8 Reasons to Choose An Office in Oxford Street

Posted on: 12th September 2023

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Oxford Street, Europe’s busiest High Street, is famous for its vibrant retail and social scene. Over a mile long, this bustling road attracts over 70,000 visitors daily, who flock to explore its vast selection of shops, luxury hotels, and restaurants.

But that’s not all Oxford Street has to offer. The renowned road is also popular for businesses looking to establish themselves in the heart of London luxury.

Companies looking to rent office space in London seek quality, convenience, and value. An office in oxford street delivers on all these fronts and more.

And the street’s reputation as a business hub will only continue to strengthen.

Plans are afoot to revitalise its empty shopping spots and transform them into 1.32 million square feet of new business centres within five years. Any businesses choosing an Oxford Street HQ now will be ahead of the curve.

If you’re searching for your next office location, here are eight more reasons why Oxford Street should be your top choice.

8 Reasons To Choose Office Space in Oxford Street

1. Its central location

One reason to choose an office on Oxford Street is its unbeatable Central London location.

Stretching from Tottenham Court Road to Marble Arch, Oxford Street places you within easy walking distance of Soho, Fitzrovia, Mayfair, and more. And the rest of the city is easily accessible by public transport.

The result? Happy employees, happy clients. Your team members will appreciate the convenience and not grumble about lengthy commutes. And clients won’t have any trouble getting to your office, making face-to-face meetings a breeze.

2. It has excellent public transport links

As a result of its central location, Oxford Street is also very well-connected to public transport. Basing your business here ensures easy commuting for your whole team, whether they live in London or not.

Oxford Street is served by four major stations – Oxford Circus, Bond Street, Marble Arch, and Tottenham Court Road. These hubs provide seamless access to the Central, Victoria, Bakerloo, Jubilee, Northern, and Elizabeth Lines.

And that's just on Oxford Street itself. venture a short walk further to find Green Park and Piccadilly Circus stations ready to whisk your team across the city.

Oxford Street is a major nexus for bus travel too, with no fewer than 16 routes coursing through this bustling thoroughfare.

Cycling is also a convenient option for the eco-conscious and fitness enthusiasts in your office.

Oxford Street is replete with bicycle stands and Santander Cycles pick-up/drop-off points. There are also currently promising plans to further enhance these facilities soon.

And for those commuting from beyond the capital, there are three key National Rail stations. Charing Cross, Euston and Paddington are conveniently accessible.

Whether by a swift tube journey, a brisk cycle, or a pleasant walk, these stations are closer than you think.

3. There are offices to suit every business

Oxford Street offices come in many shapes and sizes, making them suitable for all kinds of businesses.

Whether you want a shared or private setup, whether you’re a startup or a big team, you have plenty of choices. Hot desks, coworking spaces, and private offices are all available at Oxford Street.

You can also pick whichever solution suits you.

If you’re thinking about renting offices in Soho or the classy Mayfair district, you’ll find more modern and traditional options. With so many options, Oxford Street office space can meet the needs of any business.

4. It’s surprisingly affordable

Rental offices in London can be expensive, especially when you want to be central. But, surprisingly, you can secure affordable office space on Oxford Street.

Despite its popularity, a healthy supply helps keep rates competitive. Whilst exact prices will vary by size, term of agreement, the specific office, and availability, you can find offices for rent in Soho for just £279 per person per month.

As such, Oxford Street is an excellent option if you’re searching for office space that balances quality and affordability.

5. You’ll have plenty of networking opportunities

Choosing an office on Oxford Street also opens the door to fantastic networking opportunities. It’s a hotspot for the media, creative, and post-production industries, but there are companies in all sectors here.

Big names like PlayStation, Google, and Facebook all have offices near Oxford Street. You’ll find the BBC office by Oxford Circus on Portland Place, while prestigious names like Vogue and Sotheby’s call Mayfair their home.

This blend of sectors creates a fantastic environment for collaboration. You’ll be close to potential partners, clients, and top-tier talent in your field. A host of networking events will also be within easy reach of you.

And if you choose to work from a shared workspace, you’ll even have the chance to connect with these like-minded businesses by the coffee machine.

6. There are plenty of staff perks

While its central location makes commuting easy, your employees won’t want to rush home when you choose an office near Oxford Street. With its huge array of food, drink, and entertainment options, working on Oxford Street is a staff perk in itself.

If you’re looking to organise fun and memorable team events, there are plenty of unique activities in the area. Check out venues like Swingers West End for crazy golf or Flight Club for darts. You could even take on the nearby Crystal Maze.

