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Posted on: 29th August 2023

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Manchester’s economy is buzzing, vibrant, and strong. It’s home to businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. The city's bright future seems assured thanks to how many companies base themselves in this northwestern powerhouse.

Many consider Manchester as the UK's second city and it’s expected to be the third-fastest growing area in the country. The city is already Britain’s leading destination outside London for inward investment.

Business owners benefit from having significant venture capital and the private equity sector on their doorstep. That's one of the many reasons why Manchester companies are among the fastest growing.

Two key factors behind the city's bright prospects are its talented people and accessibility.

First, Manchester workers are considered among the most productive in the UK outside London and the southeast. Second, there are also great road, rail, tram and train links with Manchester Airport, a major regional hub, close by.

Below, we look at some of the city’s key sectors and which of Regus’ Manchester offices are best suited to a range of industries and businesses.

Manchester's key industries and business sectors

Manchester's economy is both expansive and diverse. Once relying almost exclusively on the fortunes of its manufacturing, it no longer relies on just one sector.

Instead, it's building on its future prosperity by targeting excellence in a wide variety of high-growth sectors.

Key industries in the city include:

● Digital, media and creative: The city is a magnet for creatives with major TV, radio, advertising and games design companies.

● Software: There are leading cybersecurity, SaaS and computer programming companies in Manchester.

● Manufacturing technology: Come to Manchester for cutting-edge AI, robotics and automation firms.

● Greentech: Businesses in the city are also leading the way in creating sustainable and net-zero tech.

● Health: Manchester companies innovate in MedTech and research into health conditions.

● Fintech: Some of the UK's biggest fintech companies are from Manchester including Zuto and Hydr.

● FPBS: The city is one of Europe's largest financial, professional and business services hubs with 20,000+ employees.

Over 20 years of focused investment in the city has attracted some of Britain's and the world's most talented workers. This has made Manchester a great place to start and grow a business.

Cost-effective solution for startups and small businesses

Compared to standard office leases, choosing short-term office space in Manchester makes more sense. That's especially so for startups and small businesses.

A Regus private office in Greater Manchester from Regus is much more flexible than a traditional office lease.

Traditional leases usually require long-term commitments, on average spanning from three to five years. This makes it harder and more expensive for businesses to scale up or down as needed.

Leasing offices with Regus offers the opportunity to completely avoid this problem.

You also benefit from having a prestigious address on your website and business cards for a fraction of the price. Also, we fully equip all our centres with high-speed internet, WiFi, meeting rooms, and reception services.

Taking managed offices from Regus saves time and money and you can move in as soon as tomorrow.

Manchester's vibrant business community

Manchester is a place of creativity, technology and collaboration.

It's a city where startups rub shoulders and do business with bigger established firms all the time. Every company here is part of the city's growth story and adds to its atmosphere.

The universities have also played a significant role in driving this growth and development. They work alongside local businesses on a variety of projects and are always exploring new opportunities to collaborate.

Another key element to Manchester’s ever-growing business community is the steady stream of talented graduates. 51.5% of graduates stay on after getting their degrees, the second highest in the UK, and bring their newly acquired expertise to local businesses.

Networking opportunities

You'll find many industry events, seminars, conferences and networking meetings across Manchester.

These range from frequent events held by The Business Network Manchester to female entrepreneur-focused events, such as those by Pink Link Ladies and Unique Ladies UK Limited.

The knowledge-sharing and informal partnerships that happen here fuel creativity and innovation. That's part of the reason why so many businesses that make the headlines come from Manchester.

Within Regus centres, you’ll join an ecosystem designed to help you thrive, learn, and grow together with other businesses. There's space to interact and team up with others in our meeting rooms and break-out areas.

A range of support services

At Regus’s Manchester offices, we take care of everything so you can work how you want.

We provide you with professional receptionists who can greet visitors, answer calls and handle your mail. Our talented teams can also provide you with full administrative support. You have access to printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines and shredders when you need them.

We provide high-speed WiFi, video conferencing and IT support. We have the latest VoIP systems installed too so you can take, receive and redirect incoming calls.

We also keep our centres clean and tidy so you create the right impression when you have visitors.

Location Matters: find your perfect Manchester serviced office space

Check out the six Regus centres in Manchester below to find out what they offer:

Adamson House

Adamson House is located in Didsbury, near Manchester's 'stockbroker belt', and is a much sought-after area of the city. Its fast-growing tech scene is energised by pioneers like Itecco, Siemens, Cisco, and Blume Group.

The amenities at our Didsbury centre are well-matched to the requirements of tech businesses. Superfast broadband ensures optimal connectivity, and our state-of-the-art videoconferencing studio caters to digital meetings with clients and partners.

In addition to this, Adamson House provides opportunities to engage and network.

