Best Travel Connected Offices in Birmingham

Posted on: 2nd February 2024

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Best Travel Connected Offices in BirminghamBest Travel Connected Offices in Birmingham

In response to evolving work trends, there's a growing emphasis on flexibility and work-life balance. Central to this shift is the need for convenient commuting solutions.

Selecting a well-connected workspace is crucial in making daily commutes faster and more stress-free, particularly in Birmingham.

For professionals seeking office space in Birmingham, the increasing availability of well-connected workspaces has simplified the search for offices that are tailored to modern commuting needs.

Birmingham's transport landscape is continuously evolving. The extension of the Midlands Metro tram system, alongside the introduction of the Swift card, has significantly improved daily travel.

Additionally, the forthcoming high-speed Birmingham Interchange rail system promises to further boost the city’s connectivity.

There are many Birmingham office spaces capitalising on this growing connectivity, offering a wide range of options for businesses prioritising ease of travel.

Birmingham's transport hubs connecting you in and around the city

A strategic approach to finding travel-connected office spaces in Birmingham is to explore areas around the city's major transport stations and hubs.

These locations frequently feature diverse office spaces, conveniently situated within a short walking distance from these transit centers. This makes travel from anywhere in the city, or even further afield, straightforward.

Birmingham New Street Station

As one of the UK’s busiest railway stations, Birmingham New Street plays a pivotal role in the UK's National Rail network. It offers convenient connections to the other national economic hubs of London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and more.

This area is particularly suitable for enterprises seeking high visibility and direct access to major transport routes across the UK.

Additionally, the vicinity offers a vibrant mix of retail, dining, and cultural amenities, enhancing the appeal for companies looking to provide a stimulating work environment for their employees.

While it can feature some of the most expensive office spaces available in Birmingham, the location and extensive connectivity will justify the price.

Moor Street Station

Moor Street Station is known for its local and regional connections, particularly to London Marylebone. It’s also a hub for businesses that benefit from accessibility to both Birmingham and other key areas in the Midlands.

The station area blends historical charm with modern amenities, making it especially appealing to more creative startups and smaller enterprises.

Given its position on the border of the city centre, workspaces here will be priced a little more competitively. All while maintaining many of the benefits of a more central office.

Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is a gateway for international travel. It’s also a prime location for businesses with global connections or frequent travel needs.

With proximity to the city centre and direct links to the National Rail network via Birmingham International Railway Station, it is ideal for companies looking to cater to and expand their international client base.

Despite this worldwide connectivity, you can expect to pay less for office space here than in Birmingham city centre. This makes it a compelling choice for businesses looking to benefit from the dynamic environment of an international transport hub.

Snow Hill Station

Snow Hill Station stands as a vital link in the West Midlands, connecting Birmingham to Worcester, Kidderminster, and even national destinations like London Marylebone.

It is also the terminus for the Midland Metro tram service, connecting the city centre with Wolverhampton and the business district of Colmore Row. Office space near here is an ideal meeting point for both local and national businesses.

Despite this connectivity, an office space here will still be notably cheaper than one even closer to the city centre. This makes it an optimal choice for businesses seeking a central location within the West Midlands' economic landscape.

The Jewellery Quarter

Once the heart of Birmingham's renowned jewellery manufacturing industry, the Jewellery Quarter has now reinvented itself as a creative and digital business hub.

With its own station and excellent bus services, this area offers easy access to the city centre and beyond.

The Quarter's unique blend of historical significance and modern innovation makes it particularly attractive to startups, design studios, and artisan enterprises.

With its distinctive and central location, office space in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham can be one of the city’s more expensive areas for an office. However, its rich heritage and contemporary flair can bring even greater value to businesses here. 

Birmingham City Centre

With its extensive transport network, including major hubs like New Street and Moor Street stations, is the epicentre of urban activity. This area is well-suited for a wide array of industries, from retail to corporate sectors.

There is also a strong network of local bus routes and the Midland Metro tram line for a complete array of local and regional connections.

Despite the premium costs for office spaces, there are many benefits. For example, unparalleled access to transport, a vibrant atmosphere, and a diverse range of amenities.

This makes it an attractive location for businesses looking to thrive in the heart of Birmingham.

Birmingham's best travel-connected office spaces to rent

Whether it’s for full-service offices in the bustling city centre or more intimate private offices elsewhere in Birmingham, proximity to a major transport hub ensures a full suite of suitable options for businesses looking for a well-connected office space.

With strong local, regional and even international connectivity, here’s a look at some of the best travel-connected office spaces to rent in Birmingham.

The Lewis Building

The Lewis Building in Birmingham is not only an architectural marvel but also a booming hub for modern business.

Organisations settling in the Lewis Building get all the advantages of a central location with the addition of many easy commuting options.

The on-site café and helpful reception team add to the daily working experience. Regular networking events open doors to collaborations with other businesses and professionals.

Together, it’s a unique blend that sets the Lewis Building apart as a prime choice for office space in Birmingham city centre.

Highlights include

Fully equipped meeting rooms

On-site café


Information about Lewis Building

Location: 35 Bull Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B4 6AF

Starting cost: Private offices from £235 per person per month

Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members.

Nearby stations: Bull St Tram stop (a one-minute walk away) and Birmingham Snow Hill Station (a two-minute walk away)

Edmund House

Just a short stroll from Birmingham New Street and the iconic Bullring, Edmund House is a dynamic and well-connected office space in Birmingham's Colmore Business District.

Inside, you’ll discover state-of-the-art meeting rooms and open-plan coworking areas. Plus, 24-hour CCTV monitoring, bicycle storage, and secure underground parking mean security and convenience.

