Choosing the perfect business room to hold meetings

Posted on: 12th December 2022

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Whether it’s an interview or a client-facing meeting, choosing the right business room plays a key role in how favourably the session goes. Being able to get the most out of your planned meeting by hiring the right space that is professional, well equipped and suitable for the event allows for greater productivity and meeting efficiency.

Perfect for impressing colleagues and clients, venues that offer dedicated meeting room space come in all shapes and sizes. With a plethora of room types to choose from, how do you know what room is the best for you?

We have a team of experienced advisers who will not only help you find the right space for your meeting, but also provide onsite support ranging from welcoming guests, office admin through to event management so that you can host in a stress-free, professional environment.

Different Room Types to Host Business Meetings

Meeting Rooms

Typically our meeting rooms can hold anywhere between 3 to 15 people, perfect for smaller meetings and interviews. We have meeting rooms available across all our 3,500+ locations globally and with our handy app you can easily find and instantly book a meeting room near you.

Smaller business meeting rooms are also useful for tasks that require solitude. For example, if you need to make multiple phone calls, you can avoid causing disruption to others around you and make those calls freely.


Boardrooms are typically a lot larger than meeting rooms and are more suited to host business meetings with a larger team, or when you really need to impress.

If you are holding a conference or a workshop, a boardroom might be a good place to do so due to the capacity for a large group of attendees. Conveniently, our professional on-site team can help you to deliver these events so that you have more time to network or chat with your team members.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are the perfect space to hold events like seminars and networking events to attract prospective clients, talent and new connections. Our conference rooms have speakers, screens and projectors for your presentations. We can also provide whiteboards and projector remotes to enhance your presentation experience.

When booking a conference room, consider the parking spaces available, whether the location of the conference room is easy to get to and if catering is available. In addition to ensuring your seminar or event runs smoothly, we can also offer catering services to keep you full and working at your best.

Interview Rooms

First impressions count and often leave a lasting effect on an individual's feelings towards your business. Research conducted by indicates that an employee's first impression of a business heavily influences their decision of accepting a role. More than 70% of interviewees have been reported to turn down a role if their first impression was substandard, and approximately 35% have turned down offers due to them disliking the reception area.

With this in mind, renting the right interview room that not only offers professional, private spaces but also on-hand receptionists to manage prospective candidates is important to make the perfect impression.

Just let our on-site team know how the candidate should be greeted and which room they should be directed to for the interview and we will do the rest.

Whether you are doing a group interview, virtual interview or going through video interviews sent in by candidates, consult the Regus team and they will be able to advise on which room would best suit your needs. Otherwise, you can choose a room to meet your specifications through the Regus app.

Training Rooms

Training Rooms, which are perfectly equipped for learning, are ideal for when you need a purpose built-space with desks, whiteboard and screens for team building activities or training sessions. For companies investing in staff development through regular team building activities and frequent training sessions, hiring a purpose-built modern training room which encourages discussion and team collaboration is a no-brainer. The space used to run training sessions often does play a role in how employees not only engage amongst one another, but also how well they retain information.

Since these rooms are designed for the sole purpose of training, the space and layouts are designed to work well for that purpose. Besides the facilities being fully equipped, training rooms often come with an onsite team which supports with setup and are available to resolve any issues that may come up on the day.

Airport Meeting Rooms

Are you a frequent flyer or have a few hours to spare at the airport? Airport meeting rooms are perfect for you. We have several business lounges and meeting rooms at international airports globally.

With these facilities, consider if you will require technology to facilitate the meeting and our support staff can aid with those needs. We know that time is precious, so the convenience of this option is great for those on a tight schedule.

Selecting the right type of business room to host a meeting can have a big impact on the outcome of that meeting. It is important to consider all the amenities and make sure that your attendees are well taken care of. Regus offers a variety of meeting room facilities depending on your needs. Reach out today and we will help you organise your next event. Choose the right option for your business and work your way, with Regus.

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