The break-out areas and the outside seating area foster a dynamic tech community, offering more than just a space to relax. Regular industry-specific meetups and tech talks held in these spaces enrich the potential for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The centre also recognises the evolving needs of tech companies, offering flexible spaces that can be tailored for project sprints, brainstorming sessions or hackathons.  Even on your busiest days, the on-site vending machines and a sandwich service are at your disposal.

The centre's 24-hour CCTV monitoring offers reassuring protection for sensitive tech equipment and your IP. There's also secure underground parking.

The district of Didsbury offers a diverse food scene and numerous shopping opportunities. Take advantage of them to entertain clients and for team-building exercises.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Business park location

● Raised floors

Information about Adamson House:

● Address: Regus Didsbury, Wilmslow Road, Manchester M20 2YY

● Private offices: from £205 per month per user

● Coworking space: from £189 per month per user

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Didsbury Cricket Club - Stop M (a four-minute walk away)

Peter House

Peter House is a vibrant, fully renovated office centre in the heart of Manchester right on the main square. This is the ideal location for financial companies needing serviced offices in Manchester city centre.

In the city's innovation and academic quarters, it's on the doorstep of Manchester's fast-growing finance firms. Manchester's FinTech ecosystem is the largest in the UK outside of London, making it great for networking.

The centre's large windows invite daylight into the private offices and coworking spaces, creating a lively and productive atmosphere The in-house sandwich/coffee bar ensures that busy finance professionals are never too far from a quick meal.

Take advantage of the many meeting rooms for interviewing, training and holding workshops. Use the breakout areas for a moment's relaxation or impromptu brainstorming sessions.

The centre recognises the stress that can come with working in the finance sector.

To promote a balanced work-life approach, it offers wellness spaces like the terrace. These provide a calming escape from the high-stakes finance world.

This sense of a reassuring environment is further bolstered by Peter House’s 24-hour CCTV monitoring.

Conveniently located, it also has excellent transport links. With a tram stop just a short walk away, your commute is made easy.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● On-site sandwich and coffee bar

● Break-out areas

Information about Peter House:

● Address: Oxford Street, Manchester M1 5AN

● Private offices: from £209 per month per user

● Coworking space: from £199 per month per user

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Oxford Street - Stop SV (a three-minute walk away)

● Nearest tram stop: St Peter's Square (a five-minute walk away)

3 Hardman Street

For small companies, basing yourself in the prestigious 3 Hardman Street sends a powerful message.

It communicates your ambitious intent, boosting confidence among clients and staff alike. Rubbing shoulders with not only other striving companies but multinational corporations too, you're sure to be in good company.

With 16 stories and a double-height atrium. it captivates clients and employees at first sight.  The steel and glass facade encloses column-free offices with stylish raised floor areas, presenting a luminous and spacious working ambience.

With an outdoor terrace and indoor breakout areas, the centre encourages both relaxation and spontaneous brainstorming. Hosting regular networking events, the centre fosters a strong community atmosphere where collaboration thrives.

Room for growth is critical, and 3 Hardman Street offers this advantage. As your business expands, the centre can accommodate you with larger offices and additional services, making it a perfect choice for growing businesses.

At 3 Hardman Street, you'll enjoy complete accessibility with secure underground parking and full disability access, elevators, and showers. There’s also added the reassurance of 24-hour CCTV monitoring, which provides an extra element of security for those who may be commuting into the city from a less bustling environment.

Immerse yourself in the best of Manchester with a variety of fine dining and shopping destinations. Choose from one of 60 serviced offices in Spinningfields with Regus, perfectly positioned for client meetings and after-work wind-downs.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Showers

● Major transport links

Information about 3 Hardman Street:

● Address: 3 Hardman Street, Manchester M3 3HF

● Private offices: from £259 per month per user

● Coworking space: from £249 per month per user

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: John Rylands Library - Stop WH (a four-minute walk away)

● Nearest train stations: Manchester Piccadilly and Victoria Station (each a 14-minute walk away)

St James Tower

St James Tower is a beacon of modern architecture in Manchester city centre.

It's a short walk away from Piccadilly Gardens and right in the heart of the Northern tech cluster. This strategic location, coupled with the appeal of short-term office space, makes this centre a certified choice among startups.

In a prime location with a first-class address, the competitive rates at Regus St James Tower safeguard your startup's bottom line. You not only protect your bottom line but you're in the right place to network and collaborate with other great startups.

With the ever-evolving needs of startups in mind, St James Tower offers flexible office spaces that can grow in tandem with your team. You can scale up or down based on your requirements, allowing you to focus on the growth of your business.

As a startup, your networking opportunities at St James Tower extend beyond just the right location. Regus centres regularly host networking events in communal lounges, promoting the exchange of ideas and collaboration among our vibrant community of startups.

