Key Business Districts to Establish An Office in London

Posted on: 29th August 2023

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The number of businesses looking for offices in London is increasing. Statistics show that more companies are now upsizing than downsizing in London. Demand for space is now 10% higher than the average level of demand over the last decade.

The City of London is also the richest region in Europe. It’s a hive of activity with 14 historic business clusters and many new ones emerging all the time.

London is taking the lead in emerging industries like fintech, cybersecurity and software-as-a-service. The city is the world's top destination for foreign investment in financial and professional services.

There are many different London business districts to choose from. But with so many districts, it’s crucial to position your business close to your industry for networking and forging collaborations.

You're also more likely to find the employees and contractors you need in those locations to help your business grow.

In this article, we look at Regus office options in six of London’s most dynamic districts. We explore what each centre offers and the benefits of establishing an office in those centres.

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf in East London is one of the world's leading financial hubs. It’s the newer of the two main London financial districts.

Towering over the city skyline, the district hosts many of the world's most important banks and financial institutions. This small, futuristic area of London attracts the world's best talent in finance.

In recent years, Canary Wharf has begun to grow in prominence, both for businesses and culture.

It has a great mix of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues on the waterfront. There's a growing shopping scheme too with designer boutiques nestled next to global retail chains.

Thanks to its DLR, Underground and Crossrail connections, it's easy to get to.

1 Canada Square

1 Canada Square is an international landmark of finance. Base yourself here and you'll be neighbours to banks, wealth managers and credit rating agencies.

That's not all as media giants and international architecture firms have offices here too.

The centre has an on-site lunch restaurant and sandwich bar, perfect for when there's too much to do to leave the office. The internal decor together with the raised floors and suspended ceilings cultivate an air of professionalism.

Hold brainstorming sessions or important presentations in one of the five modern meeting rooms.

At the end of the day, take in the rich cultural scene of Canary Wharf. 1 Canada Square captures the best of London's work-life balance for you and your team.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Airport location

● Breakout Areas

Information about 1 Canada Square:

● Address: 1 Canada Square, London, E14 5AA

● Private offices: from £365 per person per month

● Coworking space: from £349 per person per month

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Canada Square North - Stop H (a one-minute walk away)

● Nearest tube stop: Canary Wharf (a four-minute walk away)

Cabot Square

Cabot Square is a later addition to the Canary Wharf development project.

It's one of the district's distinctive squares and is best known for its beautiful fountain. The Square is also the London home of financial services giants Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley as well as innovative startups.

Our Cabot Square centre features a large rooftop terrace offering stunning views of the city. This is a unique and beautiful space for relaxing, networking, or brainstorming.

Inside, column-free floors flood work areas with natural light. This creates an inspiring environment for you and your colleagues to excel.

This modern centre has on-site lunch options, outdoor seating and 24-hour CCTV monitoring.

There's a buzz about Cabot Square, with a sense of energy here that’s sure to boost company creativity and productivity.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Disability access

● Suspended ceilings

Information about Cabot Square:

● Address: 1 Canada Square, London, E14 5AA

● Private offices: from £365 per person per month

● Coworking space: from £349 per person per month

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Canada Square North - Stop H (a one-minute walk away)

● Nearest tube stop: Canary Wharf (a four-minute walk away)

The City of London

The City of London financial district, colloquially known as the Square Mile, is London's historic heart. Along with New York, it’s one of the two major global financial centres.

It's the epicentre of the country's financial and commercial activities.

Companies flock to the City from around the world, particularly in the finance, law, and insurance sectors. The City is where you find the Stock Exchange and Bank of England.

This is a great place to work too. Base yourself here and surround yourself with a vibrant mix of cultural, shopping, and leisure options.

Experience the history of the city as famous landmarks sit easily next to modern architectural wonders. Enjoy the many retail outlets, high-end restaurants, and traditional pubs.

Getting here is easy too with multiple underground stations, bus routes, and cycle lanes.

30 Moorgate

In a city renowned for the quality of its built environment, 30 Moorgate stands out as a modern exemplar of form and function. It's right in the heart of the city and a sought-after location for both corporations and startups.