There’s also a fantastic array of dining options within a 10-minute radius, with cuisines ranging from Sri Lankan to Italian. And remember, Chinatown is also right on the doorstep.

There are plenty of drinking spots, too. Whether your team are looking for a quick post-work beer or artisanal cocktails, you’ll find it all near Oxford Street.

7. It’ll give your business prestige

Due to its fame and reputation, Oxford Street carries status. Having an office here can give your business prestige and set you apart from competitors. This will help to make a lasting impression on potential customers.

It also offers many options to regularly entertain clients.

Being so close to Covent Garden and Leicester Square, you can take them to enjoy live comedy, theatres, opera, casinos, and more. With an office on Oxford Street, it’ll be easier to forge memorable relationships and make your mark in your industry.

8. You can maintain a good work/life balance

Oxford Street is renowned for being a hive of activity, with many recreational activities available to those here. However, this makes it one of London’s best areas to strike a healthy work/life balance.

While it may be the busiest street in Europe, it is surprisingly easy to find quiet moments when needed. Hyde Park, located at the western end just beyond Marble Arch, is an excellent spot for a morning jog or lunchtime walk.

You can also escape to several squares, such as Grosvenor Square and Cavendish Square Gardens when you need a break from your urban surroundings.

There’s also an array of gyms, from Fitness First to F45, making it easy for you and your team to stay active and maintain a balanced lifestyle. And for those seeking a little retail therapy, Oxford Street is one of the world’s most famous shopping streets.

Regus office spaces in Oxford Street

Oxford Street

If you’re looking to rent offices near Soho, consider the Oxford Street centre.

This office is situated right in the heart of this renowned commercial district. This makes it ideal for those looking to embed themselves in London’s retail, broadcasting, film, and hospitality sectors.

The offices are bright and spacious and make for a refreshing contrast to the busy surroundings.

You’ll also have access to attractive breakout areas and meeting rooms, and fast Wi-Fi will ensure you always stay connected. They are also suitable for anyone with a disability.

With its prime location and high-quality facilities, the Oxford Street offices are an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

Highlights include:

● Nearby parking
● Disabled facilities
● 24-hour CCTV monitoring
● Elevator

Information about Oxford Street:

Location: 4 Winsley Street, London, W1W 8HF
Opening hours: 24-hour access for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, Memberships access is only during business hours
Nearby stations: Oxford Circus Underground Station (a four-minute walk away), Tottenham Court Road Underground Station (a seven-minute walk away)

Mayfair Hanover Square

With an iconic location and sophisticated atmosphere, the Mayfair Hanover Square centre brings a blend of prestige and practicality to the heart of London.

It is nestled amongst Mayfair’s elegant Georgian townhouses and designer fashion labels. This exclusive location is sure to leave a lasting and positive impression on your clients.

The light and airy offices create a pleasant and inspiring work environment. Once the day’s over, you’ll find a selection of excellent bars, restaurants, and shops on your doorstep.

You can be confident that you’ll never struggle to entertain clients or reward your employees if you secure an office here.

Highlights include:

● Prestigious location
● 24-hour CCTV monitoring
● Showers
● Elevated floors

Information about Mayfair Hanover Square:

Location: 17 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1BN
Opening hours: 24-hour access for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, Memberships access is only during business hours
Nearby stations: Bond Street Underground Station (a three-minute walk away), Oxford Circus Underground Station (a five-minute walk away)

Marble Arch

Located on the western end of Oxford Street, the Marble Arch centre offers an iconic business address in an ideal location.

The office provides essential amenities like meeting rooms and a business lounge. It even features on-site underground parking for a hassle-free commute for those driving to work.

Hyde Park is also just a few steps away, providing a peaceful escape from the chaos of city life.

Highlights of this space include:

● Disabled facilities
● Secure underground parking
● Showers

Information about Marble Arch:

Location: 25 North Row, London, W1K 6DJ
Opening hours: 24-hour access for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, Memberships access is only during business hours
Nearby stations: Marble Arch Underground Station (a four-minute walk away), Bond Street Underground Station (a five-minute walk away)

Find your ideal office space in Oxford Street with Regus

With its ideal mix of convenience, prestige, and opportunity, choosing an office on Oxford Street is wise for businesses wanting to get the most out of their workspace.

From its respected reputation to its vibrant atmosphere, choosing to base yourself on Oxford Street will surely please employees and clients alike. And with its reasonable rates, your overheads will be happy, too.

At Regus, whether it’s an office in Oxford Street or anywhere in London, our portfolio can suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. Find yours today.

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