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Reaktion von Regus auf COVID-19
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19/11/2010 Interim Management Statement Print
27/08/2010 Interim results 2010 Print
18/05/2010 Results of voting at AGM Print
18/05/2010 Interim Management Statement Print
16/04/2010 Notification of 2010 AGM Print
22/03/2010 Annual results announcement for the year ended 31 December 2009 Print
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19/11/2009 Interim Management Statement Print
25/08/2009 Interim Results 2009 Print
19/05/2009 Results of voting at AGM and EGM Print
19/05/2009 Interim Management Statement Print
20/04/2009 Notification of AGM and EGM Print
20/04/2009 Proposed amendments to Regus plc Memorandum and Articles of Association Print
20/03/2009 Annual results announcement for the year ended 31 December 2008 Print
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19/11/2008 Interim Management Statement Print
14/10/2008 Admission and Listing of New Regus Ordinary Shares Print
13/10/2008 High Court approves Scheme of Arrangement Print
24/09/2008 Results of voting at Court Meeting and General Meeting Print
08/09/2008 Print
08/09/2008 Prospectus Print
08/09/2008 Scheme Circular Print
29/08/2008 Regus Group Plc to introduce a new holding company and appointment of new non-executive directors Print
29/08/2008 Interim Results 2008 Print
19/05/2008 Interim Management Statement Print
21/04/2008 Notification of AGM Print
14/03/2008 Preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2007 Print
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18/12/2007 Trading update Print
07/12/2007 Results of voting at EGM Print
23/11/2007 Notification of EGM Print
03/09/2007 Interim results 2007 Print
24/05/2007 Trading update Print
19/03/2007 Preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2006 Print
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19/12/2006 Trading Update Print
27/03/2006 Directors shareholdings March 2006 Print
22/03/2006 Conditional shares awarded to Executive Directors Print
20/03/2006 Director shareholding purchase announcement Print
14/03/2006 New £100 million credit facility Print
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16/12/2005 Pre-close update Print
20/10/2005 Directorate change Print
07/07/2005 Trading update Print
08/06/2005 International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Print
26/05/2005 Regus Group plc May 2005 trading statement Print
25/04/2005 Annual reports and accounts Print
14/03/2005 Directorate change Print
14/03/2005 Preliminary results announcement Print
01/03/2005 Notice of results Print
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16/12/2004 December trading statement Print
06/09/2004 Interim results Print
16/07/2004 Completion of acquisition of HQ Global Workplaces Inc. by Regus Group plc Print
20/08/2004 Directors holdings Print
16/08/2004 Result of equity issue Print
16/07/2004 Acquisition of HQ Global Workplaces Inc. by Regus Group plc Print
18/05/2004 Result of annual general meeting Print
18/05/2004 AGM trading update Print
30/04/2004 Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Ltd appointed as joint broker Print
29/03/2004 Final results Print
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14/11/2003 Regus rights issue Print
30/12/2003 Director shareholder announcement Print
23/12/2003 Notification of issue of equity Print
15/12/2003 Director shareholder announcement Print
14/11/2003 Supplementary listing particulars Print
14/11/2003 Regus rights issue Print
06/10/2003 Listing particulars Print
30/07/2003 Notification of annual report Print
09/07/2003 Result of AGM statement Print
09/07/2003 AGM statement 2003 Print
17/06/2003 Result of EGM statement Print
23/05/2003 Notification of director shareholding Print
23/05/2003 Letter to company announcements office Print
23/05/2003 Notification of EGM statement Print
23/05/2003 EGM form of proxy Print
23/12/2003 Notification of issue of equity Print
02/01/2003 Regus announces plan to return US business to profitability Print
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20/12/2002 Regus announces sale of stake in UK business Print
06/11/2002 Notice to ADS holders Print
02/01/2002 Regus announces £40 million convertible bond issue Print