Inside, natural light floods the office. The design of the workspaces is modern and stylish.

Choose the best spot for you from over 30,000 sqft of space across our nine floors. Meeting rooms and breakout areas sit next to the private offices and dedicated desks in our coworking spaces.

There's all the space you need here to work, interview, train, network and more.

All the time, you're surrounded by the rich history of the oldest part of the capital. The local restaurants in this gastronomic hotspot are great for corporate hospitality too.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Major transport links

● Central location

Information about 30 Moorgate:

● Address: 30 Moorgate, London EC2R 6DN

● Private offices: from £479 per person per month

● Coworking space: from £459 per person per month

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: London Wall (a one-minute walk away)

● Nearest tube stop: Bank Station (a four-minute walk away)

Tower 42

Tower 42 is London's third-highest skyscraper. Nearby are the leading legal firms and financial institutions in the Square Mile.

Recently refurbished, this is a bright and spacious workplace made to boost productivity.

Its remodelled open-plan layout and stylish new furniture stand out. The raised floors and breakout areas capture the best of London’s contemporary style.

Tower 42 is great for networking and building new business relationships. Collaboration and interaction between the businesses here have created a sense of community.

There's also a secure underground car park here and an onsite gym, giving you the chance to stay active during your breaks.

Cultural attractions surround Tower 42. Shops, museums and gardens are all within walking distance, perfect for rest, relaxation and reflection.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● On-site lunch restaurant

● Vending machines

Information about Tower 42:

● Address: 25 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1HN

● Private offices: from £429 per person per month

● Coworking space: from £409 per person per month

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Wormwood Street - Stop Q (a two-minute walk away)

● Nearest tube stop: Liverpool Street (a three-minute walk away)

City Point

City Point is home to a mix of startups and established firms. This centre is great for networking and it's become a dynamic business ecosystem as a result.

This is a modern, attractive place of work.

The elegant glass exterior and industrial design create a sense of openness and cooperation. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide energising views of the city.

The offices and coworking spaces feature modern, comfortable and stylish furniture. This forward-thinking approach doesn’t just apply to the decor, as superfast broadband is available at every workstation.

Meet up with fellow business owners in the breakout areas, meeting rooms, and an on-site sandwich/coffee bar. If you need to burn off energy, there's a gym and fitness room and bicycle storage.

If you want to take the car in, there's underground parking here too.

At the end of the day, take advantage of the many cultural, shopping, and leisure options.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Disability access

● Business lounge

Information about City Point:

● Address: 1 Ropemaker Street, London EC2Y 9HT

● Private offices: from £429 per person per month

● Coworking space: from £409 per person per month

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Moorgate Station - Stop B (a two-minute walk away)

● Nearest tube stop: Moorgate (a two-minute walk away)

New Broad Street House

New Broad Street House is a versatile workspace for businesses right in the centre of the City of London.

This is a striking Victorian building with an impressive facade. The offices and coworking spaces are light, modern and airy.

Check out the multiple meeting rooms and breakout areas in the centre. When you need space for training, interviewing or impromptu brainstorming sessions, you'll find it here.

If you can't leave your desk, refuel with our sandwich service and vending machines. There are also on-site showers here if you need to freshen up.

Establish yourself here and you'll be within a stone's throw of the world-leading financial and tech businesses of the Square Mile.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Sandwich service

● Vending machines

Information about New Broad Street House:

● Address: 35 New Broad Street, London, EC2M 1NH

● Private offices: from £429 per person per month

● Coworking space: from £409 per person per month

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Wormwood Street - Stop Q, All Hallows Church - Stop U (each a one-minute walk away)

● Nearest tube stop: Liverpool Street Station (a two-minute walk away)

15 St Helen's Place

15 St Helen's Place puts you next door to some of London's most exciting startups, scaleups and multinationals. This is one of Europe's most dynamic business areas and a great place to set up.

The coworking spaces and private offices here are tastefully furnished and bright.

This is a space which encourages productivity and networking with like-minded entrepreneurs. The centre has lots of breakout areas that offer you the room you need for informal discussions and brainstorming.

