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Posted on: 19th September 2017

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If your mind starts to wander at work, don't worry. Staring out of the window from a room with a view – like these – gets the creative juices flowing

If your mind starts to wander at work, don't worry. Staring out of the window from a room with a view – like these – gets the creative juices flowing


If your mind starts to wander at work, don't worry. Staring out of the window from a room with a view – like these – gets the creative juices flowing

You’re writing a report. Before long, your mind wanders. You find yourself gazing into the distance, out of the office window. And who could blame you, if the views are as stunning as those from many of our worldwide Regus centres?

 Take our advice – go ahead and stare. Daydreaming calms the mind, relieves boredom and stimulates creativity, say psychologists. If periodic distractions aid inspiration, it's only logical that working in a room with a view is good for business.

Regus Milan Duomo, Italy

Rising dramatically from Milan's beautiful city square, the huge Duomo di Milano was made to impress. This Italian gothic cathedral took nearly 600 years to build and involved around 78 architects and thousands of artists, sculptors and construction workers. Today, you can marvel at its majesty while working at the Regus Milan Duomo centre. It occupies a historic building on the piazza – an area that also acts as the hub of Milan’s famous fashion sector.

Regus London Victoria, UK

For a view that’s constantly in flux, nothing beats central London. Tall buildings are – quite literally – on the up with more than 100 currently under construction and 455 in the pipeline. However, few buildings offer the amazing 360-degree views that Regus London Victoria enjoys. Its workspaces overlook many of the capital's iconic landmarks, with panoramic views taking in the London Eye and the City in one vista, while Big Ben and Buckingham Palace appear in the other.

Regus Sydney Darling Park, Australia

Artist Salvador Dali's extraordinary imagination saw swans reflected as elephants. What would he have made of the stunning reflective waters of Darling Harbour, which Regus Sydney Darling Park overlooks? Skyscrapers dominate the horizon in Sydney, Australia's oldest metropolis that's cultivated its own unique modern outlook. Small wonder the Darling Park development has attracted many big corporate names.

Regus Shanghai Raffles City, China

Does overwhelming industry make you stop and stare? Then you'll love the views from the Regus Shanghai Raffles City centre, located on top of a 51-storey skyscraper in China's largest city. The offices overlook the Huangpu River and the financial district of Pudong, which has been transformed from underdeveloped docklands into an impressive array of skyscrapers in less than 30 years. Since the 1980s, Shanghai has morphed into a megacity that's home to more superstructures than New York.

Regus Arnhem Park Tower, Netherlands

This close-to-the-clouds view takes in Arnhem's Sonsbeek Park and the Rhine that winds its way through the city and disappears into the horizion. From Regus Arnhem Park Tower you can also watch trains do just that – slipping out of Arnhem Centraal on their way to international destinations. With a panorama like this, you can see why tourism is one of the Arnhem-Nijmegen region's main sectors, along with life sciences, environmental energy, and semiconductor technologies.

Regus Nice Arenas, France

Across the greenery, from its position in a 35-acre landscaped business park, the Regus Nice Arenas centre offers views of the famous Promenade des Anglais along the seafront. Why is this so special? The French Riviera is a haven for incubators and startups – especially tech companies. Nice is not just a pretty location but a practical one too, with an international airport within easy reach.

Regus Paris Arc de Triomphe, France

Twelve boulevards meet at the famous Arc de Triomphe, which was commissioned by Napoleon I to celebrate his success in the Battle of Austerlitz. Not only does it put you front and centre in the French capital, but the Regus Paris Arc de Triomphe centre looks out onto this symbol of historic accomplishment. Admire the arch from the offices, meeting rooms and terraces located on Avenue Hoche, or turn slightly to glimpse the Eiffel Tower – a marvel of creative engineering in itself.

Regus Royal Phuket Marina, Thailand

You don’t need an office in a skyscraper to get a room with a waterfront view. From the Regus Royal Phuket Marina centre, moored yachts can be seen gently bobbing in the calm bay surrounded by lush tropical foliage. This development area plays host to the Phuket International Boat Show every January, and is also home to boutique shops, a spa and a nearby healthy club. An ideal spot if working in luxurious surroundings floats your boat.


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