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My Regus: the Portuguese PR expert

Posted on: 18th January 2021

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My Regus: the Portuguese PR expertMy Regus: the Portuguese PR expert

Sérgio Oliveira is executive director at Lisbon-based PR consultancy Headline. Here he explains how his business uses Regus, how they’ve weathered 2020 and how flexspace has helped them to thrive.

Tell us about your business
Headline is a four-person PR company, founded 10 years ago and based in Lisbon. We operate in the Portuguese market, offering a range of services to our clients, from press office to social media management and content marketing.

How do you use Regus?
I’ve been using Regus for four years now. I use the business lounge solution, which allows me to work from any Regus office in Lisbon.

What’s the best thing about your membership?
The locations of the centres. One of them is just a kilometre from my home, while the others in the city centre are close to my clients. It’s very convenient and offers the best value for money. It’s the perfect solution for my business.

What have been the main challenges to your business in 2020?
It’s been mainly about managing the nervousness of the markets as a result of Covid-19. However, we haven’t lost any clients and things are looking positive – we’ve actually taken on more work and gained some new clients.

How has Regus helped you?
Regus has continued to support my company by providing the best office solution – and enabling us to work in any location in the city. For us it is just perfect.

What would you say to anyone considering using Regus?
For me there are two things. The first is that it’s the best value for money. If you need more space as your team grows or want to move from a business lounge to an office, you don’t have to look anywhere other than Regus. Secondly, it has very good client services, which is really important to me. From the secretary to the office manager, they are very pleasant and supportive.

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