Being so central makes meeting with clients and partners easy. Staff can get here quickly too thanks to the multiple transport options on offer including the tube.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Central location

● Multiple breakout areas

Information about 15 St Helen's Place:

● Address: 15-16 St Helen, London EC3A 6DQ

● Private offices: from £429 per person per month

● Coworking space: from £409 per person per month

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Camomile Street (a two-minute walk away)

● Nearest tube stop: Liverpool Street (a six-minute walk away)

The Gherkin

The Gherkin is an iconic structure and a modern symbol of London that's known around the world.

Designed by Foster + Partners, one of the world's leading architectural firms, this eye-catching building has attracted the likes of Swiss Re, Forresters IP Attorneys and ION.

The interior is just as well-planned and executed as the exterior.

Natural light floods into the workspaces thanks to the structure's floor-to-ceiling windows. The raised floors and suspended ceilings look amazing and lend an air of professional elegance.

Private offices and shared spaces feature the latest designs and furnishings.

There are breakout areas for networking and impromptu meetings. The on-site restaurant and coffee bar ensure you can grab a quick bite at any time.

Security is also paramount here, with around-the-clock CCTV monitoring.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● On-site lunch restaurant

● Great transport connections

Information about The Gherkin:

● Address: 30 St Mary's Axe, London, EC3A 8BF

● Private offices: from £539 per month

● Coworking space: from £469 per month

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Duke's Place - Stop A (a three-minute walk away)

● Nearest tube stop: Aldgate (an 11-minute walk away)

Central London

Central London is home to a broad range of businesses across various sectors. Here you'll find a wide variety of companies from tech startups to multinational corporations.

There's so much to see and do in Central London. It's perfect for hiring staff, entertaining clients and holding meetings.

That's not least because of the area's superb transport links. Central London is home to several major railway stations, countless tube stations, and numerous bus routes.

Work-life balance here is second-to-none.

Take in the high-street stores, luxury boutiques and a range of restaurants catering to every budget. This is also the epicentre of arts and culture for the United Kingdom, with an array of galleries, theatres, and music venues.

Regus options in the central business district of London include:

1 Trafalgar Square

1 Trafalgar Square is among the most high-profile addresses in Central London. This is a set of power and influence thanks to the major media companies and government departments nearby.

Set in a classic 1820s building, the Regus centre here is a striking blend of historic architecture and modern design.

Its stylish furnishing and spaced-out areas make this a professional and productive environment. We designed the centre with collaboration in mind with state-of-the-art meeting rooms and multiple breakout areas.

Surrounding the centre is a great selection of shops, restaurants, and cultural landmarks. Enjoy walks along the Thames and take in the area's rich character.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Prestigious address

● Vending machines

Information about 1 Trafalgar Square:

● Address: 1 Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5BW

● Private offices: from £239 per month per user

● Coworking space: from £229 per month per user

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Northumberland Avenue / Trafalgar Square - Stop X (a one-minute walk away)

● Nearest tube stop: Charing Cross (a five-minute walk away)

Golden Cross House

Golden Cross House is a prime location in the heart of Central London’s Strand.

The Strand is home to Bain & Company, the global management consulting firm, and Pearson, a multinational publisher. You can also find a lively startup scene here too, as on the same street is Small Business Britain, the UK's leading SME champion.

Golden Cross House features an unmistakable triangle-shaped design that makes it stand out amongst the prestigious architecture that surrounds it.

The floor-to-ceiling windows let in lots of light and create a pleasing and productive workspace. The interior is attractively designed benefitting from stylish raised floors and suspended ceilings.

There are breakout areas where you can carry on a meeting or take a few moments out for yourself. The state-of-the-art meeting rooms are ideal for training, interviewing and holding workshops.

Outside, you're close to The National Gallery and Nelson’s Column. The area is lively, stimulating and sure to spur creativity and increase motivation for yourself and your team.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Disabled facilities

● City/Town Centre

Information about Golden Cross House:

● Address: 8 Duncannon Street, London WC2N 4JF

● Private offices: from £269 per month per user

● Coworking space: from £259 per month per user

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Charing Cross / Trafalgar Square (each a one-minute walk away)

● Nearest tube stop: Charing Cross (a two-minute walk away)

Rex House

Rex House is one of our more unique workspaces, having formerly been a BBC Radio studio. The Beatles recorded their album 'Live at the BBC', although the theatre in which they taped it is no longer here.