For special occasions, Purnell’s and Adam’s are both nearby, offering Michelin-starred dining experiences for clients and team celebrations.

Highlights include

On-site sandwich/coffee bar

Secure underground parking

Collaborative break-out areas

Information about Edmund House

Location: 12-22 Newhall Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B3 3AS

Starting cost: Private offices from £139 per person per month

Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members.

Nearby stations: Newhall St Bus Stop (a one-minute walk away), Margaret St bus stop (a one-minute walk away), and Birmingham New Street Station (a six-minute walk away)

1 Victoria Square

Nestled in the city's commercial heart, the office spaces at 1 Victoria Square offer sleek interiors and breathtaking views.

Accessibility is a pivotal aspect of this centre, with features like disabled facilities and elevators, while secure underground parking ensures convenience for all residents here. For post-work relaxation, a wide variety of popular bars and restaurants are just around the corner.

Highlights include


Secure underground parking


Information about 1 Victoria Square

Location: 1 Victoria Square, Birmingham, West Midlands, B1 1BD

Starting cost: Private offices from £179 per person per month

Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members.

Nearby stations: Town Hall Tram Stop (a one-minute walk away) and Birmingham New Street Station (a five-minute walk away)

156 Great Charles Street Queensway

156 Great Charles Street Queensway offers flexible office space in Birmingham, just a stone’s throw from the central shopping district. The location offers secure parking, an on-site cafe and nearby attractions like the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.

Put all together, it’s a convenient and accessible option when it comes to office space to rent near Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Highlights include

On-site café

Bicycle storage

Secure underground parking

Information about 156 Great Charles Street Queensway

Location: 156 Great Charles Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B3 3HN

Starting cost: Private offices from £215 per person per month

Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members

Nearby stations: Town Hall Tram Stop (a five-minute walk away) and Birmingham New Street Station (a nine-minute walk away)

The Mailbox

Renowned for its high-end shops and vibrant nightlife, The Mailbox offers businesses an address that's prestigious and practical. Located in the city centre, it's a quick walk from Birmingham New Street station, making commuting simple and easy.

Inside, you’ll find a bright shared atrium and ample desk space. The on-site coffee bar is perfect for a quick refreshing break or informal meetings. Meanwhile, the nearby serene canal side is a great spot to take a midday walk and spontaneous business chats.

For larger organizations, the Mailbox is an ideal location for serviced offices in Birmingham city centre. Yet startups can benefit too, with options for small office space to rent in Birmingham that’s central and well-connected yet cost-effective.

Highlights include

Shared atrium

On-site coffee bar

Fully equipped meeting rooms

Information about The Mailbox

Location: 3 Wharfside Street, Birmingham, B1 1RD

Starting cost: Private offices from £305 per person per month

Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members.

Nearby stations: Birmingham Brunel St Bus Stop (a four-minute walk away) and Birmingham New Street Station (a seven-minute walk away)

Apex House

Apex House can be found in the upscale suburb of Edgbaston and offers a workspace that's both prestigious and convenient.

This location is perfect for businesses looking for a serene suburban setting that still offers easy access to the energetic heart of Birmingham. The local area is rich in amenities, including hotels, banks, and a variety of dining and entertainment options.

Highlights include

Floor-to-ceiling windows

Business lounge

On-site parking

Information about Apex House

Location: Calthorpe Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B15 1TR

Starting cost: Private offices from £195 per person per month

Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members.

Nearby stations: Embassy Drive Bus Station (a one-minute walk away) and Five Ways Station (a 10-minute walk away)

Birmingham NEC Airport

Discover spacious and well-connected work environments at Birmingham NEC Airport. With Resorts World and the National Exhibition Centre only minutes away, entertainment and post-work relaxation are also conveniently within reach.

This premium office space comes equipped with modern amenities, including 24-hour CCTV monitoring, and an on-site lunch restaurant and coffee bar. Plus, you’ll get easy access to Waterside Centre’s Japanese garden when you need a quiet break.

Highlights include

Distinctive pagoda-style building


On-site lunch restaurant

Information about Birmingham NEC Airport

Location: 4200 Solihull Parkway, Birmingham, West Midlands, B37 7YN

Starting cost: Private offices from £209 per person per month

Opening hours: 24/7 for Private Office and Dedicated Desk members, reception hours for other members.

Nearby stations: Waterside Bus Stop (a one-minute walk away)

The Comet Building

The Comet Building at Birmingham International Airport epitomizes convenience, especially for those who travel frequently.

For those using public transport, the free monorail service from Birmingham International Station offers a direct and stress-free route to the office.

Inside the Comet Building, you’ll discover high-end meeting rooms, sleek private offices, and a cutting-edge videoconferencing studio.

Highlights include

Videoconferencing studio

24-hour CCTV monitoring


On-site parking

Information about The Comet Building

Location: Birmingham Airport, Birmingham, West Midlands, B26 3QJ

Starting cost: Private offices from £159 per person per month

Opening hours: Access for all customers is only during reception hours.

Nearby transport: Birmingham Airport Station (a seven-minute walk away) and Birmingham International Station (an 11-minute walk away)

Find your perfect Birmingham office space

With Regus, it’s easy to find your perfect Birmingham office space. Whether you’re looking for a private office to rent in Birmingham City Centre, flexible office space in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter or options near the city centre, we’ve got dozens of well-connected office spaces across the city.

To secure your next workspace or office hire in Birmingham with just a few presses on your phone, download the Regus app. If you have any further questions, chat with one of our friendly experts about finding the perfect Birmingham office space for you.

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