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Posted on: 11th January 2024

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With a well-developed and resilient local economy that fosters both innovation and creativity, Guildford offers a thriving and dependable location for businesses. But, looking beyond its borders, it is also conveniently situated just an hour from the global commercial hub of London.

The town is home to some of the UK’s top talent in tech, professional services, healthcare and more. It is also known for its vibrant community and picturesque countryside, coupled with a lower cost of living than in the nearby capital.

In this article, we examine how the town is maintaining its successful economy and why renting an office space in Guildford will drive your business towards success.

We’ll also look at how much that costs and share details on the three Regus centres in town with you.

Top business areas in Guildford

Guildford hosts many diverse business districts, each catering to specific industry needs. They include:

● Town centre: The main shopping area of the town is bustling and eclectic. It's the main meeting and socialising area in Guildford and benefits from very high footfall. For retailers and service-oriented businesses, the town presents a real opportunity.

● University Campus area: This is a prime destination for tech and science businesses. It plays a crucial role in supporting local firms with their research and development, directly commercialising university research, and contributing to economic growth through the impact of its graduates.

● Surrey Research Park: Surrey Research Park known for its innovative and tech-centric environment, benefits from its close association with the University of Surrey.

This collaboration not only fosters a dynamic ecosystem but also contributes substantially to the local economy, with the university generating £1.1 billion in gross value added and supporting 14,500 jobs in Guildford.

● Guildford Business Park: Guildford Business Park, known for its strategic location and modern amenities, is a testament to Guildford's thriving economy, driven in part by the rapid growth of high-tech firms.

This park, alongside other areas in Guildford, benefits from the region's commitment to high-growth and low-environmental impact businesses.

● Horsley & Effingham: One of the quieter and more affluent parts of town, this area is home to many boutique businesses.

The mix of businesses in Guildford and their ability to cluster to innovate and grow is compelling. It's that and the quality of life here that makes the town a leading destination for businesses looking for a base outside London.

5 businesses based in Guildford

Five of the biggest businesses based in Guildford include:

● BAE Systems Digital Intelligence: business and technology consultancy
● DiscoverIE Group: Electronic components design and manufacture
● Hello Games: Video games developer best known for the Joe Danger series
● Modern Water: AIM-listed water monitoring technology company
● Surrey Satellite Technology: Manufacture and operation of small satellites

Why you should rent an office in Guildford

There are many compelling reasons to invest in Guildford office space for your business.

Business support

Guildford Borough Council actively champions local business growth, particularly evident through its Guildford Business Growth program.

This initiative is a collaborative effort with Enterprise M3 Growth Hub and BE Group, offering a free, comprehensive support system for startups and entrepreneurs. The program includes accessible services like telephone consultations, monthly in-person clinics, and practical workshops covering a range of business topics.

Besides offering free support to startups, the Council plays a pivotal role in facilitating business growth and sustainability. It provides a platform for viewing and applying for contracts valued over £5,000, encouraging local firms to tender for public sector work.

In addition, the SETsquared Surrey program, associated with the University of Surrey, specifically bolsters the tech sector in Guildford. It provides tailored advice and support for tech businesses, including access to flexible workspaces and resources essential for growth and innovation.

Enterprise culture

Guildford Borough Council has outlined an ambitious economic development strategy for the coming 20 years. A core part of this ambitious strategy is to increase the amount of quality commercial space and affordable housing available to businesses in the area.

They are also seeking to make Guildford an even more dynamic business hub by developing high-value sectors like technology and healthcare. The town's high-quality infrastructure, including advanced internet and telecommunications, is fundamental for the businesses within these industries.

Collaboration with the University of Surrey further bolsters this development, leveraging the university's expertise in AI, 5G, and other emerging technologies.

Guildford's commitment to improving digital connectivity, including the development of a multi-terabit fibre spine and 5G network, positions it as an ideal location for forward-thinking businesses in these high-value sectors.

Strategically located

Guildford is a prime location for businesses thanks to its position between London and Portsmouth.

Its proximity to London, just over an hour away, provides access to the UK's largest economy and a global business hub, without the high costs associated with operating in the capital.

This allows Guildford-based businesses to leverage London's commercial diversity and opportunities while benefiting from lower rents and wages.

Additionally, Guildford's is close to Portsmouth, which is under 50 minutes away by car. This convenient route grants businesses easy access to the city’s docks, enhancing their connectivity to international markets.

Guildford also boasts excellent transport connections, with direct rail services to major UK cities and convenient access to key roads like the A3 and M25. These facilitate easy and efficient travel and transport logistics for businesses.

Hub for professional services

Guildford stands out as a major hub for professional services in the South East. Many leading tax, accounting, law and consultancy businesses have established themselves in the town.

