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What is a dedicated desk in a coworking space?

Posted on: 14th November 2022

Reading time:  5 mins

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You might be aware of coworking spaces and hot desks, and the many benefits they bring. But there are certain aspects which may make people question whether it is right for them. Most commonly, the fear of attempting a booking and no desk being available. This can be remedied by using a dedicated desk, so here are all your questions answered on this type of coworking space.

What is a dedicated desk in a coworking space?

A dedicated desk is a desk in a communal office space that's set aside just for you for a certain length of time. It's a flexible workspace option somewhere between a hot desk and a private office. It is sometimes called office hoteling, as it's thought of as a longer-term version of hot desking.

Who can use a dedicated desk?

Anyone who already takes advantage of a coworking space can book this kind of desk in a similar space. They are particularly useful if you need a guaranteed desk for longer than a few days in a certain space, as no other coworkers will be able to take it. Businesses sometimes book a workspace for part-time staff, remote workers or other team members when they are expanding into new regions or are working on medium-length projects that require extra staffing.

Benefits of a dedicated desk

Benefits include:

  • It's your workspace for the duration it's booked for, whether you're there or not.
  • You can leave things on the desk overnight rather than carrying them on your commute daily (there is usually a lockable storage unit for you to use for extra security).
  • You'll still be in a coworking space, so you'll get all the advantages of being in that community.
  • It's usually cheaper per hour than making multiple daily or hourly bookings.
  • Access to conference rooms, a kitchen, networking opportunities and meeting rooms.
  • Peace of mind that a desk will be there when you need it.
  • Dedicated desks are often in their own area, which might be useful if you work with sensitive information.

Is a coworking dedicated desk the right option for me?

If you are working full-time on a single project and you're going to be using a hot desk or coworking arrangement, it might be better to take the dedicated route, as your desk space will be guaranteed as long as it's booked.

On the other hand, if you like to use your space in a more flexible way, i.e. coming and going randomly for short durations, you're probably better with a hot desk or regular coworking.

In both cases, all the amenities you get from the space will be available whether or not you have dedicated desk membership, so there's a lot of crossover between the two arrangements.

What to look for when booking a dedicated desk

When you're considering whether a dedicated desk would work for you, you need to take into account:

  • How much you're realistically going to use it.
  • Whether privacy is important – some are in a separate area, while others are amongst hot desks.
  • What arrangements are in place for securely storing things overnight (lockers, pigeonholes etc.).
  • How long in advance you need to book.
  • Whether it's possible to extend or reduce your booking at short notice.
  • Whether the shared office location is good for you to work in.
  • Whether coworking might be more cost-effective, while considering slight inconveniences.


How much is it to rent a dedicated desk?

Prices vary from location to location and can often be cheaper per day if you book for longer durations, so you should contact the office space or the company for details. However, rates generally range from about £50 to £150 per month.

How do I book a dedicated desk in a coworking space?

Head over to our website and download our app for instant access to our coworking spaces. You’ll be able to view thousands of locations globally and check for real-time visibility.

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