At St James Tower, the interior design and furnishing are exceptional as is the WiFi. With a dedicated high-speed internet connection, your startup will stay connected and productive.

St James Tower ensures safety and peace of mind with 24-hour CCTV monitoring. Thanks to this, employees can rest assured that they’re able to work in peace, even in the bustling city centre. From work meetings to after-work city exploration, there's a lot in store for you at St James Tower - making it an ideal hub for work and play.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Major transport links

● 24-hour CCTV monitoring

Information about St James Tower:

● Address: 7 Charlotte Street, Manchester M1 4DZ

● Private offices: from £165 per month per user

● Coworking space: from £159 per month per user

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Charlotte Street - Stop CK (a two-minute walk away)

● Nearest train station: Manchester Piccadilly (a 10-minute walk away)

125 Deansgate

125 Deansgate opens its doors to businesses of all sizes, but it's particularly attractive to larger businesses. A significant reason for this is its wide range of private offices, catering to the larger teams that big businesses typically have.

Its central location adds to its allure, offering an exciting blend of work and play for staff. With Manchester Victoria station just a short distance away, commuting is a breeze.

As a modern landmark in the heart of Manchester's urban landscape, 125 Deansgate presents a striking building that is impressive both inside and out.  Its unique finishes and details, coupled with floor-to-ceiling windows, emphasise the centre's open-plan nature.

A key feature that larger businesses appreciate is the vastness of space available at 125 Deansgate. With large office spaces tailored to accommodate big teams comfortably, businesses have the freedom to operate at their best without constraints.

To complement the wide range of private offices, the centre is peppered with numerous amenities ideal for larger businesses.

Seven meeting rooms of varying sizes are at your disposal for training sessions, interviews, or meetings. Breakout areas across all 12 floors cater to spontaneous meetings and relaxed conversations, fostering a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere.

As a larger business, the room for expansion is a crucial factor. 125 Deansgate has been designed with this in mind, offering the ability to scale up as your business grows. This flexibility makes it a preferred choice for businesses with growth on the horizon.

Comprehensive security measures are in place to offer peace of mind.

With on-site parking, a bicycle storage area, and a shower facility in the centre, you have access to an array of features under one roof. This makes 125 Deansgate a highly sought-after location for office spaces in central Manchester.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Major transport links

● Breakout areas

Information about 125 Deansgate:

● Address: 125 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BY

● Private offices: from £239 per month per user

● Coworking space: from £239 per month per user

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: John Dalton Street / Deansgate - Stop WX (a two-minute walk away)

● Nearest train station: Manchester Piccadilly (a six-minute walk away)

Digital World Centre

Digital World Centre is a pivotal player in one of Manchester's most significant post-war developments, MediaCityUK.

In a brief span of 15 years, it has become the chosen home for BBC North, ITV, a myriad of independent production companies, and a bustling digital media cluster. The stunning views from its waterfront location serve as an ever-present source of inspiration.

This centre offers a dynamic array of fully-equipped, contemporary and chic private offices and dedicated desks. There are also shared workspaces designed to foster collaboration and ignite creativity.

The facilities also include exhibition space and a 100-seat auditorium, making it an ideal venue for showcasing creative works or hosting industry events.

Digital World Centre takes the concept of a stimulating environment a notch higher. Whether it's the modern interiors or the relaxing outside terrace, every corner is designed to stimulate creativity.

As a hub for creatives, Digital World Centre regularly hosts networking events in its communal areas. These events not only foster a sense of community but also provide an excellent platform for exchanging ideas and forming collaborations.

Its location in MediaCityUK, the heart of Manchester's creative sector, also presents an exciting opportunity for professional creatives. Being surrounded by renowned media houses and digital clusters opens up endless possibilities for collaborations, networking, and growth.

The centre’s thoughtful amenities like a convenient sandwich service and vending machines for quick bites. There’s even on-site underground parking and showers to cater to all your everyday needs.

As the workday winds down, you can explore and enjoy the shops, bars, and restaurants in this burgeoning area.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Major transport links

● Showers

Information about Digital World Centre:

● Address: The Quays, Manchester M50 3UB

● Private offices: from £165 per month per user

● Coworking space: from £159 per month per user

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: MediaCityUK (a two-minute walk away)

Find Serviced Offices in Manchester with Regus

From flexible office space to coworking spaces, choose one of Regus's six Manchester business centres. Discover your ideal office in Spinningfields, the city centre or Salford Quays.

If business takes you away from Manchester, book space at one of 4,000 worldwide Regus locations with the Regus app. Or wherever you are, you can book Regus coworking spaces, private offices and business lounges from your phone with a Day Pass.

If you're a frequent traveller, consider becoming a Regus member to make savings on every booking.

To find out more about serviced office space in Manchester city centre and beyond, get in touch with us today.

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