The offices and coworking spaces in Rex House are a stylish mix of old and new.

The space features meeting rooms and breakout spaces, great for collaboration and networking. A unique feature here is the 7th-floor roof terrace, an ideal spot for client meet-ups or a moment of contemplation.

Getting here is easy and, if you'd prefer a greener commute, there is a bicycle storage area.

Nearby Regent Street is an energetic fusion of business, culture and entertainment. The nearby Covent Garden and Carnaby Street offer leisurely escapes, ideal for striking a real work-life balance.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● 24hr CCTV monitoring

● Elevator

Information about Rex House:

● Address: 4-12 Regent Street, London, SW1Y 4PE

● Private offices: from £439 per month per user

● Coworking space: from £419 per month per user

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Regent Street St James's - Stop Z (a two-minute walk away)

● Nearest tube stop: Piccadilly Circus (a five-minute walk away)

Mappin House

Mappin House is a striking Edwardian building with a modern, stylish reception area within. Featuring minimalist interior decor, raised floors and suspended ceilings, this is an ornate and prestigious workspace.

Designed to enhance productivity, the breakout areas are great for creativity and collaboration. The meeting rooms are ideal for face-to-face meetings and training your staff.

For accessibility, there are two car parks within four minute's walk from the centre.

Take advantage of Oxford Street's rich mix of entertainment, dining, and retail options while you're here. They're ideal for entertaining clients and team-bonding sessions.

As well as being a centre for retail, the surrounding area is home to leading media, PR, marketing and hospitality companies.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● Major transport links

● City/Town Centre

Information about Mappin House:

● Address: 4 Winsley Street, London W1W 8HF

● Private offices: from £459 per month per user

● Coworking space: from £439 per month per user

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Great Titchfield Street / Oxford Circus Station - Stop OJ (a one-minute walk away)

● Nearest tube stop: Oxford Circus (a three-minute walk away)

85 Tottenham Court Road

85 Tottenham Court Road is a hub for press, media and PR firms. Here you can find Google's HQ just off the north end of the road on Pancras Square.

The Regus centre here is modern and stylish, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a spacious decked roof terrace. These features create a striking impression on guests before they enjoy the centre's full range of amenities.

Breakout areas are great for collaboration and the meeting rooms offer private space for interviews and more. The 24-hour CCTV monitoring provides around-the-clock security.

This is one of London's most stunning streets. The distinctive curved architecture and striking facades along the street will impress clients and employees alike.

This has always been a great place to do business, with its pioneering history stretching back to the late-night shopping of the 1850s.

Highlights include:

● Meeting rooms

● City/town centre

● Suspended ceilings

Information about 85 Tottenham Court Road:

● Address: 85 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TQ

● Private offices: from £269 per month per user

● Coworking space: from £269 per month per user

● Opening hours: 24/7

● Nearest bus stop: Goodge Street Station - Stop D (a three-minute walk away)

● Nearest tube stop: Goodge Street (a three-minute walk away)

West End

You might associate the West End with glamour, culture, and the arts. It certainly has all of those but it's also home to one of the capital's most thriving and dynamic business districts.

You'll find businesses of every type and size here. Media and entertainment companies tend to cluster around the West End.

Key to its appeal, other than its long-standing reputation, is that it's exceptionally well-connected. There are multiple tube stations and bus stops making it easy to get here from the rest of the city and the airport.

The West End has some of London's best-known and most luxurious shopping districts. Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street are among the highlights.

There are world-class theatres and art galleries. The food scene here is great too, with everything from Michelin-starred dining to street food from around the world.

The five Regus centres with rental offices in London’s West End are:

60 St Martin's Lane

60 St Martin's Lane is a major business centre in the capital famous for its retail areas. It's becoming just as well known for its media and advertising clusters.

This office is set in a striking period building with a unique facade.


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