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Six job titles that reflect the future of work

Posted on: 10th November 2021

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Six job titles that reflect the future of workSix job titles that reflect the future of work

“Work has become a thing that you do, rather than a place where you go,” says Mark Dixon, Founder and CEO of Regus parent company, IWG.

With flexibility and freedom now top of people’s priorities, it’s not surprising that this has become a key consideration for employers when seeking to attract and retain talent with two thirds of workers aged 25-34 would not consider applying for a job if hybrid working was not on offer, according to findings from an IWG survey. Overall, 83% of workers would be more likely to apply for a position if it offered a flexible way of working. Whatsmore, forward-thinking companies are creating new job roles from Workplace Experience Managers to Freelance Relationship Officers, to better integrate with the hybrid way of working. Take a look at these six new job titles designed to equip businesses for the future.

Workplace Experience Manager A messy, cluttered workspace is not conducive to productivity. As companies accelerate towards a hybrid way of working, whether it’s from home, head office or at a local coworking space, our environment affects our headspace and the way we work.

The role of a Workplace Experience Manager is to monitor a company’s working environment and curate it to be the best possible space to work in. Their sole job is to create a positive environment, both physical and online, which will ensure all employees are happy, feel safe and, most importantly, feel more motivated wherever they work.

Chief Sustainability Officer Sustainability has become a priority for those who provide goods and services, and it’s increasingly important for all companies to be aware of their sustainability and environmental impact.

A multi-faceted position, the Chief Sustainability Officer is responsible for setting a company’s goals and objectives around the environment and sustainability, writing the policies and ensuring that initiatives are met at every stage.

It’s the kind of role that will appeal to those who are both enterprising but also have skills in gathering qualitative and quantitative data.

Chief Culture Officer As the corporate world shifts towards employing a largely hybrid workforce, it’s even more important to align employees with the company values, wherever they work. A company’s culture is dictated by the values, behaviour and characteristics of a business and its employees.

A Chief Culture Officer needs to have an in-depth understanding of the culture and a clear vision for the future. Their main responsibility is to create and maintain the company’s corporate culture and manage employee morale. They will also work with HR on recruiting and retaining staff and onboarding strategies, as well as guide training and education.

Chief Customer Officer A role that goes hand in hand with the Chief Culture Officer is the Chief Customer Officer, and they work together to create a synergy between employees and consumers. Their main role is to be an advocate for customers and work with the product and marketing teams to create a ‘customer-first’ culture. They will also drive initiatives such as creating loyalty programmes.

In short, their main job is to know everything about their clients in order to really connect with them and share these needs and wants with the rest of the company. Freelance Relationships Officer As the shift towards a gig economy continues to blossom, an increasing number of professionals are choosing to work in a freelance capacity. Companies who embrace the hybrid way of working may look at employing a Freelance Relationships Officer in order to manage their freelance teams and connect with project team leaders. Their role is to solely engage with the freelance contingent, build relationships and grow the company’s reputation within the competitive freelance community.

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