Why Establish a Virtual Office in Liverpool?

Posted on: 12th January 2024

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Liverpool, a city steeped in history and cultural vibrancy, is a tapestry of innovation, music, and enterprise. Birthplace of The Beatles and host to legendary sports teams, it's a city where history resonates in every corner. Yet, Liverpool is not just about its past—it's a dynamic hub for modern industries. With high-profile brands like B&M and Bibby Line Group setting the stage, Liverpool is a thriving centre for shipping, manufacturing, retail, finance, and digital creativity.


In this city, businesses are woven into a rich fabric of heritage and forward-thinking dynamism. Setting up a virtual office in Liverpool means joining a legacy of resilience and innovation—a place where history meets the future, offering a unique environment for business growth and success.


As remote working continues to shape how we operate, businesses can also use virtual offices to attract top talent. And, with the flexibility of a virtual office address, this talent could be sourced from Liverpool’s six million workforce or beyond.


With only 30% of UK companies working on-site full-time, the benefits of a business address or virtual office are numerous. From startups to big companies, this article will explore how virtual offices in Liverpool can help your business grow.


Why businesses can benefit from a Liverpool virtual address

Liverpool is famous for its sports teams, maritime history, and global music superstars. This makes it an attractive city for locals and visitors.


However, it’s also a major spot for business and ecommerce. There are plenty of reasons why companies both big and small would want to set up shop here.


1. Strong economy

Liverpool is the closest port to 50% of the UK’s manufacturers. It therefore has the enviable position of being close to many industries, including logistics, manufacturing, and shipping.


Liverpool, a popular location for startups and small businesses, has witnessed a remarkable spike of over 10% in new businesses recently. This surge is largely due to the city's nurturing business environment, rich in funding opportunities, collaborative networks, and modern infrastructure.


Moreover, Liverpool's strategic position as a port city and its proximity to top-tier universities have created a fertile ground for diverse talents, driving innovation and entrepreneurship. In tandem with these advantages, startups in the region secured record levels of investments in 2022, with £93 million raised in equity rounds, underscoring the city's growing appeal to ambitious entrepreneurs.


Popular Liverpool startup sectors include health, AI, ecommerce, and renewable energy. The most prominent sector is tech, with more than 89,000 tech firms currently active in the region.


Liverpool's economy, buoyed by traditional industries like shipping and manufacturing and invigorated by emerging sectors such as digital technology and renewable energy, presents a compelling mix for businesses.


This vibrant economic landscape makes it an ideal location for a virtual office address, bridging historic trade with modern innovation


2. Market expansion

Liverpool’s economy is growing at a faster rate than its northwest counterparts. Irwin Mitchell’s UK City Tracker Report 2023 noted a forecast of 1.7% annual employment growth and 0.6% GVA growth. This would bring the economy value to £14.4bn.


Liverpool has also boosted visitor and tourism numbers in recent years. The city saw a 34% increase in visitor days in 2022, rising from 27.7 million in 2021 to 37.1 million. The same period saw a 37% job increase in the tourism sector. This provided a £3.58 billion uplift to the local economy.


Virtual office space gives businesses the flexibility to expand alongside this market growth.


3. Business flexibility

A virtual office can provide more than just a business address in Liverpool. Depending on the package you choose, you can also hire our meeting rooms and office space as and when required.


When you need to impress clients face-to-face, Liverpool is easy to reach as well. Cities like Leeds, Bradford, Hull, Birmingham, London, Nottingham, Preston, and Sheffield are all connected via the M62, M6, M1, and A41.


For international clients, Liverpool John Lennon Airport offers both domestic and international flights. For those commuting by train, trains to major UK cities like Manchester, Hull, Newcastle, and Nottingham depart from Liverpool Lime Street.


You can also catch a high-speed train from Liverpool to London in as little as two hours.


4. Diverse talent pool

Along with its six million local workforce, Liverpool sees 63,000 student enrolments and produces 22,000 graduates each year. Academic establishments include the prestigious University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University.


Knowledge Quarter Liverpool is also a prominent presence among academics, specialising in health and life sciences.


More than £1 billion has been invested in new developments. As a result, the area is attracting the best in science, health, technology, culture, and general education.


The Knowledge Quarter alone hosts 54,000 students and an impressive amount of emerging talent. A virtual address in Liverpool gives businesses better access to these skilled graduates.


5. Collaboration opportunities

With a virtual office comes a mailing address, and with a mailing address in Liverpool, you can take advantage of the invaluable advice shared by other business owners through collaboration and networking.


Organisations like the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce invest in supporting developing business connections. Monthly events provide a casual environment to connect with like-minded people from many sectors.


The Liverpool Chamber International Trade Club is another networking event. Designed for businesses with international trade, it enables members to meet, share knowledge, and get advice.


Liverpool Business Forum also hosts regular events where members network and share information. Members meet on a fortnightly basis.


