A Guide To Private Offices

Posted on: 28th April 2023

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Private office rentals offer a flexible solution for those who rely on security and privacy.

With a ready-to-go, professional setup, private offices give instant access to professional desk space. They also feature meeting rooms, breakout areas, and access to shared kitchens and bathrooms.

This complete guide to private office spaces explores the different types of private workspace available, so you can decide on the best solution for your business.

What is a private office?

A private office is a space for exclusive use by one business. It is separate from other companies, making it easier to manage confidential tasks and work without distraction.

Private offices are often quieter than shared spaces and conversations can be held out of earshot. Businesses also typically have greater control over how they use the space.

A shared office or an office rented by the day doesn’t always offer the same flexibility to plan the layout and design decor specific to the look, feel, or needs of a business.

What are the different types of private office space?

Serviced offices

A serviced office is fully furnished and ready to go from the moment it’s occupied. From high-speed internet to reception services, all a business needs to do is turn up and start working. Everything is managed for you and all facilities are taken care of.

Serviced offices are a great option for larger businesses and teams looking for temporary individual offices. After all, offices that can suit large teams can be hard to find.

Serviced offices are easy to move in and out of and can provide a short-term base while decisions are being made on where to locate on a more permanent basis.

Customised offices

A customised office is a more flexible style of a serviced office. Like a serviced office, all cleaning, security, and reception staffing is included. However, as opposed to a serviced office, there is more scope to suit the business occupying it.

Customised options are a perfect option for entrepreneurs and startups, as well as businesses in the process of scaling up. SMEs who would like to brand a space without the large upfront costs may also benefit from a customised setup.

The space can be designed with the needs of the business in mind to enable the workflow to be more productive. Emphasis can be placed on workplace culture by creating a cohesive environment to help with team working and collaboration.

Smaller businesses, or those in the process of expanding, can test layout designs and ideas before committing to something more permanent.

Office suites

An office suite is a private, lockable office within a coworking space. They are sometimes referred to as coworking private offices.

Office suites are perfect for businesses that would like their team to work together but also need a dedicated private space. This can be useful for businesses looking to separate senior management, or for holding confidential conversations.

Are different leases available?

Leased offices

A business occupying a leased office is responsible for internet and cabling, as well as any partitions or breakout areas. This offers complete flexibility in design.

Leased offices are ideal for businesses looking to design their office space with their company branding in mind. They allow for signage, furniture layout, and the zoning of areas for different business usage.

Subleased offices

A subleased office offers access to a traditionally leased office but with shorter, more flexible terms. They don’t require the occupier to take on the full length of the lease as this has already been agreed upon with the primary occupant.

What services are provided by private offices?

Private furnished offices are ready and waiting for businesses to occupy them. All privately furnished offices managed by Regus are tastefully designed with ergonomic furniture.

Some offices may also include meeting room access and breakout areas. They are custom designed and available in different sizes and configurations to suit your business needs.

Professional support teams are on site to help with queries, and all security, cleaning, mail services, and utilities are managed. Private offices also have access to communal kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Benefits of a private office space

While each type of office space provides its own benefits, private offices offer plenty to a business. This includes:

  • Luxurious design
  • High-quality furniture
  • Custom designed layouts
  • Flexibility
  • Greater privacy
  • Minimal distractions
  • Increased productivity
  • Team collaboration and interaction
  • Fewer overheads
  • Friendly, on-site support team
  • Full facilities management
  • Access to amenities
  • Reputable business image

Costs of a private office

The cost of a private office for rent depends on the office type and where it is located. Offices in a city centre are going to come at a higher cost than offices in smaller, more rural towns. This is because they typically come with better transport links and easy access to other businesses and customers.

Costs can also vary between cities. Statistics show that the rental cost of prime office space in London’s West End is over four times as much as it is in Newcastle, for example.

Other factors that influence the cost may include whether the business is after a short-term or long-term rental. Longer rentals are sometimes discounted, as this guarantees that the premises will remain occupied. This benefits both the renter, who receives a guaranteed income and the rentee, who had a fixed address for longer at a reduced cost.

What type of business should consider a private office space?

Many businesses looking for flexible office space can benefit from renting a private office. They are particularly beneficial for those that require a quiet environment and discretion.

Startup businesses and entrepreneurs renting private office space benefit from certain amenities being provided within their agreement. Electricity, utilities, and internet are all provided. This enables you to focus fully on your core business.

Corporate brands can instantly occupy an office that is both practical and professional, while creative industries might use the space to enhance social areas with furnishings and decorations.

Businesses with a lot of face-to-face client meetings should also consider a private office space. With full facilities management, you can be confident that all areas will be clean and presentable to make an excellent first impression.

What is the difference between an open office and a private office?

An open office features everyone working in the same location, with different businesses sharing desk space and meeting rooms. Private office spaces, on the other hand, offer greater scope for privacy and control. Businesses can decide how they use the space and will enjoy a quieter, custom working environment.

What are the functions of a private office?

A private office is designed to make running a business hassle-free. With professional support teams onsite, there’s no need to worry about cleaning, utilities, or security.

Business-grade technology and support services come as standard, with advanced equipment, and excellent Wi-Fi.

What is the minimum contract period in a private office?

Contract periods can differ based on the needs of the company looking to rent office space.

Get started with a private office

If you need a flexible workspace with increased privacy, a private office is a great solution.

Wherever the type of executive office space you need, Regus can help. We can find you a small private office, a large office suite, or anything in between. Search for your ideal private office, or simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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