent an office in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes offers unique benefits that make it an outstanding choice for your office location.

Here's what sets it apart from other cities in the UK:

Diverse industry sectors

British businesses are always searching for new markets to expand into or establish headquarters. Milton Keynes is a great choice because it has diverse industries that cover the entire UK's business scene.

For decades, the local economy has relied on services and production as its mainstay. Now, Milton Keynes stands at the forefront of the latest and greatest in technology.

It’s even recognised as one of the best cities in the UK for new and emerging technologies.

This recognition cements the city as an outpost for 'new economy' businesses. These businesses offer advanced services like self-driving cars, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

But Milton Keynes' ongoing success is still tied to its traditional roots. The Open University, Network Rail, and Santander all have major offices here.

Other big names that have their headquarters here include catalogue retailer Argos, Homebase, and electronics giants Bush.

By renting an office in Milton Keynes, businesses have access to a thriving, commercial ecosystem. The city recognizes the future of this economy, giving unbridled opportunities to take advantage of.

Growth of industries

Milton Keynes has positioned itself to become a dominant economic player in the UK. It is expecting a year-on-year GVA growth of 2.6%.

The city's strategic positioning in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc is a major driver of this growth. This is a globally renowned area for commercial innovation, intending to build a better future, economically, environmentally, and socially.

Milton Keynes has many tech businesses that are important for the UK's recent growth. The city's economy is changing due to both local successes and foreign investments.

Businesses can benefit from aligning themselves with Milton Keynes, a hub of innovation and a thriving tech ecosystem.

Transport links

Milton Keynes has great transport links, connecting it to London, Birmingham, and other parts of the UK.

The M1 motorway and National Rail connections from Milton Keynes Station ensure swift connections across the country. Being close to international airports like Luton and Birmingham enables connections to global markets.

For drivers, the well-organised grid system of roads allows for effortless navigation across the city.

For those opting for public transport, there are many eco-friendly options. Not only are there MK MyBuses, but you can also make use of e-scooters and the MK Connect rideshare service.

With a serviced office in Milton Keynes, businesses can assure employees and clients they have easy access into and across the city.

Proximity to London

Situated just 50 miles north of London, Milton Keynes reaps the benefits of the capital whilst avoiding its costs. Businesses enjoy a tranquil environment but remain connected to the capital city’s vast economic landscape.

A serviced office space in Milton Keynes not only offers access to a larger talent pool for potential employees. It also creates new collaborative opportunities.

With its many industry conferences and workshops, being close to London will naturally grow any business network.

Tech hub and innovation

Milton Keynes has its historic roots in technology, with Bletchley Park being the home of the first computer. Since then, the city has only pushed further with innovation and stands as a commercial champion of cutting-edge technology.

With a notable workforce and a high startup rate, the city competes with major UK cities in the tech sector.

One such startup success is Starship, a drone delivery service first established in Milton Keynes in 2015. In 2022, it received a government grant of £1 million to expand within the city.

This is to develop and test new drones that can watch traffic, deliver secure parcels, and inspect buildings. It will even be trusted to deliver vital medical supplies.

Milton Keynes is also touted as one of the country's leaders in AI, and now just through local industry leaders, such as the machine learning platform Celaton.

It’s also through the establishment of academic institutions dedicated to galvanising the next leaders in AI. This includes MK College’s Institute of Technology and the upcoming MK: U.

Business growth potential

Milton Keynes is a hub of robust business support, with various initiatives to boost growth and cater to its diverse community. Key support programmes include:

● Government’s Town Fund for Bletchley and Fenny Stratford: The fund has secured £22.7m. The goal is to grow the economy in Bletchley and Fenny Stratford, making productivity better and sustainable.

● Milton Keynes Economic Recovery Plan (ERP): A £3.5 million initiative running until Spring 2024. It offers tailored support in partnership with the local business community. In particular, it places emphasis on programmes for young individuals and women.

● Local and National Collaboration: Over two years, partnerships with more than 30 entities have supported 1,100 local businesses and over 4,200 residents. This covers a spectrum of sectors, from tech to the creative arts.