6. Support for growth

Several organisations are working to support business growth in the Liverpool area. The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority invests hundreds of millions of pounds into the region.


From financing startups via the Strategic Investment Fund to enticing businesses to the area with an Urban Development Fund, they provide the infrastructure and support organisations need to succeed.


Areas like Knowledge Quarter Liverpool also encourage collaboration and business growth. And, with a £5 billion development project underway on Liverpool’s waterfront, the city is the perfect environment for ambitious and growing businesses.


7. Government initiatives

In keeping with its commitment to supporting businesses, the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority established a Business and Enterprise Board. This board provides a voice for local businesses. With a mix of sectors, locations, demographics, and communities.


The UK government also piloted an innovation hub for businesses in Liverpool’s manufacturing sector. This program focused on using digital technologies with net zero outcomes to build on local economic strengths.


With virtual offices in Liverpool, you could be eligible for similar schemes that support your business growth.


Top virtual business addresses in Liverpool

For businesses seeking virtual addresses in Liverpool, the city's dynamic economy, rich in new talent and bolstered by government support, creates an ideal setting. Let's explore some top choices, each presenting unique opportunities for your business to thrive in this bustling commercial landscape.


Horton House

Situated in the landmark address of Exchange Flags, Horton House is a prime Liverpool business address. With accountancy firms and the Ministry of Defence already in the building, you'll be part of a prestigious locale.


From a virtual receptionist and call answering services to delivery of mail and packages, you can access all your day-to-day office necessities from here.


When you need to meet with clients or host employees in the office, you can enjoy modern interiors with plenty of natural light.


Highlights include


  • Meetings rooms
  • Business lounge
  • Sandwich service
  • Secure underground parking
  • On-site showers

Information about Horton House


  • Location: Exchange Flags, Liverpool, Merseyside, L2 3PF
  • Starting costs: Business Address from £99 per month
  • Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members
  • Nearby stations: Moorfields Train Station (a one-minute walk away), James Street Train Station (a seven-minute walk away), Liverpool Lime Street Train Station (a 16-minute walk away)


Derby Square

Right in the thick of the city’s bustling business district, Derby Square is another fantastic address. The area is popular with both established businesses, including Sky Sport, as well as startups. This makes it ideal for SMEs looking to grow.


It’s also located near Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts, as well as plenty of amenities in the area.


Enjoy call handling and mailbox service in the heart of Liverpool at a lower cost than traditional office space. For investor meetings, you can use the building’s spacious offices, floor-to-ceiling glass, and stunning city views.


Highlights include


  • Meetings rooms
  • Break-out areas
  • Disabled facilities


Information about Derby Square


  • Location: 2-12 Lord Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L2 1TS
  • Starting costs: Business Address from £99 per month
  • Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members
  • Nearby stations: James Street Train Station (a three-minute walk away), Liverpool Central Train Station (an eight-minute walk away)


1 Mann Island

1 Mann Island offers picturesque views of Liverpool’s iconic and growing waterfront. This is prime real estate for ambitious and growing businesses who want to capitalise on an iconic address.


You can use this virtual office as a mailing address with an added telephone answering service. However, it’s also ideal for businesses that want the best of both worlds.


In a building that blends dining and leisure, modern offices, and striking views, it’s perfect for big client meetings. It also has the advantage of being just a few miles away from Liverpool John Lennon Airport, which is perfect for clients travelling internationally.


Highlights include


  • Meetings rooms
  • Break-out areas
  • Parking
  • Elevator access


Information about 1 Mann Island


  • Location: 1 Mann Island, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 1BP
  • Starting costs: Business Address from £119 per month
  • Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members
  • Nearby stations: James Street Train Station (a four-minute walk away), Liverpool Lime Street Train Station (a 17-minute walk away)


301 Tea Factory

Based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, 301 Tea Factory is ideal for businesses in the creative industries. With exposed brick and steel, it offers a modern, industrial aesthetic.


With lower starting prices, this is a great virtual address for independent and creative startups looking to keep costs down. And when you need to entertain clients, there are many exciting live music venues nearby, as well as places to eat and drink.


Highlights include


  • Meetings rooms
  • Break-out areas
  • Elevator access
  • 24-hour CCTV monitoring


Information about 301 Tea Factory


  • Location: 301 St Peter's Square, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 4DQ
  • Starting costs: Business Address from £55 per month
  • Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members
  • Nearby stations: Liverpool Central Train Station (a four-minute walk away), James Street Train Station (a 14-minute walk away)


Discover virtual offices in Liverpool with Regus

Liverpool is a fantastic location for new and existing businesses. Several well-established industries have long been thriving in the city. With an influx of new and exciting ventures in recent years, there’s never been a better time to invest in a Liverpool business address.


From temporary offices to mailing addresses and telephone answering in Liverpool, we can help you find the best option for your needs.


Browse our virtual office packages to find the right price and solutions for your business. Additionally, for help choosing the best virtual address for your business needs, talk to a Regus expert today.

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