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Get to know our people: Community Assistant Billie-Lou Lingham

Posted on: 30th November 2021

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Get to know our people: Community Assistant Billie-Lou LinghamGet to know our people: Community Assistant Billie-Lou Lingham

Personality can be an asset to a company – just ask this new Regus team member, whose exceptional people skills are keeping clients happy and making her job feel worthwhile.

Billie-Lou Lingham found her dream job in an unusual way – at her wedding. She’d been unhappy in her insurance sales job for a long time and was desperate to get out. During her big day, a friend mentioned there was an opening for a Community Assistant at a Regus centre in Exeter Business Park and she’d be perfect for it. So she applied, got the role and hasn’t looked back since.

Billie-Lou, who started in September, explains that her main responsibilities include answering the phones, greeting clients, and helping visitors at the reception, as well as admin duties. She believes it’s a perfect fit for her bubbly, friendly personality.

“I’m quite confident speaking to people and getting to know them. I’m not shy,” she says. “People skills are definitely the main thing needed for the job.”

Every day she comes in at 8am to get ahead of the day’s tasks and to make sure that everything is in order. She logs into the computers, sorts the mail and distributes it to clients. The rest of the day is spent working through emails and looking after everyone in the building, which features around 60 offices and three meeting rooms.

Lingham’s favourite part of the job is meeting the clients, who include healthcare providers and employees from large corporates to small business owners in sectors ranging from cheese to carpentry.

“I get on with everybody and people are always checking in on me, asking how I am, bringing me food and drinks,” she says. “It’s been great getting to know everyone, finding out where they are in the offices, sorting out any problems they have. I feel really appreciated.”

Lingham says she’s still learning the ropes but has found her colleagues and Regus incredibly supportive. Before her first day, she was invited to an event to meet her managers and a few of the clients. It really helped her settle in and hit the ground running. Her managers are always available to help if she feels stuck and, as well as her on-the-job training, there have been virtual learning opportunities, too.

Lingham admits that she didn’t know much about flexspace before she started but has been impressed by how Regus ‘lives’ the values that the industry promotes through its global network of centres that support hybrid working, whereby employees base themselves from a combination of a local coworking space, home and a central HQ.

She says: “Everyone’s so brilliant. If you’re poorly, they really look after you,” she says. “The attitude seems to be that as long as you are happy and well, you will do well. And that bodes well for the company.”

Most importantly, she feels she can be herself in the role. She doesn’t have to fit into any box and her personality is seen as an asset.

“I can come in, I can joke around with my clients and they can make jokes with me,” she says. “As long as you’re looking after them and everyone likes you and you’re being lovely, that’s all that matters.”

So what are her long-term career ambitions? Lingham explains that because her husband is in the military and they are required to move a lot, it’s difficult to set goals. However, the beauty of Regus is that there are centres around the country, and she hopes that this means she can remain a part of the organisation wherever she lives, eventually rising up the ranks to become centre manager one day.

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