Take a look: Regus Camberley Frimley Road

Posted on: 27th November 2019

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This suburban Regus Centre southwest of London was home to Salesforce UK back in the early 2000s – and their legacy lives on in the business community there today

<p style="text-align: justify;">This suburban Regus Centre southwest of London was home to Salesforce UK back in the early 2000s &ndash;&nbsp;and their legacy lives on in the business community there today</p>

Take a look: Regus Camberley Frimley RoadTake a look: Regus Camberley Frimley Road

This suburban Regus Centre southwest of London was home to Salesforce UK back in the early 2000s – and their legacy lives on in the business community there today

Back in the Noughties, flexible working and flexspace may have been less familiar concepts than they are today. But forward-thinking corporations were already in the know – even before the likes of Apple and Google came along and made coworking look like the norm.

In the early 2000s, Salesforce UK chose Regus Camberley Frimley Road as its headquarters. An early adopter of flexspace, Salesforce saw how the benefits of flexible working could help its growth and recognised the advantage of opting for office space in Camberley.

Regus Camberley Frimley Road

Located 31 miles southwest of central London, Camberley is a hub for manufacturers and blue-chip companies seeking access to the capital while also wanting to attract the talented local workforce based in the Surrey suburb. The Regus property occupies a convenient spot on a commercial estate that’s a five-minute walk from the high street.

Being the HQ of a global organisation has left a lasting impact on Regus Camberley Frimley Road. Not only did Salesforce’s presence bring new business opportunities to other companies based there at the time, but former Salesforce coworkers have now created their own enterprises that are part of the business community at the Regus Centre today.

Aforza, a new cloud-based company focused on consumer goods in the F&B sector, moved in to Regus Camberley Frimley Road several weeks ago. “Many of us are ex-Salesforce employees and worked in the very same Regus office back in the 2007-2011 period,” says Dominic Dinardo, CEO and cofounder. Salesforce Ventures recently donated seed funding to Aforza, so the corporation has invested directly back into Camberley-based businesses born from its success.

While the Aforza team are back in the Regus Centre under different circumstances, the company’s reasons for choosing the Centre as a business base are similar to those of their former corporate employer. “The Camberley location is super convenient for us and is exactly in the middle of all of our current employees’ commutes,” says Dinardo. “We are a very young company that’s growing rapidly. We appreciate the flexibility Regus offers us. We can all work together as a team, have the option to expand, we can access a good network and services both here and when we are travelling. Regus is not just an office facilities vendor – they are an effective business partner.”

A sizeable Regus Centre with a sleek design, Regus Frimley Camberley Road offers workspace to suit all kinds of needs – there’s a business lounge with nooks for informal meetings, a buzzy coworking space, a video-conferencing suite, plus private offices for businesses that require their own four walls but also value the agility that comes with flexspace. Anyone searching for meeting rooms in Camberley will be well-served too. Having the option of shorter leases (compared with traditional office space) and the choice to upscale or downsize the amount of workspace being used is a godsend to companies of all sizes when their circumstances change, and a more intuitive, cost-efficient way of hiring office space to boot.

This has been the case for Fard & Co Solicitors – a law firm based at Camberley Road. The firm’s band of young, digital-savvy solicitors has grown from a one-man band to a team of four since they started in March 2018. “The overheads are lower for a small firm and we don’t have to worry about building maintenance, internet, cleaning and so on,” says Attieh Fard, the firm’s founder. “The flexibility of moving from a small office to a larger one is also perfect for a small but growing firm.”

Fard also appreciates that the benefits of being a Regus member extend beyond Fard & Co’s Camberley base: “I love the fact that we are able to use Regus lounges for free around the world,” Fard says. “I have used the lounges in London several times to meet with clients. Our employees can also meet with clients at a Regus Centre near their home, which makes it ideal.”


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