Why You Should Hire a Meeting Room for Your Event

Posted on: 3rd May 2023

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Why You Should Hire a Meeting Room for Your EventWhy You Should Hire a Meeting Room for Your Event

If you're planning a corporate event, you may be weighing up your options regarding venues and locations for meeting room hires. After all, event planning requires a lot of organisation and thought.

You've decided on the purpose and aim of the event. But where should you host your company event? Corporate venues are a great solution for work events. Most employees spend around 40 hours a week at the office. They won't want to spend extra time there to attend a business event.

A corporate event is likely more successful if you hold it at a suitable function venue, away from the regular workplace. A function room for rent offers more space, privacy and a new environment that inspires collaboration and productivity.

Here are the benefits of hiring a function room for your next event or meeting.

How do I know if a meeting room hire is best for me?


Meeting rooms accommodating video conferencing and webinars allow businesses to extend their reach. It also helps virtual businesses communicate with remote teams and clients. If this appeals to you, you should hire function room space with video conferencing technology and AV equipment.

No 'one size fits all'

Corporate event spaces come in a variety of sizes and layouts. Look for meeting room rentals that fit the number of attendees and any specific furniture or equipment you need.


Is everyone on the invite list able to get to the venue easily? If not, choose a location that is well-connected and reachable by public transport. Consider arranging transportation for your guests if the event location is more remote.


Will your event be catered, or will you just be providing teas and coffees? Make sure the catering service at the venue event space meets your guests’ dietary requirements and allergies.

Meeting and conference facilities

Ensure the facilities are suitable for any of your guests' accessibility needs. Check there are toilets, lactation rooms and adequate parking near the conference hall. Double-check the facilities with the venue before confirming your conference room rental.

Benefits of a meeting room hire for your event or meeting

A break from the office

Are your meeting attendees used to working in the same space? A change of scenery can be stimulating and refreshing. Events are more engaging when team members are in a new environment.

Ease the stress of event planning

Event management is by no means easy. Whether you're hosting a small meeting or corporate party, take advantage of the event planning expertise the venue might be able to provide.

Most venues for conferences will have a dedicated event organiser. Reach out to them to take the stress out of event planning.

Fewer distractions

Naturally, there are fewer distractions with a private room hired away from the office. Specialist business meeting venues offer a quiet space away from other departments and colleagues who may interrupt your meeting.

More space

Corporate meeting spaces come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Look for a venue for hire that suits your type of event. The corporate event space should be comfortable so everyone can focus on the event rather than making do with a room in your regular office.

Collaborative environment

Online meetings are a great solution for catching up with long-distance clients or remote teams. Communication and collaboration are different over a screen. A conference space gives you the room and facilities to unite everyone and collaborate effectively.

Maximum productivity

With a meeting room booking, you can focus purely on business and be more productive with your time. There’s a clear contrast between the normal, everyday workplace and this novel space, and it can engender a more productive mindset in team members.

Access to professional amenities

Event rooms often come with business equipment such as projectors, TVs, audio equipment, teleconferencing and so on. That means you don’t have to carry them with you to the venue or attempt to connect them to networks, it’s all done for you.

Leave an impression

Your venue choice speaks volumes, and first impressions count. It gives guests the first indications about the style of the event and business. Impress your guests by hosting them in an organised, private venue with great service.

Additional services provided

Enjoy additional services when you make a conference room booking. Services such as parking, catering and office support help your event run smoothly. These added services benefit your business and clients.

Quality support services

The best event spaces offer quality support services. Venues with a front-of-house team will be on hand to help your guests find the conference event and assist with any queries. This also helps make a good first impression on everyone in attendance.

Blank canvas

Rental venues for events are like blank canvases for creativity. You can tailor and decorate the space to suit the style and layout of your event.

Find the ideal meeting space for your event

When looking for private venues for hire, consider the needs of your type of event. Do you need a quiet, exclusive space for private discussions? Or do you need a high-tech space where you can present to hundreds of guests?

Browse the top picks of our Regus meeting rooms for rent to get inspired for your next event. Then, get in touch with us today and make an enquiry to see how you can work your way with Regus.

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