● Milton Keynes Development Partnership: Beyond business, this partnership focuses on developing land assets. It’s looking to enhance Milton Keynes as a prime destination to live and work.

● UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF): A significant part of the "Levelling Up" agenda. Milton Keynes received a notable £3.1m from this fund to invest in local businesses, communities, and skills.

Choosing an office to rent in Milton Keynes means choosing a city with a strategic vision. This vision provides tangible support, ensuring businesses and communities thrive together.

How much is it to rent an office space in Milton Keynes?

Naturally, the total cost of an office space depends on the type of workspace solution you need. However, you can be confident that prices will be cheaper than those you'd find for quality office environments in London.

In 2022, a prime, private office in Milton Keynes costs less than £30 per square foot on average. This is significantly less than what you'd expect to pay in the City of London, where it can cost between £80 and £130 per square foot.

Our office space rentals in Milton Keynes

If you want to take advantage of this growing economic city, we have a premier selection of office spaces in Milton Keynes:

Midsummer Court

Midsummer Court is a landmark location on Midsummer Boulevard in the MK BID. Companies here will be able to easily access the amenities in the area, such as a wide selection of restaurants and shops

The building design allows natural light to flood in, creating a harmonious environment of focus and comfort. It also offers a selection of eateries and boutiques, making for convenient business lunches and quick breaks.

This is a prestigious office space and would be an ideal choice for businesses looking to impress.

Highlights include:

● 24-hour CCTV monitoring
● Disabled facilities
● Vending machines

Information about 48 Warwick Street:

● Location: 314 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK9 2UB
● Starting costs: Day offices from £55 per day
● Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members
● Nearby stations: Milton Keynes Central Station (a 15-minute walk away), Central Business Exchange Bus Stop R4 (a two-minute walk away), Santander House Bus Stop W4 (a five-minute walk away)

100 Avebury Boulevard

100 Avebury Boulevard commands a central position in Milton Keynes. It offers a modern office space that merges accessibility with contemporary flair. It also boasts quick connectivity to business hubs in Manchester and London.

This business centre offers spaces that are designed with an intuitive understanding of modern work patterns. This makes it a hub for tech savvies and digital pioneers.

With direct access to Milton Keynes' renowned road grid system, people here can enjoy efficiency in every facet of their day. Surrounding amenities offer sustenance in style, making them ideal for a client luncheon or a team outing.

Highlights include:

● Secure underground parking
● Disabled facilities
● Bicycle storage
● Outside seating area/terrace
● On-site lunch restaurant

Information about 100 Avebury Boulevard:

● Location: 100 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK9 1FH
● Starting costs: Day offices from £69 per day
● Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members
● Nearby stations: Milton Keynes Central station (a five-minute walk away), Santander House bus stop X4 (a 10-minute walk away), Rooksley Retail Park bus stop (a 17-minute walk away)

Atterbury Lakes

Nestled strategically near Junction 14 of the M1, Atterbury Lakes offers its residents unhindered access to many major UK cities.

This office is a celebration of both eco-consciousness and contemporary design. For any eco-centric startup and entrepreneur, this workspace will resonate with your commercial vision.

There are also many convenient on-site amenities to keep employees refreshed whilst also offering a collaborative and cooperative space.

Highlights include:

● Business park location
● Disabled facilities
● Sandwich Service
● On-site lunch restaurant
● Outside seating area/terrace

Information about Atterbury Lakes:

● Location: Fairbourne Drive, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK10 9RG
● Starting costs: Day offices from £49 per day
● Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members
● Nearby stations: Bressingham Gate bus stop (a five-minute walk away), Griffith Gate bus stop (a 12-minute walk away), Commodore Close bus stop (a 13-minute walk away)

How to find an office space in Milton Keynes

Conveniently situated in the centre of the UK and teeming with digital prowess, Milton Keynes draws in businesses with its conviction for growth and collaboration.

From startups harnessing the city's tech DNA to larger brands leveraging its strategic location, an office space here is a pledge to future success.

Discover our Milton Keynes offices and work your way with Regus.

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