This is partly due to the area's affluence but mainly because of the presence of high-growth businesses and startups here. The presence of these businesses and startups has created a significant demand for legal and accounting services, contributing to a vibrant and opportunity-rich environment for these professions.

Thriving business environment

Guildford's robust and diverse economy has flourished for several key reasons.

In particular, the town's strategy of not being overly reliant on any single industry has paid dividends. It has cultivated a range of high-value clusters, from technology to professional services, offering resilience during economic shifts.

Another pivotal contributor to this economic landscape is the University of Surrey, which infuses the local market with a steady stream of highly skilled graduates. These academic-business partnerships, evolving over the past three decades, have spurred a cycle of innovation and growth.

This environment, where new ventures emerge and graduates find local opportunities, enhances Guildford's reputation for expertise and creative problem-solving. Consequently, Guildford attracts more businesses and investors, further expanding its diverse business clusters.

The presence of these high-growth, high-wage companies not only bolsters the local economy but also benefits surrounding businesses, creating a thriving commercial ecosystem ideal for new and expanding companies.

Proximity to Surrey's economy

Businesses in Guildford have easy access to affluent consumers and successful businesses in Surrey, one of the most economically successful counties in the UK.

Also, the prevalence of business clusters throughout Surrey, mirrored in Guildford, catalyses local economic growth and opens doors for extensive networking and collaborative opportunities.

Events like the Surrey Business Expo exemplify this dynamic, fostering connections that drive innovation and commercial success.

The synergy between Guildford's diverse economy and Surrey's robust economic landscape creates an ideal setting for businesses seeking growth and opportunity.

How much is it to rent an office space in Guildford?

Serviced offices in Guildford range from £185 to £255 per person per month.

Coworking offices to rent in Guildford cost from £179 to £245 per person per month.

In London, the cost of private offices and coworking desks can be up to three times higher. So, if there are five of you in your business, you may save up to £50,000 a year in rental costs alone by choosing Guildford over London.

Office spaces in Guildford, Surrey

Regus has two leading business centres, one in the town centre, and one less than a 10-minute drive away from Guildford centre. Both offer everything a business needs to flourish in the area.

Explore these centres, as well as what makes them unique, below.

Austen House

Austen House is just down the road from Guildford mainline train station. This well-appointed service office space is one of the best places in the town to do business. It’s become a hub for legal, software, consulting and professional services companies in the last few years.

The centre has a very high-end, design-led feel that makes it a particularly advantageous place to base yourself. Spacious and well-lit, choose from a range of state-of-the-art private office suites.

There's a great selection of shops at Guildford station and even more a bit further away in the town centre. Be sure to visit the nearby National Park too on a sunny day.

Highlights include:

● Elevator access
● 24-hour CCTV monitoring
● Easy access to London Heathrow Airport

Information about Austen House, Guildford:

Address: Station View, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4AR
Private offices: from £255 per month
Coworking space: from £245 per month
Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Membership access during reception hours
Nearest stations: Guildford Park Car Park North (a two-minute walk away) and Guildford Train Station (a five-minute walk away)

2 Guildford Business Park

Less than 10 minutes away in the car is our well-equipped 2 Guildford Business Park business centre. The site offers great accessibility with on-site parking and a shuttle bus every 15 minutes from Guildford Train Station.

This is a great place to work. In a semi-rural environment, you and your staff will appreciate the amenities the centre has to offer. Clients, visitors and investors will love the trip out to meet you too. London Heathrow is just 17 miles away with Gatwick slightly further at 18 miles.

In much of the centre, the floor-to-ceiling windows mean that natural light bathes this very modern workspace. It's stylish, spacious and very well-kept inside. The centre is particularly appealing to creative companies because of its tranquillity.

This centre is situated in a popular business park so there are coffee shops, a gym and more within walking distance.

Highlights include:

● On-site parking
● Business park location
● Disabled facilities

Information about 2 Guildford Business Park:

Address: Guildford Business Park Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 8XG
Private offices: from £255 per month
Coworking space: from £245 per month
Opening hours: Private Office and Dedicated Desk access is 24/7; Membership access during reception hours
Nearest stations: Woodbridge Meadows bus stop (a nine-minute walk away)

Discover flexible offices in Guildford with Regus

Guildford is a prosperous town that’s well-connected to the rest of the country. Base yourself here to take advantage of the talented local workforce and become part of the local business community.

Our three Guildford office centres are part of a network of 4,000 offices around the world. If business takes you away from Guildford, download the Regus app. With it, you can check the availability of meeting rooms, offices and coworking spaces at your destination.

You can book a Day Pass directly via the app to rent space by the day or the hour. Better still, become a Regus Member to get discounts on all your bookings.

For help finding office space to rent in Guildford for your business, please get in touch today. 

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