Risk directors meet at DRJ en Español


Risk directors meet at DRJ en Español

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Regus will connect with risk professionals and leaders of South American companies to share best practice


This month, representatives from Regus will attend the DRJ en Español conference in Lima, a prominent event for risk directors in Latin America.

For more than 30 years, the three-day conference has brought together professionals from the business continuity, technology and research sectors to share best practice through a programme of interactive workshops, networking and specialised sessions.

As a leader in the disaster recovery realm, Regus Workplace Recovery is one of the event’s sponsors. “Regus is a provider of workplace recovery solutions for the types of customers in attendance at DRJ en Español,” says Gilberto Tiburcio, Global Workplace Recovery Sales Director for the LATAM region for IWG (Regus’s parent company). “When businesses have a problem with their main office site, they can allocate their employees to one of Regus’s flexible office locations. We can help risk directors provide a back-up site for their company’s employees during a disaster.”

Risk directors meet at DRJ en Español

With more than 3,000 locations worldwide, Regus has the scope to offer companies a conveniently located, high-quality office space for their staff to work from when a crisis makes their main headquarters unusable. “IWG has a big interest not only in South America but in all regions across the globe – we provide business-continuity solutions in more than 120 countries,” says Tiburcio.

As well as the minor disruptive events that businesses around the globe are susceptible to, such as power outages and burst water pipes, South American companies face comparatively higher risks of adverse weather, such as droughts and earthquakes. Having a bespoke Business Continuity Plan means companies can rest assured knowing they have planned for the worst and can keep things as ‘business as usual’ as possible when disaster strikes.

“Disaster Recovery (DR) is not only an option but a mandatory need,” says Tiburcio. “Customers must have a DR solution in place in order to meet the requirements of investors, customers and legislation.” For him, it’s all about exposure and the chance to show what Regus can do to help. “For this event, my objective is to increase Regus’s mindshare in the market,” he says. “It will be an excellent opportunity to meet the experts and chief executive officers of the big companies located in South America.”


Meet us at DRJ en Español or see our Workplace Recovery Product